Okay just a vignette on how he was there again.

And then there he was…

She always knew he'd come back…Not that she ever thought of him…Because she never did…But still she knew he'd come back.

He'd strike when it was least expected.

That's what she'd told herself after she didn't see him that first summer after he left.

That's what she told herself when he wasn't in school the following year.

Every Christmas, Easter, summer that had passed, every time his name was never mentioned.

She knew what it all meant, it meant he'd come back when she finally stopped expecting to see him.

And that's what he did.

She'd gone to a party with Logan, a totally tasteless college party that she swore she'd never attend, much like how she swore she'd never go on spring break, never drink again, never go to a dive bar…

She'd gone for the same reason she went on Spring Break, the same reason she drank again, the same reason she'd jumped with Logan. She was only living this life once.

He'd always been such a strange character, the only person she'd ever met who had the ability to blend in perfectly in any crowd and stand out all at the same time.

She knew it wasn't only her who saw this, people with him were like the clichéd, moths to a flame.

She hid her smile. Didn't say a word to Logan who was standing next to her. She wondered for a brief moment if he would even notice her when he turned, but somehow she knew he would.

And then he turned and smiled and a small smile emerged as the corners of her mouth crept up, despite her mind ordering them to remain down.

She watched his mouth form the 'I'm sorries' and 'Excuse me's' and he made his way over to her.

He would always make an impact at 6 feet, with stunning blue eyes and perfectly chiseled features; he would always make females sigh and men groan.

He didn't bother with all the excess from 3 years ago.

His hair was a buzz cut that seemed to give his eyes an even deeper intensity. He wore jeans and a tan and white patterned button up shirt.

"Mary" he smiled as he was almost upon them.

Logan turned from Finn, whom he'd been talking to, to see what was going on.

"Name's still Rory."

"Nope," he smiled even brighter, "No matter what you're always going to be my Mary."

She just laughed, she'd always realized in the back of her mind she'd missed being Mary, but she never imagined it would feel so wonderful to be her again.

"So who are your friends Mary?" he said with a turn of his head to the two guys trying to figure out exactly how to interpret and deal with this situation at hand, even Finn's normally excessive words seemed to be shocked out of his system by their interaction.

She shook her head and laughed, knowing that despite forgetting they were next to her, she was appearing to be decently unaffected by him, "I'm sorry. Logan, Finn, this is Tristan, we went to high school together."

"Nice to meet" he said nodding his head.

"Wow" Logan said, trying not to be intimidated by Tristan, "Three people from your high school go here?"

"No" Rory said shaking her head, "Tristan doesn't go here."

"Uh" he said raising a hand to the back of his head, "Actually I do."

Her eyes scrunched in confusion

"Had some problems at Princeton." he explained looking slightly embarrassed

She shook her head and laughed, "Problems of the female persuasion?"

He grimaced slightly and smiled, "Yea"

"It's nice to know, no matter how many things change…" She laughed instead of continuing on.

And that's how it happened, that's how he was there again…