Phone Phobia

By Henrika

Henrika-Yes, I know that Ed does not call Winry after being attacked by Scar, but forgive me for the discontinuity.

She was supremely happy when Ed wrote her. He apologized for leaving like they had and a few letters later; he told her that he had been certified as a State Alchemist, the youngest in military history. She'd been happy for him even going to Central to congratulate him. And then she'd been kidnapped; Ed's screams soon mingling with her own as the madman sliced him open. When the man had been captured, Winry realized how different her friend's lives would be as she learned the story of Nina and Alexander. And then Ed had been so lifeless when they went shopping, agreeing to do anything she wanted. The oil she gave him had been both practical and sentimental; she didn't want him to forget that someone still cared for him, besides Al.

But the letters started coming less frequently, saying less when they did. It was then that Winry learned to dread phone calls. Ed had called her one-day, saying that his auto-mail had suffered a "mishap" and that Al was broken. Wrench after wrench had struck the blonde head when she found out that the auto-mail was completely destroyed. Ed refused to tell her what happened and even Al skimped on the details, vaguely saying that a man from Ishval who hated State Alchemists had attacked them.

She had repaired him and sent him back on his quest, eagerly going to wait at the mailbox everyday, sighing in disappointment when the letter again didn't come. She avoided answering the phone, allowing Granny Pinako to take all their phone orders. One day had her in the house though, examining a familiar screw when the phone rang.

"Rockbell Auto-mail." She wished desperately for it to be a customer.

"Hi Winry."

Irony. Winry thought before she started grilling Ed on how he had broken her precious auto-mail creation this time.

Henrika- Thought it would be interesting to show how much Winry dreads and loves hearing from her childhood friends. Review!