Warnings: Shonen-ai

Pairings: Daisuke X Dark

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Japanese Terms:

Aniki – Big brother.

Kawaii – Cute.

Gomen – Sorry.

Hai – Yes.

One-Winged Tenshi: Chapter One





I hate you.

It's all your fault mom died.

I wish you had never been born.

No one cares about you.

Why don't you just died?

Why do you have to be such a burden?

These are words no one wants to hear, yet are what 14-year old Daisuke has been told his entire life. No matter how many times he heard them, it still hurt every time.

Daisuke lived in a huge mansion with his brother, Krad. The one who always said the hurtful words. The one that that hated him more than anything else did in the world. Krad.

Daisuke and Krad were half brothers. They shared the same mother. When Krad's father died, Emiko, their mother, married Kosuke Niwa. Kosuke was a rich noble who loved their mother very much.

She died giving birth to Daisuke. Krad never really cared about their mother, but Daisuke didn't know that. He also didn't know that Krad only pretended to care about their mother so that he could blame Daisuke for her death.

Krad loved to make Daisuke miserable. He hated Daisuke. He did all he could to make Daisuke hate himself. Why, you ask?

The answer is simple. Daisuke was born with white wings. Krad was not. No one knows why or how, but occasionally a person is born with white or black wings.

There are many different colors of wings just like there are many different colors of skin. A person with white or black wings is special.

They are said to hold mysterious powers and are respected by all. Krad was jealous. Why did Daisuke get white wings? It wasn't fair!

Krad's jealousy grew into hatred for his little brother. No one but Krad knew about Daisuke's white wings. He made sure of that.

He told everyone Daisuke was a cripple, a wingless person. Cripples are regarded as dirt in their society. They were below the peasants and beggars. They didn't deserve to live. They were the plague of their world.

Krad told Daisuke he must never show his wing in public. Yes, wing. Daisuke had one wing. He was born with two, but now he only had one. Krad had told him that having one wing would make people hate him even more, so Daisuke hid his wing.

Even with one wing, Daisuke would be respected and admired. Krad knew this, Daisuke did not. There were many things Krad made sure Daisuke didn't know. Everyone thought Krad was very kind. He took care of his little brother even though he was a cripple.

He had everyone fooled. Daisuke hadn't stepped out of the house since he was six. He wasn't afraid to go outside; he just didn't see a reason to. Daisuke spent most of his time in the library. He use to have tutors who gave him lessons, but not anymore. He remembered what happened when he was six.

"Aniki, Aniki, Aniki!" yelled a six-year old Daisuke. "Will you play with me?"

"God. Why do you have to be such a pain?" responded a twelve-year old Krad. "I'm trying to practice my flying."

"Gomen…..can I practice with you?" asked Daisuke hopefully.

"No way. You probably can't even summon your wings yet," said Krad coldly.

Usually people kept their wings hidden unless they were flying. Everyone, that is, except those with white or black wings. They liked to show off their wings as much as possible.

White winged were rarer than black winged people were and were more powerful too.

Krad landed on the ground and "retracted" his wings. He glared at the little boy in front of him. Daisuke was always a nuisance to him.

"I'll show you," said Daisuke.

Krad watched as a pair of beautiful white wings erupted from his little brother's back. Krad became angry. How could that little brat be blessed with white wings while he was stuck with brown?

He never liked Daisuke before, but now he hated him.

"Has anyone else seen your wings?" asked Krad while trying to keep his anger and jealousy in control.

"No Aniki. Just you," replied a confused Daisuke.

"Good," said Krad as he advanced towards Daisuke.

"What are you doing?"



Krad had cut off one of Daisuke's wings.

"Never show your other wing to ANYONE," said Krad. "They already hate you and they'll hate you even more when they see your other wing."

Krad began to walk away but then paused. "Oh, and one more thing. Never call me aniki ever again."

Krad left Daisuke lying in a puddle of his own blood.

After that, Krad began to tell everyone he was a cripple. Daisuke knew it wasn't true but he went along with it anyway. His tutors all quit and his friends all deserted him. His father was ashamed of him, not that he had really loved him before.

He left him and Krad in one of his mansions and they mostly never saw him. Kosuke was always busy with business. He didn't bother with Krad because Krad wasn't his real son and as far as he was concerned, a cripple could not be his son.

Daisuke grew up alone. The only person he had contact with was Krad, but Krad only made him feel worse. Krad let him do whatever he wanted and pretty much didn't acknowledge his existence.

Daisuke spent most of his time in the library. He read all kinds of books and since he didn't have tutors anymore, learned everything he needed to know from textbooks he had found.

He loved stories about white winged and black winged people. They were called tenshies. They were special and beautiful. He had once asked Krad if he was special.

"Krad-sama," said Daisuke. He was no longer allowed to call Krad aniki and was forced to call him Krad-sama.

"What is it?" replied Krad coldly.

"Well…I was reading this book…it said people who were born with black or white wings are special…does that mean I'm special?" asked Daisuke.

Daisuke could see what he said had made Krad angry.

"NO, you're not special. You're dirty. You're ugly. You're nothing."

"B-but m-my wings," stuttered Daisuke.

"You're not like the tenshies Daisuke so just forget about it. Go away."

"H-hai Krad-sama"

Daisuke left the room. He went into his bedroom, his sanctuary, and cried.

Daisuke was hoping he was a tenshi. He wanted to be special. He wanted someone to tell him was worth something. He wanted someone who didn't look at him the way Krad did. He wanted to feel loved.

Daisuke had never felt loved. He had had many emotions thrown at him before: disgust, hatred, anger, repulsion, pity, but never love. Daisuke knew he would never feel love tough; he would die alone in this house. He tried not to think about it because it made him even more depressed than before.

It was raining. Daisuke looked out the window. He liked the rain. It was peaceful. He liked to snuggle into his blankets and sleep listening to the music of the rain. Daisuke didn't have clocks or mirrors in his room. Mostly everything in the room was black, grey, red, or blue.

Daisuke didn't like bright colors. He liked being in the dark. He was very pale since he didn't go into the sun very much.

He didn't go outside and most of his time was spent either in the library or in his room. The servants knew he lived here, but ignored him like Krad did. Krad forbad them from speaking to him.

They were not allowed to go near him either. Daisuke had the entire west wing of the mansion to himself. The library he occupied was located in the west wing and he only left it when he was hungry.

He would take food from the other side of the house and put it in his side of the mansion. That way, he only had to leave his side every couple of weeks.

Daisuke also dreamed. He dreamed of a better place where he would be accepted and loved. Somewhere where someone would love him and cherish him.

But that was all it was. A dream. Nothing more. It would never come true. He had accepted that a long time ago.

This was his life. This was how he lived and how he would die.