Written: 2003

Disclaimer: Don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. So there.

Author's note: Not really intended as Jou/Kaiba, but I guess it sounds like it, huh?


by Pedal

He hates me. He's not supposed to look at me like that.

As I walked past their spot, their 'tree,' I threw a set of dog tags in, knowing he'd catch them. My step didn't falter as I pulled the chain from my trench coat pocket and swung it in his direction.

He watches me, glaring, every time I walk past him. He completely stops talking to his friends to glare. What makes him hate me more is my ignoring him whenever this happens. At first, I always smirked or glowered back at him, but now...

So why is he looking at me like that?

Later now. It's later and I walk past again. The mutt stares; I can tell his eyes are raging to shed my blood. Right before I push past several students and bound up the stairs, I hear a thud, which is from a metal necklace hitting my back. I keep my pace steady and catch it before it falls to the floor.

The dog tags.

I look down; I'm on the stairs now, stopped. I could take a step and be hidden completely. With a snap of my arm, I toss them back, but he's too busy attempting to burn through me by means of sneering. He drops them and looks down at them, still angry.

He brings his eyes to me, but the fervor of hatred is diminished. It makes no sense; his face is one of childlike wonder. He looks more innocent than Mokuba. His soul is broken though, just like always.

He's not supposed to look at me like that. I hate him, and he hates me.