I feel your touch upon my skin.
Your arms stretch out through the ages,
Whispers of a timeless love.
I ache for your embrace.

Sometimes I think I see your eyes
Sparkling in the night sky.
You are beyond my sight now.
It kills me slowly to think
I will never see you again.

I hear you whisper.
Every breeze
Every murmur of the sea
Every voice that speaks to me
Speaks with your voice.
I want to hear you tell me you love me.

A living death consumes me.
I want no life without you by my side.
A thousand time a thousand years
I may walk the earth alone
Yet all I am is yours.
I belong to you in life
As in death.
I hold you in my heart.

I miss you.
I miss your gentle smile,
The way you laughed,
And stroked my hair when I was sad.
Will I see you again?
That is my only wish.
I will go as far as it takes
Just to see you for one more second.
An instant to treasure
Forever in my living death.