TITLE: ALL WE WANT IS EACH OTHER (unsure about the title)
AUTHOR: Inquisitive One EMAIL: DISCLAIMER: The only characters that are mine are the ones that have no connection to a show. Which aren't many characters in this story.
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SUMMARY: AU. No spies just regular people. Nadia goes to see her first love. What happens when they see each other again?
Jack is Nadia's father not Sloane. S/V, Sa/N, I/J. I left Irina as Irina rather than use her as Laura Bristow.
NOTES: I'm using David Anders actual age in this fic. In all my other Alias fics I make him older than he is because it works better into the fics.
DREAMS CHAPTER 1 2004: LONDON Twenty year old Nadia Bristow stands in the library and smiles faintly when she sees a picture on the coffee table. She picks up the picture of herself and a blond teenage boy laughing. 'God we were happy.'

"I thought Thomas was kidding when he said you were here."

Nadia turns towards the doorway to see Julian Lazarey walk in, "You still have this one?"

"I have a lot of them. Keeps me from going nuts." Julian shrugs "You look good."

"So do you."

"So why are you here after two years?" Julian asks

"I know you and Mom still talk."

"She is my Godmother." Julian reminds. "She told me you're engaged."

Nadia nods "Look you know why I'm here then."

"They still don't know do they."

"No one does." Nadia shrugs

"You haven't even told the man you are going to marry that you are currently married?" Julian says amused.

Nadia glares at Julian, "No he doesn't know. I haven't exactly found a good time to tell him that... doubt there ever will be a good time."

"If you want a divorce I'm not giving you one."

"I want an annulment."

"That will not happen." Julian says leaning against his desk.

"Julian" Nadia protests "come on we were kids."

"You still are and you want to marry someone else." He points out.

"I'm 20 Julian, not 18." Nadia reminds hotly, "Just give me an annulment which is somewhat less public than a divorce."

"And what? You risk your family and friends finding out you married me in secret after your father basically forbid us from dating?"

"Let me remind you that you left me two months after we were married."

"I had no choice. Father knew we had married. He agreed to make sure it was buried as long as I came back with him."

"So what you left me because you were scared about it getting out?"

"For you not for me. I could care less about what happens to me... but you" he shakes his head "You weren't ready for it to get out and I didn't want to put you through that. You know I never wanted to leave you... you know how I feel."

"Why won't you give me the annulment?" Nadia demands. "We never lived together... hell we never thought the whole thing through."

"I had... the moment I saw you I wanted you."

"Well you had me. Now someone else loves me enough to put up with my whole family and stick around."

"You didn't even have to decency to tell him."

"Julian, come on."

Julian regards her, "Do you love him as much as you love me?"

Nadia glares at him, "You know a person doesn't love everyone the same."

"Perhaps but you don't love him enough to tell him about me." Julian points out.

"We're pretty much just married on paper." Nadia reminds.

Julian steps up to her taking her hand he looks at her ring finger, "When did you take off the ring?" He asks softly.

"I took it off when you left me." Nadia snaps

Julian chuckles "No... you wore it until he asked you to marry him." He looks at Nadia, "You still love me... if you didn't you would have taken that ring off long before he asked you to marry him."

Nadia pulls her hand out of his grasp, "You abandoned me."

"You were too scared to tell your family you married me. I respected your decision not to tell them... and I have all this time. But you are still my wife... and I want you back."

Nadia stares at him shaking her head, "No. I won't hurt him like that."

"I'll make you a deal... you live with me for four months and if at the end of those four months you still want a divorce or annulment I'll give it to you."

"Julian don't do this"

"Your choice Nadia. Because if you do file for divorce or even an annulment I will fight you on it." Julian warns

"If you seriously still loved me you would give me the annulment."

"Its because I still love you I won't end our marriage like this."

Nadia slaps him.

Julian rubs his cheek, "You better make your decision Nadia. Perhaps now is a good time to tell your fiance you are married."

"I hate you." Nadia says angrily as she storms out of the room.

Julian chuckles "Sure you do darling."

2 DAYS LATER: LA Sydney Bristow glances at Nadia as she drives, "So what was so important that you needed to go see Julian?"

"I needed him to sign something."

"What?" Sydney asks curiously.

Nadia sighs "You swear you won't mention this to anyone? Not even Mom, Dad or Michael?"

"I promise."

"Do you remember after my 18th birthday the girls and I went to Vegas for the weekend?"


"Julian showed up... we had a few drinks"

"How few?" Sydney demands

"We got married."

"You did what!" Sydney yells

"You know Daddy didn't want us dating"

"So you got married instead!"

"Well I did say we were drinking."

"So why didn't you just get the annulment the next day?"

"Because I loved him... and he loved me."

"You were 18 Nadia. What the hell were you thinking!"

Nadia runs her fingers through her hair, "I don't know Syd. I just... I just couldn't do it even after he left."

"Does Chris know?"

"God no."

"You need to tell him."

"Tell him what? I married the guy I was madly in love with as a teenager... who's one of the dethroned royalty of Russia? That I couldn't get myself to tell Mom and Dad for two years?"


"Julian said if I file for divorce or annulment he'll fight it... and you know he has the money to do so."

"So what are you going to do?"

"He offered me a deal."

"What kind?"

"I live with him for four months and if I still want the annulment or a divorce he'll give it to me."

"Maybe you should at least tell Mom. Maybe she can talk Julian into the divorce."

"You know how stubborn he is."

"Nadia you need to at least tell Mom."

Nadia sighs, "That won't go over well."

"No it won't but she might be able to convince him."

COUPLE HOURS LATER: HOUSE Nadia looks at her mother who is pacing the floor, "Mom?"

"Your father is not to know about this." Irina looks at her daughters sternly. "Neither of you is to mention this to him."

"Do you think you'll be able to talk Julian into it Mom?" Sydney asks

"I doubt it would work. Julian is more stubborn than your father."

"So what am I supposed to do Mom? I can't tell Chris about this... he'd tell Dad."

"There is an option... Nadia you said that the school is looking for study abroad students."

Nadia nods "It starts next month... lasts until fall."

"And I am correct in assuming Oxford is one of the Universities they use."

Nadia nods

"Good. What you do is tell Chris that before you marry him there is one thing you want to do... spend a semester at Oxford. First, you need to tell the school you want to do this. That way it won't be suspicious if you live with Julian for the next few months. All you have to do is keep from falling for him and at the end of four months he'll give you the divorce."

"Yeah but Chris wants to get married in November." Nadia reminds "How am I supposed to plan a wedding while I'm doing all of this?"

"You can still plan a wedding. Sydney and I will deal with what needs to be dealt with from here."

"Chris is going to want to visit. You know Julian will do anything to get Chris to back off on the wedding."

"I will deal with Julian. In the end, what you decide is up to you Nadia, if you want to marry Chris or not. Don't let Julian force the decision just because you're scared of your father's reaction."

"I know Mom." Nadia sighs heavily. "I better get going... I'm supposed to meet Chris and his parents for dinner." She stands walking out of the room.

"Mom, do you think this is going to work?" Sydney asks

"Whatever Nadia chooses is her choice Sydney. We can't force her to make a choice that we want."

"I know."

HOUR LATER: CHRIS LAWTON'S APARTMENT "How was your trip?" Dark haired, brown eyed 22 year old, Chris Lawton asks his fiancée as she enters his apartment.

Nadia hugs her fiancé then steps back, "Good. Um there's something I needed to talk to you about... something I've had on my mind for a while."

"What is it?"

"I know I've never really mentioned this to you but I need to do this before we get married."

"What's that?"

"I know that it is a last minute decision"

"Out with it Nadia"

"I'm going to attend Oxford for the next quarter."

Chris starts in surprise "What about the wedding?"

"Mom and Sydney... and your Mom can take care of the things that I can't take care of. I'll make the plans and all but I need to do this."

"Nadia we're getting married in 6 months."

"I know but I need to do this Chris. Its something I've thought about for a long time but I just kept putting it off." Nadia looks at him, "Can you understand why I need to do this?"

Chris sighs, "I guess I can."


"When do you leave?"

"Two weeks. I should be back in September."

"All right."

"So you are OK with this?"

"If this is something you need to do then go for it. I'll come visit when I have time."

"Good. I'd be upset if you didn't." Nadia kisses him lightly.

HOUR LATER: RESTUARANT "So Nadia how was your trip to London?" Rebecca Lawton asks

Nadia looks at her future mother-in-law, "Good. I saw an old friend while I was there. Mostly I went to look at the Oxford campus."

"Oxford? Why?" James Lawton asks

"I know this is a last minute decision but I'm going to spend the next quarter at the Oxford campus."

"What about the wedding?" Rebecca asks "Its kind of hard to plan a wedding at a distance."

"Mom and Sydney will take care of things that need to be done here. I'll be back in September so there will be plenty of time to finish up the last minute plans."

"What about your dress?"

"I'll look in London." Nadia answers

"Mom, Nadia will do what she can... as will her Mom and Sydney."

"Well then you have my help when you need it." Rebecca smiles

"Thank you." Nadia says appreciatively.

"What old friend did you see?" James asks


"Julian? As in the guy who lived with you guys when you were in high school?" Chris asks surprised. "I thought Sydney said you and Julian don't speak."

"We don't... Mom asked me to go see him."

"Why don't you speak to Julian?" Chris asks curiously. "You've never told me why you two don't speak."

"We just got into an argument over something." Nadia shrugs "I don't really remember what it was over."

"Have you two made any decisions about where you're going to have the wedding?" Rebecca asks

"Well I was thinking we might get that decided before I leave." Nadia looks at Chris. "What do you think?"

"Sure." Chris nods

"Afternoon or evening wedding?" Rebecca asks

"We haven't discussed that." Nadia admits "Any idea?"

"I'd go for an evening... gives you more time to get through the nerves." Rebecca suggests

"What do you think Chris?" Nadia inquires

"Evening would be better." Chris agrees

LATE THAT NIGHT: NADIA'S APARTMENT Nadia looks at Chris asleep beside her and quietly slips out of bed heading out of the room closing the door behind her. Turning on the lamp on the table beside the couch, Nadia goes over to the bookcase pulling down a photo album she sits on the couch and opens it. Flipping through the pages she stops at the first picture of her and Julian playing cards taken a few days after he moved in. She smiles faintly as she looks at the next picture of her and Sydney chasing Julian after he turned the hose on them.


"Julian, get back here!" Sydney screams chasing after the blond teen.

"You are so dead." Nadia yells

Nadia chuckles softly, 'Had some good times with him.' She blinks back tears, 'I wish it worked out better.'

COUPLE DAYS LATER: LONDON Julian sighs seeing Irina in the library, "To what do I owe this visit from another Bristow?"

"You married my daughter!"

"She told you?"

"She didn't want to but she did." Irina says. "What the hell were you thinking Julian?"

"Its not like she was underage Irina. It was after her 18th birthday."

"She was still a child."

"And what do you consider her marrying him?" Julian demands

"Chris comes from a very nice family."

"You approve because Jack does."

"You know Jack doesn't think any guy is good enough for his girls." Irina snaps

"I'm not signing the papers."

"She's taking the deal you made her. She wanted me to make sure you keep up with your end of the deal. If she decides she wants to end the marriage in four months you will sign the papers."

"I said I would."

"And you are to make sure that it doesn't get out that you two are married."

"And it won't." Julian assures

"You will be nice if Chris does visit. You will not hint at anything about your relationship."

"I won't."

Irina regards her godson, "Do you truly love my daughter?"

"I wouldn't have married her if I didn't... and you know she wouldn't have stayed married to me if she didn't still love me."

"You know the reason she hasn't ended the marriage."

"Jack's little issue with me."

Irina nods

"He doesn't know does he"

"I told the girls not to mention this to him. You know how he gets."

Julian nods

"Does Andrian know?"

"Its why I left. Nadia wasn't ready to tell any of you and Andrian threatened to have it made public if I refused to return. I didn't want to leave her Irina."

Seeing his expression Irina nods "I believe you. You broke her heart though Julian."

"I didn't want any of that to happen. I know I screwed up Irina but I can't just divorce her so she can marry some guy unless I know for sure she loves him."

"And you don't believe she does?"

"If she does then she would have told him she was married."

"So what this is a test?"

"No... yes... I don't know." He says frustrated as he runs his fingers through his hair.

"Are you doing this for you or for her?"

"Both of us."

"Fine Julian. Do this but keep in mind if Nadia decides she still wants to marry Chris you have to step out of her life and let her do it... even if you think its a mistake."

"Do you Irina? Do you think Nadia marrying him is a mistake?"

"If she believes she's following her heart then no I don't think it is a mistake."

"Answer me this Irina... do you want Nadia with him?"

"I want my daughter happy... and if you or Chris is the one who makes her happy then I'll be fine."

"When is she arriving in London?"

"Two weeks. She's going to be attending Oxford while she's here. She'll be just in time for the new quarter."

Julian nods

"Good luck Julian." Irina says seriously.

"Thank you Irina."


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