Jez: I see your point. I'm not a real big fan of stories that are plot heavy though. But I do tend to rush from one fight to another. I'll try and slow it down. The next few stories I'm writing have to be very plot heavy though, and I'm not really looking forwards to it. There'll be fight scenes of course, but it's going be bumpy in between.

That's why I've taken to writing numbers out in reviews, though I think adding comma's prevents that.

"I told you so." Ron grinned, as they watched the Middleton cheerleaders practicing. Kim nodded with a sigh.

"I know, and now I have to apologize to Bonnie." Kim answered, with something akin to fear in her voice.

"I could apologize for you." Adam offered, a funny note in his voice. "I feel as though I'm supposed to apologize for something else, but what it is escapes me at the moment. It's odd, because I don't ever remember meeting her." He stood, and walked away towards the other end of the bleachers. Veronica sighed as he went.

"Do you guys want to keep him? You know like in a lab?" She chuckled sarcastically. "Never mind, I'll take him with. So are you guys alright?"

"Yeah, Shego didn't do much damage to me." Kim replied. "Just my pride."

"And she only caught my arm, so I'll be fine. Docs gave me some anti-radiation meds just incase, since I couldn't see if she had her powers on or not." Ron rolled up his sleeve, and pointed at the long bandage, then rolled it down. "The placement means no strenuous activity, of any kind, so the team is without a mascot."

"Of any kind?" Kim asked. "What other kind is there?" She asked with a sly grin.

"Oh, the usual, missions, phys ed, sex. That kind of thing." Ron answered with a shrug, and steady expression.

"Simple to solve. I'll leave you at home on the missions, the doctors can get you out of phys ed, and you aren't getting any sex from me." Kim replied, with an equally steady expression. Ron smiled slightly.

"Kim, I like you too much as a friend to reduce you to someone I go to simply for physical satisfaction." He replied, doing his best to affect a hurt look. "Connie on the other hand..." Kim stared at him. He laughed. "Just kidding KP. She's offered, but a gentleman is loyal." He grinned.

"I'm glad you're a gentleman then." Kim replied with a soft smile.

"And that's my que to leave. I have to drag wonder putz out, and that might take a while. Good-bye guys." Veronica sighed, and strode off to get Adam, snatching up her bag, and pulling a taser out of it along the way. The two left the gym, as Kim stood, and headed towards Bonnie.

"Are you back to normal?" Bonnie asked suspisciously.

"Yeah Bonnie, I'm back to normal. I'm sorry about snapping at you. I wasn't thinking clearly, and was having side effects from the moodulator chips. Can you forgive me?" Kim asked. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she found herself galled at having to apologize to Bonnie, but she pushed the feeling aside.

"Of course, what are friends for." Bonnie replied. "Feeling up to finishing the practice?" She asked.

"Nah, you go ahead, I'm going to go get a massage. See you monday." Kim answered, and returned to the stands.

Scene change.

Four shadowed figures stand in a light.

"It seems they passed that test as well, though I did not expect the intervention of the moodulators. It was well handled despite that." The first spoke.

"I see that the wild card performed as expected. It's part was well played." Whispered the second voice.

"And the return player?" Asked the third, female voice.

"Knew nothing of what was going on. Doubtful it'll be remembered directly." Answered the fourth voice.

"I suppose the only way to know the answer, is to watch to the conclusion." Said the first, conveying satisfaction.

"Is the next plan ready to go into play?" Asked the second.

"Yes, waiting only the go command." Replied the woman.

"Then play the ball, and lets see where it lands." Answered the forth voice. The light shut off.