Get Together 3 (although its actually 4 maybe 5)

By Alia

Alia stood in the Star Wars aisle of Toys-r-Us. Several packages containing Obi-Wan action figures where scattered at her feet. In her hands she clenched one of the Action figures, and began tying a string around it. The slight smile on her face slowly turned into an evil grin as the string was wound about the poor helpless toy. A few moments latter Alia let out an evil laugh.

Turning around, a small, short, and fat employee of Toys-R-Us looked at the mess around Alia's feet. "Excuse me, you cannot do that." he said. Alia laughed and clicked her heals together three times. Half a moment later (.42 to be more exact) she disappeared.

42 nanoseconds later she was sitting in the back of a bus with the action figure dangling helplessly from the string. Next to Alia sat her favorite aberrant cohort of friends, Maya and Elora. "Alia" Maya said with a disappointed look on her face as she snatched the figure from her and began to examine the advanced knots holding the Obi-Wan figurine captive. "This is the 4th one this week" Maya added as she threw the toy in the pile of action figures proliferating the floor of the bus.

Alia quickly pulled out an identical action figure from the inside of her genuine Jedi robes that she had recently liberated from Obi-Wan's bedroom during last Tuesdays kidnap-the-Jedi adventure. Unfortunately the Jedi (namely hunk of burning Obi-Wan) had gotten away long before Alia could have her way with him. But, the fond memories of the almost kidnapping kept her hope alive, and, although, she had been reduced to the vicarious act of tying up toys, she still held the hope that someday a young Obi-Wan (but not too young) Obi-Wan would appear in her bedroom. Maya rolled her eyes and started thinking about quittich and guys named Wood. Elora just stared happily into her slightly shiny laptop. And the wheels on the bus went round and round.

"So?" said Maya feeling slightly bored.

"yea." answered Elora as she looked up from the screen of her laptop.

"Mine is better." Alia said as she patted her laptop case.

"But mine is so shiny!" Elora exclaimed.

"So what. Mine is better." Alia answered back.

"Oh, shut up. We know that your laptop is twice as good as either of ours combined. You can just shut up about it already." Maya screamed.

"Just making a point." Alia smiled, "isn't that right my precious" she caressed the tied up action figure.

Both Maya and Elora rolled their eyes.

Quite a bit of time passed as the three girls sat in the back of the bus watching the scenery and making the occasional comment about how bad their lives where at the moment. "no no, I've got it the worst." Elora said. "Nope, my life is going down the drain , its worse." Alia cried out. "My dad." Maya said, her breath catching. "he, he, he saved off his moustache." Elora and Alia looked sympathetically at Maya. "and I cant help but think, Fishmouth." Alia nodded. Elora sighed. "You win." They said simultaneously to Maya. A second later they rolled over a speed bump, and the people on the bus went up and down.

Suddenly there was a white light and all three of the girls simultaneously disappeared from the back of the bus. No one bothered to look startled. Strange things happen on the back on the bus, so why should anybody care that three girls just went poof. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary or anything. The people on the bus, didn't look back. They didn't even bother to look back. (what a world we live in)

Alia, Maya, and Elora found themselves standing in three energy beams. Looking around the room Maya's mouth dropped but was promptly replaced by a happy excited look that bore a striking resemblance to a feral grin. Elora and Alia just looked at each other and shook their heads. It was no surprise that they had landed themselves in the beaming chamber of the starship enterprise.

Off to their right Scotty was shouting something about malfunctions and not understanding what was going on, and that somebody, namely the captain needed to get down here and sort all of this out. Maya continued to look excited. Alia looked angry, being that she would have much preferred to have landed next to Obi-Wan. Elora checked her laptop to make sure it was still shiny.

Scotty looked at the three girls. The three girls looked back. Maya started to laugh. Elora turned to Maya and slapped her across the face. "hold it together girl." Alia snickered. Elora pulled her wand out of her bag. "you too, don't loose it." Maya laughed again. "Elora, she lost it a long time ago."

"Excuse me," Alia said "who is the one salivating at the thought of… "

"oh shut up, at least I'm not dressed up playing Jedi." Alia turned from her and positioned her lips in an impudent child's pout.

The door to the room slid open with a kind of hissing sound. Alia half expected it to say 'thank you' but thankfully these doors had no GPP (Genuine People Personalities). There are just some things that where never meant to be crossed over.

Into the room walked a contingent of red shirted men with slightly apprehensive looks on their faces, and a yellow shirted man who looked like a young version of the spokes person.

"Captain," Scotty pointed towards the girls still standing on the platform. "they just appeared there."

The Captain took a step forward. Elora held up her wand. Alia ignited the dual light sabers, that where attached to Obi-Wan's belt, that she was wearing. All of the read shirts shot themselves. Maya just looked slightly bewildered as she realized she had no weapon to attack anyone with, and that it might be a good idea to get far away from the girl with a trigger happy wand.

"Um, can we put the weapons down?" Maya asked. "They are making me slightly nervous." Everyone looked at her. "Ok, A lot of nervous." Alia and Elora looked at each other then deactivated their weapons. A moment later the captain and Scotty had as well.

Maya smiled. "wow, it worked." looking around the room she giggled. "Oh wow I have always wanted to meet you." Maya said as she held out her hand to shake Captain Kirk's hand. "Can I have your autograph?" She asked. Alia grabbed Maya's shirt collar and pulled her back onto the dais.

"Girl are you stupid?" Alia asked.

"I wasn't aware that I was incapable of speech." Maya said.

"I think you take me to literally."

"You think?" Maya remarked.

"Obviously you don't." grumbled Alia.

"well since I'm not dumb.."

"I wish you where"

"wait, did you just tell me to shut up?"

"well besides the fact that I think…"

"you think?"

"I thought we went over this one already."

"OH Would you two stop it. You're scaring the nice Star Trek people." Elora shouted over them as she typed in a long set of equations. Maya and Alia smiled.

"Do you have to ruin all our fun?" Maya asked.

"If anyone has ruined anything it's you." Alia remarked smartly.

"Stop it right now before I have to separate you two." Elora shook her head from side to side.

Alia went back to playing with her Obi-Wan Action figure. And Maya pulled out her own laptop and began hooking all her external hardware to it. Elora continued to work the exceptionally long equation that would eventually get them back on the bus and to the location that they actually wanted to go. That had nothing to do with a certain trekkies twisted dreams.

15 minutes later Maya was still hooking up her external drives, and Elora and Alia where taking some time out to network their laptops together and play Jedi Academy.

15 minutes lather Maya was still trying to hook up her external hard dive. Alia was kicking Elora butt in saber dueling and Kirk was watching the virtual battle with great interest. Scotty had begun to help Maya piece the myriad of components of the laptop together.

12 minutes after that Maya and Scotty had finally gotten the laptop all put together. Elora and Alia had stopped playing Jedi Academy. Elora was hard at work again working on the equations.

"Eureka" Elora called. "I have the coordinates that should take us home." Alia looked out the window and sighed. She grabbed Maya and Elora. Then proceeded to click her heals together. Poof they where gone. Soon all three of the girls where standing in the parking lot of Wal-Mart with their laptops in hand. There was a rustling as Maya began to unplug and turn off all the external components to her laptop. Alia and Elora just shut the lips and stuffed them into their bags.

Alia readjusted her Jedi robes. Elora had once again pulled out her wand and was dressed in a Hogwarts uniform. Alia grabbed her cd player; hooked it some speakers and started to play the techno version of the Star Wars theme song. In no time all three where dancing to the song.

"Why are we at Wal-Mart?" Maya asked.

Alia shrugged. "It has to do with that happy face."

"I knew there was some sort of conspiracy going on with that." Elora included.

"You mean that the aliens are actually happy faces and they control the most convenient store in all the world? This is their plan for global domination?" Maya concluded. Alia and Elora looked at her with gaping mouths. Alia blinked. Elora started to pick her nose with the tip of the wand.

"Although I admit Wal-Mart is a scary, frightening place, filled with low priced goods, and cyborgs programmed to ask 'may I help you' and 'did you find everything you need?' I do not think that the aliens in charge of it are yellow happy faces." Alia smiled. "They are little green men in tights."

"Oh. And I thought they where just a bunch of hicks from Arkansas." said Elora.

"That is what they want you to think, but they are really little green men in tights."

"tight tights?" Maya asked sounding a little hopeful.


"are then manly men?"


"do they roam the forest looking for fights?"

"hello Wal-Mart, they control the biggest conglomerate next to Microsoft."

"do they rob from the rich and give to the poor?"

"Again they are a company they rob from everybody."

"But are they butch?"

Alia just rolled her eyes and headed for the entrance to the super store.

The group of girls received many strange looks as they walked into the store. Its not like a Jedi, a wizard and a girl whose hair kept changing different colors every half minute would go unnoticed. A Jedi, maybe, a wizard, yea, they could be looked over, but the hair could not.

Oh yea. I forgot to add that part. The part about how Elora had cast a little spell on Maya as she asked a lot of stupid questions about the little green men in tights. Well yes, she did that. So, every half minute Maya's hair kept changing color. Of course Maya has no idea. It wouldn't be funny if she knew that her hair was aqua marine at the moment. Now would it?

Elora and Maya followed Alia throughout the store. Until finally they came to the Office supplies section. Then suddenly from the load speakers a hallelujah chorus started up. They where in heaven. Together they frolicked through the pen and pencils. The highlighters glowed above then. Book covers seemed to sing. pretty soon there was a mess on the floor and the three where hiding in the paper napkins aisle. The cyborgs where after them.

They snuck down the hall as surreptitiously as possible, keeping each move as covert as possible. The three made it all the way to the toys section. Crouching down beneath the Star wars toys it wasn't long before one of them lost their mind. And oddly enough it wasn't Alia. Maya screamed as she darted across the aisle and landed herself face down in a Fozzy Bear stuffed toy.

"She has lost it." Alia said, stating the obvious.

"we need to get out of here before they commit us." Elora said quietly as she shivered, thinking about the last time she had been sent to the Happy Home for the Loopy. Alia gave an equal nodded as she remembered her last trip to the Loony Bin, and there wasn't anything funny about the place. Maya didn't need to follow in their auspices.

Maya's hair turned bright green as Alia and Elora grabbed hold of her and started dragging her down the aisle to the door. Maya grabbed hold of the Fozzy Bear toy and started screaming hysterically. " MINE!" she yelled at the top of her lungs as she was pulled away kicking and screaming.

"Let's get out of here" Elora stated. Alia nodded and clicked her ruby red heels together three times. Poof they where gone.

"mommy." a little girl cried as she looked at the mess in the toys section. "Is it the terrorists?"