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Chapter One-Jessica's P.O.V

It was yet another Monday night and another episode of RAW had just ended

And once again, the members of Evolution had found their way into the ring before the show had gone off air.

I sighed as my eyes left the TV monitor backstage. 'I wish the writers would find a different way to end the show' I thought to myself, but then I remembered.

I am one of the writers.

I just didn't know how to summon up the courage to tell Stephanie McMahon that I didn't want the show to end with her husband and his three goons beating the living shit out of someone.

For two years, I kept all my ideas to myself. They were good ones, too. All because of my first day when Stephanie approached me.

"I'll tell you what I want at the end. You just tell me how to get there, she told me.

And that's how it's worked for the past two years and it didn't look like it was about to change.

I walked through the halls, down to the cafeteria. There was nobody else there. Most everybody else was heading back to the hotels.

But not me.

This was my Monday night routine. Watch the show and then come here to think about how it could've gone if I was the only writer.

It sure as hell wouldn't have ended with two over-sized muscle heads, a flabby has-been wrestler and one cocky self-absorbed pretty boy.

I'm sure the fans are tired of seeing the same thing week after week. I know I am.

"Hey, Jessie. What's up?" Adam Copeland asked. He was my one and only friend in the business.

"Nothing. What are you still doing here?"

"Looking for you. Waiting to here all of your ideas on how tonight could've gone, because I know you have some," he replied, interested in my ideas, as always.

"It doesn't matter now. It's already over," I told him.

"It does matter, Jess. You need to find your voice and tell Stephanie what you think should happen. You might just find yourself feeling a little bit better."

"I might just find myself at the unemployment office," I responded as he chuckled.

"This is America; you can't get fired for telling someone what you think."

"Even if I did tell Stephanie what I think she'd turn down all of the ideas."

"Maybe, but at least you'd be trying. You need to have more confidence in yourself, Jess," he said, putting his arm around my shoulder. "If you don't do it for yourself, do it for the other twenty RAW Superstars who don't get an opportunity to have a major storyline."

"Alright. Maybe next week," I smiled.

"That's my girl. Do you need a ride to the hotel?"

"Sure, that'd be nice."