Chapter 2

Woodey hid behind a tall tree to keep cover. Largo still in his fighting pose waiting for the BlackHatGuy to make its first move. Taking out a sword Largo was ready for anything went the BlackHatGuy fly up to him we amazing speed. Getting slashed by the sharp sword Largo fell to the street. Quickly a car stopped as Largo body hit the hard ground. Coming out of the car was Rose and her farther.

'Sir are you okay!' Rose cried as she kneeled beside Largo.

Woodey soon ran up to Rose and Largo. Looking up towards Woodey she was shocked.

'Farther!' yelled Woodey as he kneeled beside Largo's body.

'Woodey is this your farther?' she asked.

Woodey was about to answer went the BlackHatGuy landed behind him. Largo got up and raise his hand and quickly told Woodey to move. He moved and Largo send it out a blast of gold light from his hand hitting into the BlackHatGuy. Smoke flew off of the BlackHatGuys body as hi slowly got up from the ground. Wounded on his chest red sparks flew from his cut.

'Dad can you still fight?' asked Woodey as went up to Largo.

'No not really!'

'Let me fight for you!' Rose's farther step into the fight.

James was right Rose's farther is a BlackHatGuy. Having a black scar going across his left eye Woodey could tell he was a BlackHatGuy also by the black cowboy hat he wore. Getting to a battle pose the BlackHatGuy ran up to him. Is put his hand in front of his face and his nail transform back into short black claws.

'How he do that?' Woodey wonder.

'Midnight Strike!' he screamed as he ran towards the BlackHatGuy.

Suddenly a huge red light came from his claws and the light was so bright no one could see what happen. All could be heard was a loud scream. Slowly as the light vanished Rose's farther was just standing there his hand raised in front of him.

'What happened to the BlackHatGuy?' wonder Woodey as he help Largo up.

'His gone, turned into data!' he grinned as he claws transform back.

'My farther is dark/claw type he used his Midnight strike I bet to slash that BHG in half or something!'

Largo fell to floor as he got threw the door. Weak and in pain from wounded he got up again.

'Sir are sure your okay do you need a doctor?' Rose asked as she lead him to a chair.

'It's okay just a cut, I lived threw much worst!' Largo smiled as he sat in the chair. 'Besides I'll live don't worry about me, but why did that BlackHatGuy attack us, BHG's never go inside the city only if there going take over, why now!'

'I don't know, maybe the evil lords know that your weak, you are about 50 something or more!' Rose farther told Largo.

'Be quiet! There mit be BlackHatGuys hearing us right now!' Looking around the room nervously.

'Dad you always told me you were about 30 something not 40? ' Woodey was in shock what he heard. 'How does Rose's father know?'

'Largo is a king, One of the—' Largo knocked him on the head to keep him quiet.

'Dad you a king of what?' Woodey asked.

'Look I'll tell you went you are older!'

Woodey laid on his bed as he was thinking about today. He then remember about that red crystal on his neck. Put his hand around his neck he could feel the diamond shaped crystal. Not knowing what it is he went to living room were Largo was sleeping. Waking him up Largo was half asleep.
'Son what is it I'm tried!' wined Largo as he opened his eyes.

'Dad do know what thing is?' asked Woodey as he put his hand near the crystal.

Largo stopped in shock for a minute before saying anything.

'How did you get the Red crystal?' Largo asked as he got up.

'I-I don't know, but how am I going to get this thing out of my neck!'

'You can't if you anyone pulled out a rainbow crystal from the crystal keeper he or she well die, so don't!' Largo told Woodey in angrier.

Woodey understand if he took out this crystal he would die, and it looks like the BlackHatGuys are after this crystal. Woodey had so much to ask to his father about the crystal but he didn't want to ask him for some reason.

3 years had past Woodey laid in his bed thinking what was going on outside. His farther didn't want Woodey to go outside or go to fighting school, he missed Rose sometimes. But she would visit Woodey on weekdays. So did James and Jamez. They mostly just bring his homework for him and told him what happened at school. Woodey just sigh and went downstairs stairs to see his mother. Sweeton was always cleaning even if the place is all ready clean. All ready 18 he had 1 more year to past fighting school his little brother had 2 more years to past fighting school. He saw the pile of homework on the kitchen table. He sigh and was about to see what homework he had went someone was knocking on the door.

'I'll get it!' Woodey told his mother as he went to the door.

Opening the door the sun's raises hit Woodey's face he smell the fresh air went.

'Woodey are you okay?' asked Rose.

'Ya Ya if course! Come on in Rose!' Woodey lead Rose inside the house.

Her yellow curly hair was longer and she started wearing glasses lately.

'So tell me what happened at school today?' he asked as he closed the door.

'Well we can't go outside because of the BlackHatGuys there are to many inside the city!'

'I know my dad is starting to get slowly his getting to that point were he can't fight anymore!'

'Yes I know! Here I thought you mit get bored here so I get you this!' Rose gave Woodey a book.

Looking at the blue cover and the yellow title. It was fighting guide.

'You got me a another great I have more reading do!' Woodey laughed a bit.

Rose smiled at Woodey. His face turned red for the minute went he mother came up to them.

'Any one would like something to eat?' she asked.

They both nodded they were soon at the table eating pie.

'Great pie Miss. Giggons!'

'Thank you Rose I'm glad you like it!' Sweeton said as she gave them both a glass of water.

Woodey was about drink his glass went Tacklegull ran into the room.

'Back all ready Tacklegull how was work today?' asked Woodey.

'Hard first I had to work on over 30 computers then I had to work on this printer and I don't know how to work on printers!' Tacklegull put his bag of tools on the kitchen floor and want downstairs in the basement.

'There he goes again to his computer you want to see it?' asked Woodey.

'Sure!' Rose said as she got up from the table.

Woodey bright his fighting guide downstairs into the basement. Walking down 30 stairs Rose saw the a huge black computer that took over the hole wall. The keyboard took over most of the floor. Tacklegull sat in his black leather chair and was reading the news paper. He then saw Woodey and Rose coming down the wooded stairs.

'Hey you guys!'

'Hey Tacklegull why aren't you on your computer like you always do every time went you come home!' asked Woodey in surprise.

'Can't a guy have a rest of computer once in a while!'

Suddenly Tacklegull looked at Woodey in a add way.

'Did your farther ever teach you to fight yet because you can't really got to fighting school and train anymore?'

'No to busy destroy BlackHatGuys? Why?' asked Woodey.

Rose and Tacklegull looked at each other. Looking towards Woodey the to were shocked.

'Y-You do knew how to fight or anything like that!' Rose said still in shock.

'Nope, My farther never show me anything like that all he did is have a nap and leave again to fight of the BlackHatGuys again!'

'Oh what a dad he is!' Tacklegull sighed.

'Hey what about your dad when did you last see him?'

'Well he his some where!' Tacklegull

'Some farther he is!' Woodey laughed.

'Why I-'Tacklegull was about to punch Woodey went Rose stopped him.

'No don't start a fight!' Rose asked Tacklegull in a sweet way.

'Fine!' Tacklegull turned back to his computer.

Hours pasted and Woodey fell asleep on steps Rose who was beside him was watch Tacklegull on his computer. Rose then saw the red crystal on Woodey's neck. Taking a closer look it look like a small flames of fire were moving inside.

'Rose what is it?' Woodey as he slowly opened his eyes.

'Sorry that I woke you up your crys-'

'Hey Woodey I got a idea to help you with your fighting problem! Rose and I well train you how about that?' asked Tacklegull.


Tacklegull soon and Woodey were in a small ring. Ready to block Woodey did a hard kick on Tacklegull making him hit into a wall. Rose ran up to him.


'Tacklegull are you okay?' asked Woodey.

'Ya but- Never mind come on let's keep on training!' Tacklegull just laughed as he got up.

His kicks are amazing there as powerful as any WonderLander's kicks I ever encounter but how he just began fighting? Tacklegull thought as he walked into the ring. Ready to block again Woodey kicked 5 times and Tacklegull blocked them all. Kneeling to the ground Tacklegull held his arms in pain.

'Ow Ow how did you learn how to kick that hard?' asked Tacklegull.

'I just learn how really!' Woodey told him.

Getting up Tacklegull walked around Woodey a few times.

'Woodey tell me how did you get that red crystal again?'

'I told you that BlackHatGuy stab his hand threw my neck and then it appeared!' Woodey told him as he put his hand on the crystal.

'Oh yes but-' Suddenly a alarm came on Tacklegull ran to his computer and clicked his mouse button.

Suddenly a movie screen came on showing a BlackHatGuy trying to enter the house.

'Come on your guys we have a battle coming up!' Tacklegull told them as they ran up stairs.

Slowly opened the door Tacklegull took a small look out side he saw no sign of the BlackHatGuy. They were all about to walk outside went Sweeton stopped them.

'Woodey you can't go outside your farther told you not to!'

'But Miss. Giggons Woodey has to I have a plan to stop that BlackHatGuy from entering the place' Tacklegull told her.

Sweeton eye's widen and then she fell to the floor in shock.

'She'll be okay come on let's go!' said Woodey as he ran outside.

The sun hit his face he can remember the smell of fresh air. Rose walked up behind him. There was no sign of that BlackHatGuy went Tacklegull saw him go onto the outside of roof.

'He gone into the back yard come on Woodey!' Tacklegull ran into the yard.

Following him Tacklegull was facing the BlackHatGuy. He looked a lot like the BlackHatGuy Woodey encountered along time ago. But his eye's were blue.

'So your one of those Crystal keepers right?' asked the BlackHatGuy as he saw Woodey right into his eyes.

'Be careful, his a new type I smell it!' said Tacklegull as he took a step back.

'Heh Woodey hand over the red crystal now!' yelled the BlackHatGuy as he took out a long blue staff.

'Never BHG!' yelled Woodey as he jumped into the air.

Woodey was amazed how high he jump. He was as right beside the house's roof before he landed on the ground in front of the BlackHatGuy. Kicking the BlackHatGuy Woodey took another jump into the air and he jumped onto the roof.

'Heh hey BHG you can get me!' laughed Woodey as he jump off the roof on to the next roof.

'Well's see about that Wizard Crasher!' yelled the BlackHatGuy as he flew into the air spinning around his staff.

Running on all fours like a cat Woodey took a leap into the air and landed on the ground.

'I think I lost him?' Wondered Woodey as he looked around.

Blue balls flew towards Woodey. Leaping out of the way Woodey tried to keep his energy up.

'Why you-' Getting hit by the blue ball he hit into a car.

Tacklegull and Rose ran as fast as they could to caught up to Woodey.

'Woodey are you okay?' asked Tacklegull.

'Ya just fine! HA!' yelled Woodey as he jumped into the air.

BlackHatGuy saw Woodey and flew towards him at fast speed. SLAM! Woodey and the BlackHatGuy hit into the ground.

'Weakling!' laugh the BlackHatGuy as he pinned Woodey to the ground with his staff.

'All man!' sighed Woodey.

'POWER OF THE—' Tacklegull was hit by a blue blast and fell to the ground. 'Arg! Why that BlackHatGuy!'

Tacklegull was hit badly in the chest Rose help Tacklegull up. The BlackHatGuy laughed.

'Never hurt my friends!' yelled Woodey as he slowly grabbed the staff and got up.

'What?' yelled the BlackHatGuy.

'Well I guess I'm stronger then I thought?' Woodey held the staff up with the BlackHatGuy on to the staff.

'Woodey how you?' Tacklegull was in shock as he saw Woodey hanging on to the staff and BlackHatGuy up with on hand.

'Oh that well you see? It's nothing really!' laughed Woodey as he thought the BlackHatGuy and staff away.

BlackHatGuy yelled as he hit into a building. Knocked out Woodey walked up to the BlackHatGuy.

'Well are you still going to fight?' asked Woodey.

BlackHatGuy screamed as he ran away. Woodey looked towards Tacklegull and Rose who were still in shock.

'I'm not going to bite you know!' Woodey told them as he walked up to them.

'Well, how you, but?' Tacklegull didn't know what to say to Woodey.

'Ya what is it? It's like you want to ask me something? Oh well come on let's go home!'

Inside Woodey watching T.V as Tacklegull was slowly getting his wound healed. Rose sat beside Woodey.

'So Woodey do you remember what happened?' Rose asked.

'Ya from start to finish!'

'Well tell us how did you do that?'

'You see I just want to, to well a I don't know!' Woodey didn't know what to saw next.

'It's okay I'm just glad you all right!' Rose slowly fell asleep beside Woodey.

'Rose can you move please, Rose get, ROSE!' yelled Woodey as he woke up Rose.

'What! Can't a WonderLander have a rest!' Rose yelled at Woodey.

'Well Ya but I'm just don't want you sleeping near me!' Woodey told Rose as he got up and walked off.

'His so confusing!' sighed Rose.

As Rose left home and Tacklegull was asleep. Woodey was in the living room staring outside.

Largo walked behind him.

'Woodey I heard what happened today, you went outside went I told you not to never ever go outside!'

'Sorry but I need to, beside I won against that BHG right! I'm not hurt or anything!'

'Woodey someday I mit not be here, I need you to kept safe in tell then!'

'Can't Rickey take your place!' sighed Woodey as he sat on the floor.

'No your different from Rickey your power, your powers are mit to save WonderLanders, you have powers that Rickey or any WonderLander can never have!' Largo said as he looked outside.

'Power me, but-'

'Did I say that out loud!'

'Yes and I heard you, look Dad if what you saw is true let me take your place! I'll fight for you as you enjoy the rest of your life okay!' said Woodey happily.

'No! I can't let you do that! Your only 18 and I won't let you! I'm Largo king- ' Largo stopped for a second before sitting beside Woodey.

'Woodey you must understand, you must not take my place!' Largo told him.

'Come on please just let me take you place for one day and see how it goes okay!' Woodey looked at his farther.

'Fine but if you get hurt then your not going to take my place got it!'

'Okay okay got it!'

The next day Woodey got up and ran outside the door. The clouds were orange today. There was not a gust a wind. Looking around the WonderLander's were quiet. Woodey ran towards the highway. Woodey never knew what was down this highway in tell today. Running down the road for 10 minutes. Woodey made it to a old mine with was fenced off all around the building and huge holes which still were opened. Feeling like he been here before Woodey walked into a small forest soon he came into a cleaner. He could see the old part of K.O which was on a long island, and the huge lake surrounding the island. The great lake of legends. Almost falling over a cliff Woodey looked down and saw a old tree at the bottom of the cliff.

'That was closer but I can't stay here I must show dad that I can take his place!' running back the way he came Woodey made it back to the old mine.

Running down the road more Woodey was climbing one of the cliffs that was right beside the road. Woodey sighed as he rested on the side of the cliff. Watching the cars past the cliffs it started to get quiet. Soon there were no cars coming down the road and the sky start to turn more orange. The ground started to rumble. Looking towards a bridge that was over a river Woodey saw hundreds and hundreds of men in black hat and gray outfits running across the bridge. They were BlackHatGuys heading towards the cliffs. Woodey jumped down from the cliff and started running towards home but it was too late only half was out of the cliff the BlackHatGuy were over Woodey. Getting trampled by the BlackHatGuy Woodey thought today would be his last but someone grabbed his arm and pulled him onto one of the ledges. It was Largo Woodey's dad who had saved him. About to thank his farther Largo was pushed off the ledge by one of the BlackHatGuy getting pulled under the BlackHatGuy Largo garb the closes ledge near him and began to climb up to the highest ledge he could get to. About to pull himself on the ledge long sharp claws went into his hands. Screaming in pain Largo looked up and saw a man. His face were hided by shadows. His claws went deeper into Largo's hand red sparks flew around them. Slowly he whisper something into Largo's ear before letting his claws out and pushed Largo off the ledge making him fall. Soon the BlackHatGuy ran off towards the old mine. Woodey slowly climbed down the cliff and looked around he didn't see his father in tell he saw his a piece of his father's blue jacket. Picking it up a tear went down Woodey's face looking towards the ledge were Largo fell he saw the man fly off some where.

2 day's later all the WonderLanders were at the old part of K.O as they all were around the old hill were the great Unknown Light's turned to stone with there out like there were holding something. Woodey's mother and little bother standing behind him as Woodey laid the piece of Largo's jacket into one of the Unknown Light's arms. It slowly turned into bit and pieces it soon flew off into the sky never to return. The Unknown Lights were the creators of the Unknown World they say they also made the 18 rainbow crystals too.

As the sun went down Woodey sat one the rocks which made the hill. Rickey ran up to Woodey and sat beside him.

'Bro you know it's your job now to take over dad's place and-'

'I know but I don't even know how to fight good and, I don't know what to do!'

'Look you were fighting that BlackHatGuy yesterday like a pro remember!' Rickey told Woodey in heroic way.

'Your right Rickey I must fight for Largo and my city, it must never be taked over by evil, come on let's go home okay!' .