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Warning: Sasuke's point of view, follow that poop head ( oO ) when he thinks his way through everything. Of course OOC-ness and some bad grammar. This is not a one-shot.

Go with the flow

He was falling. No, correction, they were all falling.

A shriek from above made his ears hurt. How could anyone's voice shred through not only the excruciating volume of the wind but also his own berating thoughts? A cliff steeper than he'd ever seen had apparently been chosen for their ends, if one believed in fate that is, which he clearly did not. A small miscalculation had tumbled them over the edge, in a big group, and left them to worry over their pity lives while the edge and cliff itself resumed waiting for another group of idiots to wander helplessly.

Darkness had not yet overcome the cliff and its companion edge. Why on earth four people did not see the big edge and how it ended without explanation into a big black of nothing was a mystery itself. The reason why no one saw the big gap between the two mountains was apparently lost. And while the cliff and edge all too quickly forgot about the misfortunately humans the humans themselves could not.

Above there existed a greatness of blue sky and white dazzling clouds, one would even find it relaxing if the situation had been different. Below there were nothing but darkness. Yes, it was still early morning, but the sun's beam didn't reach all the way down, to his discomfort.

He crossed his arms over his chest. Yes, he was falling. But that didn't mean he had to panic and act all irrational like one big-fore-headed girl whose scream did not only scare the birds but also his teacher. He grunted while he tried to change his position in the air so his head would not connect to the ground first, if there even existed one… ground I mean.

They had been falling for some time now, he recollected solemnly while a big error of orange flew past him with an overly joyful squeal. Yes, he was going to call him an error for the time being. He was mad, he was going to die and he wanted to blame the one who really was responsible for all of this. The Error had made an error and the error was going to pay, in the afterlife if it came to that. He grunted again and frowned visibly. Not only were they falling and meeting Mr. Death, he was hungry too. That Error had eaten his lunch, and he had hit him over the head while flying past.

The shrilling sound produced from the wind as he tumbled down further was starting to hurt his ears. A great deal actually. He wanted to put his fingers in his ears to block out the annoying sound but that would look ridiculous. Instead he tried to deny the fact that it ever existed. It didn't work.

He had expected at least for his teacher to behave a bit mature in a severe moment like the one they were facing. But as soon he saw that damn book he knew he was kidding himself. Who in their right mind would choose to read romance when they were going to die? And who in their remaining, yet low, mentality would actually prefer to scream for the love of God instead of planning a way to survive? He would never, ever understand these people. They were even interrupting him in his plans. Those ungrateful idiots were going to be the death of him, he swore under his breath.

Walls of stone passed him by in a raging speed. Now and then he could locate a falling stone, hitting the sides. They had entered the darkness and now nothing could be seen. The only good thing about it was that Sakura's voice died down to only an irritating whimper. He sighed merrily and thrust his hands in his pockets. Just when he was about to start working out a plan his annoying teacher joined him, how ever he managed that is one of many mysteries.

"We sure are lucky with the weather, aren't we?" His happy voice said and the closing of a book could he heard as it echoed loudly between the walls.

"What has that anything to do with it?" he grunted angrily.

"Well, Sasuke-kun, it could be raining."

Sasuke rolled his eyes even though he knew it couldn't be seen.

"So, thought of a way to get out of this mess?"

"No, because you keep interru-"

"Have you seen Naruto by the way? Was a while since I heard anything from him", Kakashi cut short and laughed. "I'm sure he's having a great time."

Sasuke raised a brow questionably. "What? Great time? How could anyo-"

"Man, I'm beat. Think I'm going to take a little nap. The Hokage never let's me nap you know, so don't go around telling folks about it. It'll be our own little secret. If you hear anything from Naruto, wake me up."

Sasuke was steaming with anger right about now. He had to control himself from reaching out and squeeze the life out of his idiot of teacher. "We are going to die and you are going to sleep?"

"Nah, we're not dying. You'll see."

"The only thing I see is darkness and the only thing I know is that we are falling! How can that be a good thing?"

"That's not a good thing…", Kakashi slurred through a yawn. "But we're not falling forever."

"That's what I'm worrying about! We're going to hit the ground some time and then-"

"You see, you already know what's going to happen. So don't worry if it can't be fixed, which it can't by the way. Just go with the flow."

Sasuke screamed angrily. "Are you stu-"

He was interrupted again. But this time from neither shrilling cry nor teacher's strange answers but from a loud splashing sound coming from below. Apparently one Naruto had met the "ground". If Sasuke had had the time he would have said something in the line of "uh-oh" but all of a sudden he was greeted by not only something extremely moist but also cold and airless. If he hadn't known what this moist stuff was he would had taken in a sharp breath of shock, but he knew that if he did the water would kill him off. He flailed his arms rather elegant to keep some sort of balance as to not be swept away and drowned. The water was so cold that his body felt numb the minute he fell into it. He dared not open is eyes, maybe because he didn't want to freeze his eyes off or maybe because of the fact that he was scared. Maybe because he didn't want to know what he actually was facing. He knew he couldn't fight a river or whatever it was.

"Just go with the flow." The words taunted him evilly.

He was going to personally kill Kakashi.

He broke the surface after some intense swimming in the direction he assumed upward was. Sasuke gasped for air and tried frantically to stay floating as the river's stream wanted to pull him down. But with so much killing-intent inside he made up his mind that some river would not be the end of him; first he had to kill the Error and then the madman Kakashi. While going along the flow he scrunched up his face. Maybe he would kill off that girl too when he was at it? She was extremely annoying, so why not?

After bumping into one of the mountain-wall several times he could finally distinguish something else than blackness. A bright light could be seen far away and as uncharacteristic it may sound, he felt happy. He started wondering idly about the whereabouts of his team-mates. Had they already died? He sighed. That would suck. He wanted to show them what furious really was about and if they had died on him, what would he do then? Well, that was the reason he told himself. The nervous feeling he had inside was ignored totally. He was still going to kill them!

He floated for what felt like hours. However, eventually the light he had seen was no longer a dot in space. The river, or whatever, steered him from darkness out in broad daylight. He had to adjust his eyes to the unfamiliar brightness. Forests surrounded the river, which he now saw was gigantic. He realized quickly that he had to get on land if he didn't want to freeze to death anytime soon, so he started swimming to the east shore. When nearing the shore he saw something unsuspecting. That big, orange, Error was sitting on the beach, wrenching the water out of his jacket.

He swam closer and eventually climbed on shore. He didn't want to admit it, but he was dead tired. His body ached all over and his breath was hitched. What irritated him most was that Naruto didn't even seem stirred by, first, the falling and then the latter; almost drowning. He sat there, trying to rid his clothes of the freezing water. He had yet not seen Sasuke walking towards him where he sat in the sand. Sasuke grunted, he didn't like being the one to start a conversation. It wasn't his thing, so he grunted to let Naruto know he was presence.

He looked up and a big grin plastered on his shining face. "Oi, bastard! When did you get here?"

Sasuke frowned and tried to sit down gracefully, but it was hard when his body ached so much. "Just now, usuratonkachi, are you blind?"

Naruto pouted and looked down to his wet clothes. He was only wearing his big green boxers. "I was quite busy so I didn't see your almighty face, bastard." He threw the clothes to his side and hugged himself to get some warmth. "Damn that water was cold! And you would think that when you get out of it you would get warmer. But no!"

Sasuke didn't answer. He just looked away and tried not to clatter his teeth. To confess to Naruto that he too was cold would be like letting him win a match. He wasn't going to stoop that low.

"You should get out of those clothes. Who knows for how long we have to stay here and if the nights are cold you'll surely need you clothes dry. We can hang them up in a tree over there", Naruto said, stood up and pointed to a nearby tree, which wasn't located in shadow. Sasuke knew Naruto was right so he stripped off his clothes and followed him suit.

Soon their clothes were hung and the two boys seated themselves, again, on the sand. The sun was finally starting to warm them up and eventually it became rather pleasant to lie in the warm sand and watching the clouds pass by. Sasuke almost fell asleep but Naruto, the Error, woke him up of course.

"Where are they?" he mumbled and turned his face so he was looking at Sasuke beside him.

"Who?" Sasuke answered dully but didn't look at Naruto.

"Kakashi-sensei and Sakura-chan of course!"

"Hn…", he yawned and rolled his eyes when he finally turned his head towards him. "She has Kakashi, so there shouldn't be a problem." Actually, he didn't think at all that they were fine. He just didn't want to show it, nor think about it.

"Yeah, you're right", Naruto answered and directed his azure eyes to the sky again. The only coherent thought entering Sasuke at that time was: gullible.

In due course, long and tiresome hours passed before anything happened. Neither felt like talking, Sasuke had almost forgotten his vow to inflict great pain onto that naïve boy, and Naruto had realized that if Kakashi and Sakura didn't show up soon they could probably be declared dead. They postponed the inevitable while they both lay there, side by side, watching the sky. Morning had turned into evening all too quickly and both boys were starting to feel uneasy. Sasuke didn't want to admit it, but he was worried. He had no idea where this river lead to and he had no idea where they where located. The only reassuring thing was that he wasn't alone. He had Naruto, he grunted internally.

He pulled a stay of hair out of his eyes. Sasuke didn't feel cold anymore, but his body still ached with every movement. When did bumping into walls hurt so much? He sat up and sighed. It was crucial to find shelter for the night so with that thought in his mind he stood up and stretched. If he had been alone he would have screamed due to the unbearable pain, but Naruto was there watching him. He scowled and turned around swiftly to look into those azure eyes.

"What?" he growled. He didn't feel as powerful as he usually did, only clad in his black boxers. The fact that he was scrawny with lean muscles instead of well-built irritated him. It felt like he was being scrutinized under Naruto's amazing eyes. Yes, he knew Naruto had wonderful eyes. Sasuke had admitted that to himself a long time ago. But eyes were eyes, and nothing more.

Naruto blinked stupidly. "Are you hurt or something? I was only wondering, you know. You looked like you were in pain."

Sasuke frowned. "No. Now, get up, we have to find shelter."

"You can tell me if you are hurt, bastard!" Naruto yelled angrily. "And we can't leave now, what if they come back?"

"I'm not hurt! Drop it, idiot! Maybe they're on the other side, fine and healthy. We should try finding some kind shelter if they, by some miracle, found their way here." Sasuke growled back and glared. He saw how Naruto's shoulder sagged. He had won, again, and couldn't help feeling victoriously. "If you're done sulking I suggest we get going."

They sauntered into the forest and immediately the sun's warming beams were out of reach. The trees became a big blanket, casting them in shadow and gloominess. Sasuke didn't even want to think about how it looked at night, because even now it felt way too eerie for his liking. He would have preferred if the trees would pull apart from each other just the slightest so the sun could light up the ground. Generally he would choose darkness over light, but in this situation he wished that he'd never even suggested that they'd enter the forest. He gulped.

Naruto was walking beside him, casting looks over his shoulder, swirling around in fighting stances and jumping at the slightest sound. When Sasuke had hit him, saying he was acting childish, a pout and a few bad words was his retort before they both continued with what they were doing. Sasuke tried both keeping an eye out for possible shelter and at the same time watch Naruto closely, so he wouldn't walk off and disappear. No, it wasn't like he was afraid or anything. He just didn't want to be held responsible for Naruto's actions. Yes, he was still going to punish him, the error! He was just about to grunt when he heard a shrill cry.

They stopped dead in their tracks. Both swirled around. The sound had come from the beach. Sasuke looked into Naruto's eyes for confirmation that he wasn't the only one who heard it. He couldn't say he didn't like this feeling, when adrenaline and excitement ruled his body to its content. It made him shiver with fantastic exhilaration. But when he heard next sound he sighed, all thrill vanished.


Sasuke deadpanned. He was just about to say something witty to Naruto when he realized the idiot was gone. He had left him. A big cloud of dust leading back to the beach became his trail. Seconds later Sasuke could too be found on the beach. He was rather happy to be out of the forest but seeing Sakura again made him wish they'd never returned. That girl could have been tolerable if she didn't clung onto him everyday, bothered him with her stupid questions and smothered him with her so called love. He didn't want it, he didn't want her and he did not want to, by any chance, help her with her training. She was annoying, she was pink, she was unusually weak and she was a devoted fan of his. All of those things turned him off, made him scowl and look the other way. He would rather date a worm than her; at least a worm had some survival instincts. Saying it to her face was a mere dream, for he didn't want to sadden her too much. Then she would be totally useless.

The sight before him made not only his ears hurt but also his eyes. Sakura, clothes torn and showing too much skin, for his taste, hung screaming onto Kakashi, who instead found their position very promising. He didn't need to see that, he contemplated over and over again as he shielded his eyes as graceful he could. He even considered going into hiding until she had dressed and Kakashi to get some grip over his drooling. But seeing Naruto, flailing his arms in front of Sakura and trying to defend her from the naughty beast Kakashi, almost made him smile. It was really funny, in Sasuke's measurements. Naruto had his eyes dilated, rosy cheeks and a tad of drool at the corner of his mouth while at the same time tried so hard to be a gentleman saving his lady, but Sasuke could clearly see that perverse trail of thoughts much like Kakashi's. He almost laughed out loud, but that would have scared them, he knew and he didn't want them to notice him yet. He watched from afar as Naruto offered his big jacket to Sakura, who reluctantly took it, and Kakashi who pouted when the naked weight disappeared from his back. That's when he decided to make an appearance.

"Sasuke-kun! Where have you been?" He heard the shrilly voice and cringed. He didn't answer, instead he walked over to Naruto and stood by his side. But Naruto was too busy keeping an eye on 'Sakura-chan' than taking notice of him. He didn't care though, as long as there wasn't a big fuss over his presence.

"Maa, we got pulled away by the flow and Sakura here got washed inside a small cave. Fortunately there was some air. It took some time to get out of there; I had to look for her", Kakashi explained and continued talking while Sasuke tuned him out. He wasn't very interested in what had happened, why it happened and how they managed to get out of there. As long as they where here and could tell him how to get out of this mess he was fine. When Kakashi finally suggested that they should camp somewhere inside the forest his ears perked up. He didn't really felt all to giddy to re-enter the black forest, he wasn't scared but it gave him the chills. Sasuke suspected that Naruto wasn't fond of walking back in there as well, for he threw Sauke a pleading look. Sasuke almost felt obliged to tell Kakashi that it wasn't such a great idea but he didn't want to defend Naruto, he was mad at him remember. And he was mad at Kakashi too. So, ignoring Naruto by snorting, he followed Kakashi.

Day shifted to evening when Kakashi and Sakura had arrived, but evening changed to night by the time they had found a place to stay. Miraculously Naruto was the one who found a small cave shielded from possible spectators. It was well hidden behind big trees and bushes, a small trail inside the cave led to a space wide and high enough for even Kakashi to stand up straight. Naruto beamed happy at everyone and praised himself over and over again, it got on Sakura's last nerves.

"Can you shut up!" And then the argument continued, Sakura pulled Sasuke into the conversation without his consent and used him, like always, as someone superior Naruto to make him shut up. That got on Sasuke's last nerves.

"I'll go find some wood", he said and Kakashi gave him a small nod of approval.

"I'll come with you Sasuke-kun!" she screamed happily and clutched onto his right arm, he shook her off quickly.

"No, Naruto you come with me", and with that said he pulled a shocked Naruto with him outside.

He didn't explain why he'd taken him with him, he really didn't want to for the reason that it was ridiculous. He frowned at himself. He didn't want to admit to the blonde that the forest freaked him out. He was Sasuke after all, he wasn't afraid of anything. Luckily Naruto didn't question. They found small branches and when Sasuke said it was enough they hurried back, both hurrying to get away from the darkness that surrounded them.

Flames erupted and ignited wood was eaten by the fire, which they eventually lit. Large shadows danced on the muddy walls and ash rose in the air. A small breeze from outside soared into the cave and tousled hair, clothes and fire's fierce flames. Nothing but small chatter had been heard for about several hours, going from loud to quieter and quieter until it became silent. It had been purely Sakura's rant, about how horrible it had been below surface and how she feared for her life. Of course she mentioned her concerns for Sasuke all too often. It made him wish she had disappeared in the water. But as she was ignored totally by everyone she quietened down. They all sat close to the fire and tried to keep warm, it wasn't so difficult as it wasn't very cold outside. He had been through worse! There even was a time when he had had to cuddle, not that he would choose that word himself, another person. Luckily this person had not been a girl. He knew it sounded weird, but that was the way it was… and still is. Girls, the one he knew at least, always read into things and overreacted. If he were to clutch onto a girl for nothing more than pure warmth, that girl would think it was a marriage proposal. At least think that he liked them, which he didn't. He rather hugged a boy for a whole night. He rolled his eyes at that; he rather froze again than to handle with the misunderstanding. When the girls weren't chosen they were jealous, and when he chose a boy to either work or train with they became furious of the other person, as if it was that person's fault that he chose them. He didn't understand why… where they dense or something?

Dense, yes… That Error was dense sometimes, he mused while staring at the fire and trying not to sneak a quick look over at Naruto, sitting opposite him, to see what said boy was doing. But he did anyway and the strange sight before him shocked the pants off him, figuratively. Naruto either wore a grin bigger than anyone's, talked loud and proud or he was pouting and complaining. Sometimes he talked courageously and maturely about how to fight and for what felt right. He could make anyone feel hope with just his smile and words, he even felt it himself sometimes. Yet, none of that commonly expressions were there. His eyes were cast in shadow, he had no trace of a smile on his lips, nor a pout. Sasuke almost thought he was asleep if it hadn't been thanks to Naruto's effortlessly massaging. Apparently he was hurt in his legs. Why hadn't he said anything? Naruto looked absolutely stoic and empty. He didn't look sad either. He was blank.

Sasuke glanced over at Kakashi to see if he noticed, but he had fallen asleep leaning against the wall. That's what you get for a teacher, he grunted. He didn't spare Sakura a glance, since he knew that she wouldn't be looking at Naruto. The fact that he could hear her slow breathing indicated that she was falling asleep. He looked past the fire and onto Naruto again. His hair had merged together with the orange and yellow flames, his clothes were hard to even decipher. Sasuke looked for those bright blue eyes of his, but they weren't there.

Suddenly Sakura bolted when her hand had come in contact with the fire. Naruto was at her side by the second, putting out the fire and bandaging her hand with his t-shirt. Now he only wore his big pants and bare chest, a blue necklace dangling from his slim neck. Sakura's eyes watered when Naruto helped her. Sakura still had his jacket on. Sasuke knew she was grateful, in her own way, but she had hoped that he, himself, had rescued her. He couldn't bare those kinds of people. Those who needs help all the time and when they get it, then they complain over whoever helped them.

He could hear some mumbling coming from Naruto, some answering from Sakura and then the usual: "Shut up, Naruto!" Sasuke was so sick of hearing it. Naruto was only helping and he only got crap because of it. Don't get the wrong idea, he's still going to kill the Error, and the teacher… yes indeed he is. But first he has to vent his opinion. Naruto is a team-mate, a more important one than Sakura and maybe even a rival. Sakura is just plain ridiculous when she treats him that way, since he knows she doesn't really feel that way. It's just because Sasuke is near, and it pisses him off.

"Why don't you shut up, Sakura?" he growled and crossed his arms over his chest, his legs crossed as well. A swift turning of heads towards him told him that they were both looking at him. Naruto was sitting by her side on his knees, and Sakura was pushing him away. "If you don't want any help, then don't stick your hand into the fire."

Finally he could se those bright blue eyes again. He had somewhat missed them. Inside he felt good, knowing that he had been the one awakening him. He watched as Naruto let go of Sakura and inched away slightly. Sakura's eyes watered even more, and he groaned.

"You don't mean that Sasuke-kun", Sakura whispered weakly and tried to smile.

"Oh, yes I do. It's stupid to sleep so close to the fire", he said matter-of-factly.

"But Naruto hogged the best place, I had to sleep somewhere", she made for an excuse. "So it's not my fau-"

"He has the worst place of them all", he said harshly and pointed behind Naruto. "You see, that's the opening. Cold winds are blowing in all the time, he gets it on his back and now when he's given his jacket and t-shirt to you he is going to freeze." Those large green eyes of hers didn't make an impression as big as Naruto's. He didn't care about hers. He had to tell her off, he knew he had to, otherwise she would never stop. Just keep nagging and nagging. "So don't act all important when he's the one being charitable."

"Sasuke, shut up!" Naruto almost screamed, it was a wonder Kakashi hadn't woken… or maybe he had, no one cared. "What's your problem? Stop being such an ass to Sakura-chan. She's just hurt; you adding salt onto it aren't helping."

Sasuke banged his fist against the floor and growled. "Why can't you see when someone is sticking up for you?"

"I don't need anyone sticking up for me!" he answered equally loud.

"I think you do, since you let her run all over you." He didn't care that she sat there, hearing him. "You don't let anyone else mistreat you, why her? She's not worth you're time!" He heard a gasp, no… two. Naruto was fuming on the other side of the fire.

"How can you say something like that? You're such a bastard! You asshole!"

Then there was a slap. A big and loudly slap, leaving a red mark on Naruto's right cheek. Sasuke's eyes were big and shocked, he never would have guessed Sakura was so cold-hearted that she would actually do that to someone who just defended her. He grew even angrier.

Naruto touched were he had been slapped and looked apologetic at her. Sasuke hated that look on him, it was twisted. His rival, the one who can beat him in a fair match should not be trampled by some idiot.

"Sakura!" he yelled angrily and rose to his feat, fist clenched by his side. Sakura ignored him, which put him off, instead she turned to Naruto again.

"Don't call him that. He'll come around", she spat.

"He called you worthless!" Naruto cried.

"No, he called me not worth your time. Well I don't want to be with you, other than team-mates. You'll never understand it damn it! You're always in the way!"

Naruto bit his lips and looked away dejectedly. Sasuke almost did the same out of pity.

"What's he in the way of?" He asked furiously.

"You and me, at least I hoped", she said and stood up as well.

"There is no 'you and me', there will never be. I don't want to be with you, other than team-mates… just like you said to Naruto, but now I don't even know if I want that." He watched her sit down miserably and starting to cry. He wasn't planning on giving her any consolation. He turned to Naruto, to see that he was staring into space. That lost and blank face again. Sasuke sighed and walked over, stooped down on one knee and nudged him with his knuckle. Naruto looked up slowly, and gaped as if he suddenly saw someone for the first in a long time.

"Are you hearing what she's saying?" He whispered. "You're going to be hurt if you pursue her. Open your ears!" Then Naruto looked down, playing with his fingers.

"Un", he breathed. "I hear."

"Good, let's go to sleep then. You can move into the cave, I'll take your place."

But when he was about to stand up again, a hand clasped around his wrist and yanked him down again. He found himself awfully close to Naruto.

"I'll sleep back there if you come with me", Naruto whispered. "Sakura can take my place."

Sasuke almost smiled at that and a laugh threatened to escape. He hauled Naruto on his feet and met his eyes again. "Sure, that's fine with me."

That's how they ended up on the same side of the fire and Sakura alone on the other. Kakashi was still sleeping on the right. If he had woken up during the argument they wouldn't know, but they hoped not. Sasuke was leaning against the wall with Naruto on his left side, shoulder to shoulder. Rather comfortable if you asked him. He rolled his eyes when he realized that he was being somewhat close and nice this night, to one certain person that is. He who had said he was going to kill him. Now, even the thought of bringing the subject up was a mission itself.

It was long passed midnight now, teacher sound asleep and a girl trying hard to sleep as well. The tension had been so thick before but now it was rather pleasant. Sasuke had promised to keep watch for as long as he could, but Naruto refused to sleep. He sat with him and kept watch over the fire and the cave's opening. Nothing changed except for when Naruto put some more wood into the fire. Then he slouched back down next to Sasuke, accidentally bumping into him. Neither said a word about it though. Sasuke glanced over to his left. Naruto looked tired, but not blank nor sad as before. His self-esteem rose profoundly when he realized that it was thanks to him. Again he was pretty close to smile, but forced it back.

Suddenly he heard a sigh coming from the blonde. "How did we end up here?"

Sasuke almost felt like laughing. "You don't know?"

Naruto looked back at him, those bright blue eyes studying his black ones. "No… do you?"

Sasuke glared his infamous glare, which told whomever the receiver was that they should drop dead simply due to their own idiocy. "You fell off the cliff, stupid."

"Nu-uh!" Naruto yelled but quickly quietened down to a whisper, to not wake anyone. "Or maybe I did, it doesn't mean that you had to jump after me!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "There wasn't too much of a choice. We were tied together, remember? So when you fell, we all fell. Luckily, I cut the rope as soon as we fell, otherwise we probably would have drowned."

Naruto's eyes were big. "You knew there was water below? And you didn't say anything?" Childishly, he grabbed onto Sasuke's hair with both hands and started pulling. "First you try to make me feel bad over falling and now you tell me this!"

Sasuke's head banged left to right. The soreness to his scalp became unbearable and it resulted in hitting Naruto hard in the face. "What are you doing?" Sasuke shrieked and rubbed his head. "I didn't know there was water! But I think someone did."

Naruto looked apologetic from his lying position on the floor. "Oh, sorry… well, who knew?" He sat up and scooted closer, and Sasuke almost flinched when he found Naruto's face up close. "Ne, ne? Who knew?"

Sasuke growled and pushed him away. "Kakashi, probably. But it doesn't matter now", he lied. It did matter. He had not yet forgotten the words 'just go with the flow'. He wanted personally to hurt him. Naruto nodded his head repeatedly and smiled tremendously.

"Yeah, it doesn't matter. I guess it was better to land in water than on the ground", he laughed and hit Sasuke playfully on his shoulder. The black haired hadn't thought of it that way, if they had hit stone then they probably would be dead. But it still irritated him that Kakashi kept the information all to himself. He was so going to pay! It was quiet for some time before Sasuke broke the tenderly tranquillity.

"Why didn't you see the edge?"

Naruto turned towards him again; he had been staring lost in the flames for some time. "I was thinking and… stuff."

"You've been thinking a lot these days…", Sasuke mumbled and looked away, not wanting to be gazed upon by those eyes. They somehow imposed a weird feeling in him.

"I've always been thinking, Sasuke", Naruto pouted. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"You just seemed preoccupied that's all, you never did before." He didn't know why he was explaining it, usually he would drop the subject with a subtle 'hn…'. But that look Naruto had had in front of the fire, just minutes before Sakura's idiocy took place, had kept bothering him.

"Oh", Naruto breathed and looked away as well. "I was just busy with my thoughts."

"Every time?" Sasuke cut in. "You've been spacing out several times this night. If you keep that behaviour up when we're on watch or when we're attacked, I'll have to kill you myself", Sasuke said harshly. He intended to make Naruto alert, in his own way. It wasn't him to get all fussy and ask what the matter was, like some mother. Apparently Naruto understood his strange way of showing concern and just smiled.

"You have my permission."

Then the subject was dropped. Sasuke got the feeling that whatever he said, nothing could allure the reason to Naruto's behaviour. He blinked the tiredness out of his eyes and saw Naruto do the same.

"I can manage by myself, go to sleep."

Naruto lay comfortable next to him with his arms beneath his head. "I know you can, it's not that… uhm…"

Sasuke raised a brow and looked down to the blonde; his hair was tousled and dirty. His pants were wrinkled and his naked, well-built stomach, showed off his tattoo. "Why then?"

Naruto prolonged the answer as much as he could, which irritated Sasuke to no end. "If I were to keep firewatch, I wouldn't like to do it alone… that's all."

Sasuke didn't know how to react to that, nor comprehend it. Was Naruto feeling lonely or didn't he want Sasuke to feel lonely? Did he want to keep him company out of kindness? He frowned. This was way too hard to understand.

"Can't you sleep?" was Sasuke's clever answer, well sarcastically meant.

Naruto gave him a feeble look. "You're not listening, bastard. I want to stay awake with you."

Sasuke couldn't help roll his eyes again. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know the reason anymore, since it bothered him. He didn't like changes all that much, and ever since he had fallen and ended up half drowned in some freaking river he had started to change. To his embarrassment. First of all, he had decided to kill both of his team-mates and teacher, told Sakura off, helped Naruto and being oddly friendly with him, cancelled his assassination on the blonde boy and now even considering spending the night with him… Sasuke grimaced at his own thoughts; he hadn't meant it like that at all. Sasuke pulled his hand through his hair in a nervous movement. Then he asked the question he really didn't want the answer to.

"Why do you want to stay awake with me?"

"Because you were so… nice to me, you know. It was a drastic change in Sasuke-bastard's usual manners." Naruto said and averted his eyes.

Sasuke scowled. "I'm not the only one who's changed."

"I haven't!"



Sasuke had promised to stay awake and Naruto had given his last word to stay by his side. That had once again upset Sasuke, he didn't want Naruto to be exhausted in the morning since he would certainly be the one to carry him. Yet, as the night progressed and the last fire burned out they were at last sitting in complete darkness. That didn't improve their drowsiness of course. Neither could help it when their eyes closed and eventually sleep overtook them both. Luckily Sasuke wasn't awake; otherwise he would have gone absolutely berserk. The position they had later during their sleep ended up in was deemed to cause a few of Sasuke's buttons to snap. But, fortunately, they were both sleeping and neither noticed. It wasn't until the sun rose again that the wonderful quietness was killed.

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