AN: This is a Luke and Lorelai fic, that means that it is pro- LL which means that you don't have to worry about her falling madly in love with Chris and turning her back on Luke. I mean, that might happen. But it's all part of the drama, leading to a pro- LL ending. So please don't stop reading because you're afraid that I'll couple her and Chris, that is definitely NOT my plan, I'm a hardcore LL fan. Hahaha, well, with that being said, I hope you like the second edition to my story! Fun reading!

Lorelai descended the stairs with all of the feminine grace of an elephant and lunged for the door. She opened it. She found herself face to face with a Christopher, a smiling Christopher. She immediately yearned to slam the door in his face, and slide a message under it reading "This is a smile- free zone". But she didn't. She valued the saying "to every cloud there is a silver lining". Chris was her silver lining.

Returning his with a hesitant half- smile, she held the door wide and ushered him inside. He shut the door behind him. They stood in silence for a minute. It was a comfortable silence. It was not dense and static like the one her and Luke had shared earlier that day. This was more of a glad- to- see- you- would- like- to- hug- you- and- talk- to-you- but- can't- right- now- because- we're- sharing- a- comfortable- silence kind of silence.

"So, my lady called?"

"That she did," Lorelai replied, making quick to duck her head. She didn't want him to see her blush.

"Is there something…?"

Yes. There was something. She would not have called him if there wasn't something.

"Come in the living room? It's a good name, fits. Seeing as that is where I have currently taken up residence, among the Kleenex boxes and trashy paperback novels. Did you know that I've read "White Dawn" at least six times and the heroine's boobs still aren't getting any bigger? Jeez, I mean last time I checked, the way to win a man over is to increase your bustage size by at least 10 but do these book divas get it? No. They still use their pick up lines and luscious blonde curls to get the man craving some hanky- panky."

Christopher sighed. It was worse then he expected, much worse.

"I see I should've brought reinforcements."

Lorelai snorted in acknowledgement and lead him into the living room. It did indeed look as if it had been lived in. It looked as if it had been lived in by 10 ravaging coyotes. Clothes lay haphazard, Kleenexes lay befriending the clothes and trashy romance novels lined the couch.


"Oh. Don't mind all of this. Decorative, hunh? I'm thinking of starting a business. I'm sure people would seize every opportunity to take advantage of my obvious interior decorating skills."

She saw him let out a steady exhale. She ignored it. He wasn't supposed to be exhaling. He was supposed to be consoling. She cut to the point, well, it was the point in a patented Lorelai Gilmore disguise.

"Well. They say that you should get back up on your feet after a man breaks your heart. I read to go for a new look- a new nose, a new wardrobe…or my personal favorite: a new bottle of Tequila, so that you self willingly plunge out of building and remodel your entire face. I went for the new room myself however, the Tequila was too risky. This new room sets the mood. It's got the whole I- don't- care- everything- sucks- more- then- a- vacuum- cleaner kinda ambience."

"Wow," He sat down. "Wow….so, that's what this is?"

How could men be so docile? Of course that's what it was. He had had her crying on the phone, the signs had been there; again, the sniffling had been there in multitude. He lacked a woman's intuition. If only men could be women.

"Yup," she sat down beside him.

"I knew something was up. You're missing the buzz. Empty shell plus buzz equals Lorelai. Something was gone from the equation. Now I know it's the buzz. And no wonder, the man who provided the buzz is…"

Lorelai nodded.

"You lost your buzz man. Damn. I knew this would be a bad day, I think the "Zit happens" billboard tipped me off."

She stifled a laugh, remembering sullenly that she was wearing black. Well, not in a literal sense, but she was wearing it none the same.

"Now Chris, let's be adults here. I'd prefer if you'd refer to my "Buzz man" as "My Ex- bastard- boyfriend", his real name."

"Lor… what can I do?"

She knew all too well what he could do. He could read through her macho man cover and realize that she considered Luke the polar opposite of her "Ex- bastard- boyfriend". He could realize that she still saw him as a friend. But more importantly, he could reassure her that Luke was the love of her life.


He nodded. She knew he would. Chris had always been there to lend an ear, always would be. She sank deep into the feathery softness of a million Kleenexes and began her tale of woe.

He picked up the phone. He held it to his ear, imaging in the conversation in his head. He retracted, hung the phone up. He waited. The drone of a thousand screaming Red Socks fans invaded his thoughts and he trudged back to his seat. It was safe there. Within his small, enclosed space of masculinity, no one could touch him. He was free to be the hermit down the road. He was free to completely give his mind over to things without meaning. That was all his life had ever been before he met her.

His mind suddenly settled on the zodiac he had shown her on their first date. He yanked his wallet out of the back pocket of his jeans, and opened it. There it was, waxen and aged. He held it up to his nose. Her scent still lingered there. Or at least, he imagined that it did. Everything seemed to be a trick of the imagination these days. His imagination was his only comfort, and how limited it was. He remembered the day she had given it to him…

"Hi. Do you work here? I am a single mother in intense need of some caffeine loaded goodness so that I can ACTUALLY manage to stay awake long enough to buy diapers. Coffee! Please…? "

"Wait your turn."

He turned and strode towards a signaling customer, ignoring the pesky gnat in his ear. He tried to hide his bemused smile as she stalked him around the entire diner, but it was all too much to hide.

"Come oooooon. Take pity on me. I'm cute. I'm peppy. I can sing you a little cheer if you want, give you a little motivation so that you'll actually be considerate enough to serve a customer on deaths very brink. Coffee, please…?"

He continued his rounds, trying in vain to ignore her. The nerve of some of these people!

"I swear- all I want is coffee. Pleaaaaase! What if I was a cute little doe- eyed puppy, would you give me coffee then? Nahhh, you don't look like a puppy kinda guy… ok, what if I was a deer, yeah a deer, and you had just loaded your gun, ready to shoot me. You asked me what my last parting wish was and I told you- in a very cute deer like voice may I add- that my last parting wish was to experience the awe inducing flavor of coffee one last time before you blew my brains out. Then would you give it to me? No, I didn't think so. You look like the headstrong type. Ok, Mr., do you know what? Just give me some damn coffee, or I'll go behind the counter myself and get some…I guess you're the silent type too, ok, let's try a different analogy, pretend I was a.."

He spun on his heel, catching her with a menacing glare, hoping desperately that he would not crack and let his amusement shine through.

"This is my diner. You're disrupting my customers. Do you have any idea how annoying you are? Sit down, be quiet and I'll get to you when I get to you."

It was the first time he really saw her, and it caught him off guard that such a good looking woman could be harboring such a mile- a- minute- tongue. He ignored his instinct to apologize, and turned to continuing taking an order.

"When's your birthday?"

It was an innocent question, too innocent coming from a woman such as this. He nodded to the woman he was serving,

"Apparently, they're cleaning the loon centre and one got free,"

The woman chuckled, and seeing that she was done ordering, he ambled back to the counter and behind.

"When's your birthday?"

She was back. He had hoped against hope that she had left. Well, not exactly that. Somewhere deep down inside, he felt a flicker of joy that she had not relinquished. He liked a determined woman

"Why?" His eyes narrowed.

"Just a friendly question, I wanted to see if you were compatible with Charlie Chaplin…two mute/ monosyllabic men would make a grand couple, don't ya think? When's your birthday?"

"Well, seeing as your intentions are hardly honourable, I'm not telling you."

"Come on. It's a perfectly innocent question, annnnd, if you must know, I have a lady friend outside who's been ogling you for years and wants to know when she should send you her pink laced panties."

His embarrassment showed in a scarlet flush that devoured his face.

"November 17th."

He watched as she slowly picked up the newspaper beside her, shuffled through a few pages and then raised her head to him.

"Got a pen?"

He had no idea in hell what she was doing. He answered in the only sensible way.

"Yes." He handed it to her, immediately regretting it.

She scribbled something hastily in the newspaper, ripped it out and handed it to him. Under the heading Scorpio, it read: "You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she will go away."

He stifled a laugh and when he met her eyes, it was with a new understanding. She fascinated him beyond belief. At that moment, as their eyes connected, he felt the brink of reality fall away. He had fallen in love.

He turned, reached for the coffee pot and poured it's velvety richness into her waiting mug. She smiled. It made his day. It nearly about made his life.

5 minutes later, when she was ready to depart, she turned to him, and beaming said, "Keep the horoscope, put it in that oh so leathery wallet I know you must have. It'll make a good keep sake, maybe bring ya some luck one day."

She left. He wanted to run after her. But he couldn't. He had to work. He smoothed the scrap of paper out on the counter and stared at it with a smile before slipping it into his back pocket.

He was nothing but a love sick teenager now.

Luke struggled back to reality. If he had been able to keep that zodiac through thick and thin, why couldn't he keep her?

He made a decision, grabbed his coat, and hurried out the door.

3 hours and 8 beers later Lorelai and Christopher lay stretched out on the couch. But they were not stretched out in a sexual way; things had yet to become anything less then innocent. Their senses were numbed, their adrenaline was pumping high and they were immersed in each other's presence, so to speak.

"So that waaaaaas it- Me and Lukey kaput," Lorelai drawled. "No poodles and white picket fence for us, just a kick in the ass and two bruised roses… know what they say, love can build the biggest boat."

Christoper cawed like a crow, in hysterical acknowledgement.

"I don't think that's it Lor."

"Whatever. I'm moving on. I did love him. I do, but now I've got you to love, right?"

The majority of beers had been Lorelai's- her five to Chris's three. There was no doubt that she was twice as hammered as he. He gulped. He didn't know what to say to that. He doubted that she remembered the little scene at the wedding, that which had undoubtedly distanced Luke from her. "Lorelai and I belong together!" he had meant it with all of his heart. Yet, right now, that seemed to have slipped her mind, so he decided to play it safe.

"Love as family knows how."

Lorelai looked up. She met is eyes evenly, "Christopherrrrrr….don't say that. I'm not a big fan of incest. Plus I've told you soooo many times, you're the first man I ever loved- and well- that- it- never really stops.."

She was cut off by a ring. She ignored it, as did he. He was eager to see where she was taking this, he had hoped against hope that she would be able to accept his feelings and run with them. Now, she was doing just that. He knew it was probably a drunken blunder, but it was interesting none the less. The doorbell rang again. She stretched like a lazy feline. It rang a third time, a fourth, a fifth. These were urgent rings.

Lorelai ignored them. She had no time for urgent rings. She was in the middle of something urgent herself.

"The thing- the thing is- Chris- do you want to know what the thing is? I never stopped loving you. Well….I did stop loving you…but you were always there…in the back of my head…I mean- there's Luke…but you were there too a tiny presence…and I could never choose between yooooou twoooo- my diner hunk- the most caring man in the world…or you- with roots back to the teenage years of hell…..well- I think……I think I've…hahahaha. Yeah. That's it. I've decided. It's you Chris, damn Sherry with her stupid Paris and stupid ringy voice…she didn't see it, but I KNOW I know you stillllllll love me, the wedding proved that….so here's to you Chris."

She leaned forward, and kissed him then. Her drunken world shone rainbow colors as he didn't pull away. She loved……. never mind who she loved. She focused on…kissing…kissing is good….kissing …it didn't require thought.

In the back of her mind she heard a door shut. She heard footsteps in the hall and she heard the sway of some annoying plaid material…

She broke away from Chris.


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