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The girl looked anxiously outside the transporter padd. She had no idea what possesed her to try the thing. She guessed it was the thrill of the unknown. She couldn't help but laugh. The unknown had been her greatest weakness. Looking across from her she saw that the two men were looking at her strangly.

" Sorry," she said her Irish accent flowing smoothly, " I guess I'm rather nervous."

" There's nothing to worry about," said the taller man. He wore the captain's uniform and certainly looked like the guy she had read all about.

Stepping down she took a long look around the room. It seemed plain enough. Smiling she knew she would have a lot of fun here.

Remebering her manners she outstretched her hand and said, " It's nice to meet you, Captain Archer."

Taking her hand the man who had spoken said, " And you Dr. Vicena."

" Please," she replied, " Never call me doctor. It's bad enough living down the reputation of my quantum warp theory."

The other man supressed a small laugh. The girl shot him a look. Looking back he saw her analyze him with critical blue eyes.

" I'm sorry," he said in a southern accent, " I always thought that theory was a little to ideal."

" Indeed," said the girl her tone harsh, " You must be the engineer. Commander Tucker, correct?"

" Yes, ma'am," he replied amused.

Ignoring him the girl returned her attention to Captain Archer, " I assume we are ready to get under way?"

" Yes, doctor," replied Captain Archer as the door opened. Another man with black hair entered the room.
" You asked for me, Captain?" he said his British accent clearly visible.

" Yes, Liutenant. would you mind escorting Doc...," seeing the girl's look, " Ms. Vicena to her quarters."

" Yes, sir. If you'd follow me miss."

" Very well," replied the girl. Getting a more comfortable grasp on her duffel bag she followed the man out.

After they had left Archer and Tucker shared a look. They knew that the other was thinking. This was going to be a long mission.