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Notation: This is a series of ficlets and drabbles. (Drabbles being stories of exactly 100 words). Some chapters will be drabbles (100 words), some will be slightly longer "ficlets." All of these stories were written for various online communities, at the request of friends, and usually in response to a topic, theme, or phrase challenge. They range in ratings from G – PG-13, with one R rated drabble. This selected collection is mainly humor/horror. Most of this collection is composed of drabbles and ficlets about Legato Bluesummers – hence the collection title of "The Nine Lives of Legato."

This collection may be added to at whim. No regular updates – only when I happen to have written some short general Trigun horror, horror/humor, or Legato-centric humor.

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a collection of very short fanfiction


(This was a challenge to write a ficlet using the phrase "There was only one sight that could sicken Legato Bluesummers). PG.

There was only one sight that could sicken Legato Bluesummers, and this was it. He stood still, staring at it, the scent of the town's corpses coming to his nostrils. The beautiful aroma of decay could not sway his disgust. The thing before him distracted him from even the pride he'd had for his accomplishments in service to his Master.

"It must have come out of the bakery when Midvalley destroyed it..." he muttered. "No doubt you would enjoy such an abomination, Vash the Stampede. Did you eat at this very bakery before we arrived? Did you chat with the baker, perchance? Did you look forward to coming back here? You do deserve what awaits you."

Legato kicked the object that offended him so. It reminded him of the one he hated most – the creature that had pained his Master so, the creature he wished he could be. That creature's heart was undeserving of his Master's love.

Maybe the telepath took so much offense because he was very particular in his appetites, his "sweet tooth."

The donut rolled in the dust. It was covered in pink frosting and sprinkles.

"Pink frosting..." Legato growled. "Strawberry flavoring belongs inside a tart or pastry, not in frosting atop one. And sprinkles... A good donut does not require such trivialities. Pink frosting and sprinkles on a donut – it is simply wrong."