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SUMMARY: AU. Sydney goes to Sark after she gets back needing his help. Sark makes her a deal one that will change everyones lives when its discovered.


NOTE2: Sorry for going with calling Sark Alexander in this fic... its just he seems like an A name personality. Don't ask me how to explain that he just does. Plus I started this fic before I knew Sark's name is Julian.


2007: LA

"We have located Mr. Sark." Michael Vaughn announces

Sydney Bristow starts in surprise hearing her former boyfriend's announcement.

"He's been missing for almost three years. Where has he been?" Weiss wonders

"No one knows." Vaughn shrugs "But apparently he's been busy" he presses a button a picture appearing on the screen of Sark holding the hand of a dark haired toddler with bright blue eyes as they walk in a park.

Sydney stares at the picture her stomach dropping in realization, 'Oh God.'

"Who's the child?" Lauren Reed, Vaughn's wife inquires.

"We have no idea. Apparently he's very protective of the child's privacy. He doesn't leave the child alone for very long. We've found no birth certificate for the child." Vaughn answers

"Any missing children fitting that description?" Marcus Dixon questions


"Maybe the child's his." Lauren muses thoughtfully as she looks at the picture.

Jack Bristow stares at the picture of the child stunned, 'Oh my god.' He looks at his daughter who is staring at the picture stunned.

"If the child is his who is the mother?" Weiss asks

"And is she still alive." Vaughn muses

"There has been no evidence of a mother?" Dixon questions

"No sir. The only ones living in the house are Sark, the child, a Nanny, a cook, a housekeeper and numerous body guards. If the child goes beyond the grounds Sark goes as well. If the Nanny or any of the other household staff leaves the grounds a body guard goes as well." Vaughn replies

"Sydney?" Dixon questions seeing his former partner's expression. "Any ideas?"

"Sark's been out of the business for three years. Maybe he's done."

"Maybe but we need to be sure." Dixon muses "Keep looking for information on the child and the potential mother."

As everyone leaves the conference Jack grabs his daughter's arm escorting her into his office pressing the security button, "What is going on?" He demands "I saw your expression when you saw that picture."

Sydney remains silent

"And that child bears a striking resemblence to you." Jack states gently when he sees the pained expression on his daughter's face. "Sydney... what happened when you were on the run?"

"Dad please don't." Sydney wraps her arms around herself. "What's done is done. I can't change it and they" she gestures to the outer office "wouldn't understand."

"Understand what?" When Sydney doesn't answer Jack steps up to his daughter resting his hands on her shoulders. "Sydney if that child is who I think we need to at least tell Dixon so he can stop this inquiry."

Sydney shudders nodding

"Well?" Jack asks patiently

Sydney sits on the couch, "I went to him to make a deal"


Sydney stands in the dimly lit building waiting patiently for her contact.

"What do you want Bristow?" A voice asks coldly.

Sydney turns to find Sark holding a gun on her. "I needed to talk to you."


"I need your help."

"Why should I help you? You killed my father and Ali."

"I need to know why I killed Lazarey."

"I thought you were doing that with your father and the others."

"I was but... they can't help me anymore... not without risking their jobs and lives." She takes a deep breath "I need answers and I bet you want them as well. We might as well work together it will make things go faster and we won't have to go up against each other for the truth."

"And how do I know you won't turn me in?"

"How would that benefit me?" Sydney questions "You have the resources I need."

"And how would your father and your friends take to you working with me?"

"I won't tell them... will you?"

Sark regards her "No."

"So do you agree?"

Sark nods "We'll work together."

"Good. Here" Sydney hands him a file "This is all Dad compiled on what I did during my missing time."

Sark holsters his gun then looks at the file. "How do you want to do this?"

"I'm already on the run."

Sark regards her "Come on."

"What? Where are we going?"

"Where I'm currently living. You'll be safe there and we'll be able to figure out how to do this." When he sees her hesitate he sighs "Keep your gun with you if you want. I'm not going to try anything."

Sydney regards him then nods following Sark out of the building.

"We started an uneasy alliance."

"Sydney did he" Jack says uncomfortably.

"No." She says quickly

"What happened after that?" Jack asks softly knowing how hard it is for his daughter to talk about this.

Sydney takes a deep breath "We figured out our plan... which you know the outcome."

"And what happened during that time?"

Sydney shivers "One of our alias's was as a married couple in a house with heavy security. They had security cameras in every room and to pull it off" she swallows "we did what we had to do." Her mind drifts back to the conversation she had with Sark before the mission.

Sark looks at Sydney as they sit at the table "The whole house every room but bathrooms has security cameras. If we're going to pull this off as a married couple we'll have to actually act like it."

Sydney takes a deep breath, "Which means we have to have sex."

Sark lifts his brow "And why does that sound like the end of the world for you?"

Sydney looks away "Nothing."

"I'm not going to force you into having sex but its easier to pull this off."

"I know." She stands moving away from the table.

"No one will know if that's what worries you."

"Its not that." Sydney leans against the window looking out at the night sky. "Its just"

"What?" He asks gently.

"Been a while" she admits not looking at him.

"You slept with Simon." He points out

Sydney flinches "Julia slept with him."

"So bring back Julia to pull it off but we need to pull it off."

Sydney takes a deep breath "Fine."

"We had to get in there but the only way was as a couple." She avoids looking at her Dad "We managed to befriend the couple whose house we needed access to. We managed to get an invite to a weekend long party at their estate." She swallows

Sydney looks around the room well aware of Sark's hand on her lower back as he talks with the man before them. 'Don't think of him. He's not your type.' When she feels his lips brush over her ear she tenses.

"Relax Sydney." He murmurs

Sydney looks at him seeing a flash of concern pass over his face then nods giving him a smile trying to relax. They last through the party Sydney having a few drinks when Sark leans in again she stiffens slightly.

"Stay sober enough to pull this off."

"Why do you care if I'm sober?" She hisses

"Because it would be a little hard for them to understand why my 'wife' screams another man's name."

Sydney glares at him stiffling the urge to punch him "Bastard." She mutters

"Just keep yourself sober enough that you can control your emotions." He says softly as he takes the glass of champagne from her downing it himself then kisses her passionately, "I don't care if you pretend I'm him but don't scream his name... it could get us killed." He says under his breath.

Sydney flinches

"Needlessly we pulled it off that weekend... but we had to have sex to pull it off." Sydney avoids looking at her Dad. "Within two weeks we had everything we needed to find out what happened to Lazarey so I came back." She pulls her knees up to her chest. "We never had sex again" she lies glancing briefly at her Dad then continues "About a month after I came back I had a check up and found out I was pregnant."

Sydney stares at the doctor "What?"

"Your pregnant." The doctor repeats

Sydney swallows heavily.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"What and tell you I slept with Sark? You would have had a total freakout."

"You should have told me." Jack says angrily

"I know! I just" Sydney runs her fingers through her hair. "I couldn't."

"What happened?" Jack asks calmly prompting her to talk.

Sydney takes a deep breath and continues "I was seriously thinking of having an abortion but Sark, it turns out, was keeping an eye on me."

Sydney starts in surprise when she sees Sark sitting on her couch, "What are you doing here?" She demands watching him warily sensing his anger.

"Have something to tell me?" He inquires slowly standing.

Sydney enters the kitchen turning on the light she puts the grocery bag on the counter, "Nothing." She avoids looking at him.

Sark removes a file setting it before her on the counter watching her closely.

Sydney stares at the file then looks at Sark her anger rising, "You stole my file from the doctors office!" She snatches the file, "What were you doing spying on me?"

"Your pregnant."

Sydney looks away

"I take it it's mine." He remarks

Sydney's about to protest then stops when she sees his look and nods, "I'm not having it." She turns away from him.

Sark's eyes narrow and he grabs her arm forcing her to look at him, "So what you were just going to have an abortion and not tell me?"

"What am I supposed to do? Have this baby and tell people what? I slept with you?" She pulls her arm out of his grasp. "I still have a lot of questions to answer about where I disappeared to. Do you know what would happen if I had this child and they found out its yours? I'd end up in jail for whatever they could nail me with." She says angrily "And who would raise the baby then? Dad?"

"There is another option." Sark reaches out brushing his knuckle down her cheek.

Sydney flinches stepping back "What?"

"You have this baby and I will raise it on my own."

Sydney stares at him "What!'

"Its my child as well Sydney."

"What makes you think your fit to even raise a child?" Sydney asks coldly. "You kill people for a living."

"If your worried about what I do for a living and affecting a child then don't."

"What are you saying?"

"I'll stop. I'll take on the lesser work if that's what worries you. Hell, if that doesn't work for you I will retire and disappear."

Sydney walks into the living room and sits on the couch pulling her knees up to her chest staring at the wall. When he sits beside her she remains still

"Sydney do you really want to have an abortion?"

"No." She admits reluctantly "But I can't deal with all the trouble that will happen when they find out I'm pregnant."

"They don't have to know." Sark says

Sydney looks at him "Having a baby equals weight... Dad maybe somewhat oblivious to my life but that isn't something he'd overlook."

"Stay for a while then when you feel like its time to leave tell your father and Dixon you need to take a leave of absence... say stress or something. Tell them you need a few months off and you can come stay with me until the baby is born."

"I don't know"

"I know you better than anyone Sydney... I know how important family is to you and that you'd feel guilty for not having this baby. You want to ignore the fact we slept together and I can accept that but its my child your carrying." He reaches out brushing her hair back "I swear if you do have this baby I will keep it safe... I won't let anything happen to it."

"And if I don't... are you going to tell everyone we slept together?"

"I promised you I wouldn't. I may be many things Sydney but I do keep my promises."

"So we made a deal." She takes a deep breath "He would raise the baby. I'd go on with my life."

"Sydney why didn't you tell me?" Jack sits beside her.

"We both agreed never to tell. We knew it would be safer for him if no one knew."

"What's his name?"

"Nikolai... Jonathon," she smiles slightly when she sees her Dad's surprise "Sark wanted me to pick a middle name and Jonathon was the first one that popped into mind. He calls him Niko."

Jack shakes himself out of his surprise "How old is he?"

"Two and a half." Sydney wipes at her eyes, "Dad you have to stop Dixon and Vaughn."

"Sydney do you ever talk to him?"

"He calls on Niko's birthday... some times sends me pictures. I never keep them though."

"Sydney if you tell Dixon it will give him an understanding of why this needs to be stopped."

"I can't." She whispers "Its hard enough telling you."

Jack sighs "I'll see what I can do."

Sydney nods "I'm sorry for not telling you."

"I understand your reasoning. Syd... I might have to tell Dixon why you want this left alone."

Sydney stares at her Dad "No"

"Sydney if he knows he'll be more willing to help. I'll make sure he doesn't tell anyone." Jack assures

"I just want Niko left alone... he's happy with Sark. I don't want to disrupt his life." Sydney stands "I need to get out of here."


"I need to think." She mutters hurrying out of the office.

THAT NIGHT: SYDNEY'S HOUSE Sydney curls up on her bed trying to keep herself from picking up the phone. 'You can't Syd.' She closes her eyes drifting back to the night of the party.

Sydney gasps as she feels his lips on her neck, 'No don't give in.' She swallows a moan as he bites then laps at the mark. When he looks at her his blue eyes taking her in she bites her lip. 'Pretend he's Michael.' She tells herself then silently groans 'I can't. I know who he is... and I still want him.' She kisses him passionately ignoring her inner protests. 'Its for now.'

Sydney swallows a moan remembering that night of intense passion and what it felt like, the feeling of his hard, warm body over hers.

Brown eyes and blue locked in silence as their bodies move together with fierocity and passion as hands grasp at each other. Feeling like she has no control Sydney shifts shoving Sark onto his back.

Sydney buries her face in the pillow remembering the intense pleasure and the feelings that surged through her that night. How Sark held her as she tried to control the pain that hit her after she realized what she had done... after she betrayed the man she loved by having intense soul breaking sex... soul connecting sex with her enemy.

Sydney buries her face in Sark's shoulder trying to control her tears as Sark in an uncharacteristic show of emotion gently strokes her back. 'What have I done?' She asks herself horrified by the feelings she felt while they were having sex. 'I can't have any type of feelings for this man! He's a criminal. He's... he's Sark.' A little voice pipes up 'He made you scream. Michael never made you scream.'

Sark kisses the top of Sydney's head pulling the blankets up around them.

Sydney blinks back tears remembering how gentle he was the next morning and what he said to her so softly that no one watching or listening could hear.

Sark brushes his lips over Sydney's ear as he nuzzles her cheek, "I'm sorry."

She lets out a shaky sob at the emotions that bombard her at her memories. Slowly she drifts off to sleep.

AFTER MIDNIGHT Sydney awakens with a start her heart pounding as she gasps for breath the dream still vivid

Sydney handing a bundle over to Sark her eyes on the baby bundled up in a blanket as they stand outside. She gently brushes her fingers down the baby's cheek trying to keep from crying. "Its better this way."

"He'll be safe Sydney. I promise he'll be safe and happy." Sark reaches out with his free hand and gently brushes away the few stray tears down her cheek.

Sydney nods her eyes on the dozing baby "I know its just"

"Hard" Sark nods "I know. We both know you can't stay... you've been gone for six months as it is. Your father and the others must be suspicious."

Sydney nods "I know." She leans down kissing the baby's forehead. 'Goodbye my baby. I love you more than anything.' She tears her eyes away from the baby and looks at Sark startled by the flash of pain in his eyes. Slowly she lifts her hand to his face "Take care of him."

"I will." He turns his head kissing her palm. "Thank you"

"For what?"

"Having him." He looks at the baby in his arms. "I know it was hard for you to make the decision to have him and leave him with me... but I promise I will protect him."

Sydney leans in kissing him sweetly, "Tell Nikolai I love him."

"Every day" He promises deepening the kiss until they are forced to break away. "You better go." He says hoarsely.

Sydney nods looking at the baby she swallows a sob slowly she steps away from them slowly walking to the waiting jet. She looks back to see Sark standing there holding the baby close, 'I'm sorry Nikolai. It's for the best.' She takes a deep breath then steps onto the jet.

Sydney swallows heavily blinking back tears she throws off the covers she gets out of bed she moves the nightstand aside and lifts up a floorboard and removes a small box. She takes a deep breath and opens the box where she finds a couple pictures of her son. 'Nikolai... my baby boy.' She closes her eyes taking a deep breath before unfolding the top letter.


He's doing well. He's growing fast and learning new things every day. I swore that he would grow up safe and happy and he is.

If you want to see him it can be arranged. Its programmed already.'

Sydney refolds the letter and looks at the unused cellphone in the bottom of the box, 'He needs to know.' She takes a deep breath and picks up the phone with shaking hands pressing the speed dial.

After a moment a voice greets "Hello Sydney. I was wondering if you'd ever call."

"I just called to tell you that the CIA knows your alive and that he's with you."

"Do they know...?"

"No but Dad guessed. He said he'd try to talk Dixon out of finding out more."

"There's nothing to find."

"I know. Just... be careful."

"We will." When he hears her shaky sigh he asks, "What's wrong Syd?"

Sydney swallows heavily, "Nothing."

"You miss him."

"Yeah" She whispers "How is he?"

"Good." He's silent then asks "Do you want to see him?"

"I can't." Sydney stammers "I just... its too hard."

"I understand."

"Just... keep him safe."

"I will."

"Thanks." Sydney hangs up.

SAME TIME: SOMEWHERE Sark closes his phone and walks out of the library and up the stairs to a bedroom across from his. He turns on the lamp by the door and enters the child's room going to the bed he carefully sits. He smiles faintly at the sight of the dark haired little boy asleep sucking on his thumb, 'My little boy.' He gently brushes his finger down the boy's cheek, 'Your mother and I love you so much. She's not here with us so we can keep you safe my boy.'

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