Just A Game- Chapter One


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Warning: Slash. That's right. I am attempting a slashier fic. A bit of femmslash but not so much. But I might get carried away with it. And, uh, some heterosexual content.

Okay. Here we go…

'God damn it.' The platinum blonde haired boy thought frustratedly. He was bored. And horney. And extremely fucking frustrated. So now he stood waiting in the dark shadow of an empty classroom for his 'friend' to arrive.

Without warning the blonde reached out and grabbed the person he'd been waiting on for the past hour. Pressing the lithe body of his 'friend' up against the cold stonewall he sneered, "What took you so damn long?"

"Does it matter? I'm here."

He laughed slightly at the other person's antics. "You have a point."

"Well then, are you going to fuck me or not?"

"As you wish." With that he roughly pressed his lips to the other person's.

Hands slid into his robes tugging on them and eventually letting them slip to the floor. His chest and back were bare and the cold of the classroom made him shudder. Nails scratched the blonde boys back lightly. One hand left his back, and soon he felt the smooth polyester of his slacks fall to the floor, his belt buckle clinking as it hit the ground.

The nails ran down his back sending shivers up and down his spine. And when lips disconnected and the blonde felt the same soft lips on his shoulder it drove him nearly insane. The pull of his boxers indicated the full arousal he began to feel.

In the next moment he found himself being straddled atop an old dusty desk. He smirked. His 'friend' loved to be the dominant one. And the blonde never minded being the submissive one. He liked the position just as much as he'd like to turn the tables.

Comprehension faded as teeth met his chest. Biting at the sensitive nipple. The boy moaned softly at the painful pleasure filled jolt coursing through him. This just urged the arousal trapped by his boxers to throb wantingly. The teeth scraped further down his abdomen and a tongue slipped into his belly button. Pressing roughly into the small opening. Making the boy shiver and gasp.

Anticipation gripped him as lips tongue teeth and mouth moved lower. All the while pulling the confining undergarments down. After finally hearing the soft cotton hit the stone floor the boy felt a suddenly overwhelming jolt of pleasure stream through him as the other person took him into their mouth. The feeling just increased when the person ran sharp nails against the inside of his thighs. His dull gray eyes rolled upward hidden by half closed lids.

The blonde boy was lost in the realm of intense pleasure now. Moaning in uncontrollable grunts. Unable to get a concentrated word out. He gasped and sighed and groaned in absolute bliss. Grey eyes shut tight face contorted in pleasure with his mouth open and a slight flush to his plainly pale skin.

He could feel himself getting closer. So close. But he couldn't not yet. Something was holding him back. Behind closed eyes a blurry image slid into his mind. An image of tanned skin and rough curves that lead to broad shoulders formed. Faceless behind his closed eyelids. Then it was all blurry all of it and he cried out in bliss as he reached his climax.

He convulsed slightly as he uttered an almost inaudible name without giving much thought to what he was saying. The name rolled off his lips almost in a sigh. Almost inaudible.

"It's late. I've got Quidditch practice." She said simply, fastening up the last few buttons to her top half hazardly. Then throwing her robe over herself.

He tightened the buckle of his belt, "I think Pansy suspects something."

The girl's head spun at that. She looked across the darkly lit room at him. Eyes set in fear and hope. He knew she wanted people to find out. Someone to figure it out. To uncover their affair, if you could call it that. And he knew exactly who she wanted to make see this.


The question was never finished as voices from the outside hall sounded. "Where'd she go off to?"

"Maybe we should check in the common room. If she's not there we'll go off to Quidditch without her." The voices were familiar.

The blonde boy's heart beat at the sound of the second voice. He held his breath as he heard the footsteps stop by the door. Looking across the room he found his 'friend' to be doing the same. If they were caught by the familiar voices it would be his end, not hers. They wouldn't hurt her. Well, not as much as they'd kill him.

The footsteps continued and soon faded away. The boy let the held breath out, unintendedly as a frustrated sigh. "That was close. You better be off, before they find us."

She nodded and poked her head out of the dusty door to check that the corridors were clear. She motioned for him to follow. Once outside they went their separate ways without a word.

Neither noticed the third figure coming from the looming dark of the classroom. The figure wore an immense frown. "The Weasely boy Ronald would not like this. I will keep your secret Virginia but there must be a price."

The figure walked aimlessly down the hall. Towards an undeterminable point.

Ginny Weasely lay fully awake in her bed. She hadn't been able to sleep well for exactly a year now. A year since the day she first realized who she'd been staring at so lustfully. Who she'd been crying herself to sleep over. A person so reserved they couldn't be won over. Her brother had been relentlessly chasing after the same person with very little progress. But he had gotten further than Ginny had.

A small ruffle came from her left as her four-poster was slightly pulled back. She didn't jerk her head up to see who it was. She knew it was him. Once he'd settled comfortably next to her she spoke softly as to not wake her roommates, "Couldn't sleep again?"

She felt him nod slightly. No scowl or sneer. He just laid his head above her collarbone at the crook of her neck.

"Want to talk about it?"

He remained still. Indicating that he was debating whether or not to spill his frustrations, fears and issues with the girl he'd come to relate to. He nodded again and Ginny could feel the moisture of a tear on her pillow as it reached her neck.

She hugged him a bit closer. Almost like a lover's embraced although the two knew better. They fucked. They did not make love. And when they had sex her mind wandered to another as did his. They were not friends. Or lovers. They had an arrangement.

"Was it another dream?" She asked attentively. Ginny knew it was a sore subject. His dreams.

He nodded again. Closing his eyes tightly as he tried to stop the tears and emotions from bubbling over. The boy gave up his gray eyes filling with unshed tears.

Ginny held him a bit tighter to her with one hand, reaching for her wand with the other. Once the wand was well in her grasp she put up a simple silencing charm that would allow the boy to cry as loudly and freely as he needed to.

"Was it about Luscious?" She asked more firmly.

The boy began to bawl, "Yes damn it."

"Sh…" she soothed running a hand up and down the boys back, "he can't hurt you anymore Draco. He's dead."

"Don't say that Ginny please don't…" The blonde's voice was strained, "I cant… why? Fuck…" he said bitterly, "I don't want him to be dead Ginny… I must be really fucked up. He beat me Ginny. He raped me. And I… love him. I let him do it. God damn it… I let him…"

Ginny was not surprised by Draco's outburst. She'd heard it on that very night they first had sex. He confessed everything to her. What went on in the Malfoy household that only houselves and Draco's mother had a hint of. Luscious Malfoy had abused his son since Draco had first started going to Hogwarts. And the sad thing was, it had lasted well until last year, before Luscious was locked away in Azkaban and given a dementors kiss.

"It's okay Draco." She soothed twirling a pale blonde lock between her fingers.

The boy tried. But as hard as he may he couldn't stop crying. He couldn't stop being weak. "The first few times I was too shocked to do anything. I tried to fight back once but I couldn't… and he always cried telling me he was sorry. Then mum died. She knew what was happening and she couldn't stop it so, she fucking killed herself Ginny. And then he stopped crying… he didn't feel sorry anymore… and then came the beatings… I could've… but god damn it… I was too weak. I'm still too weak…"

Ginny held in her own insecurities as Draco revealed his. "Shh… just sleep Draco. Just sleep."

He sobbed more softly into her pillow as sleep overcame him. But the picture of his father and that damn wand wouldn't leave him. Even in the comfort of Ginny's arms. The second best place he knew he'd feel safe. "Ginny…" he spoke groggily, poutily, like a small child, "sing to me?"

"Of course."

In the early morning before dawn Ginny would wake to find Draco gone. She'd found out in the past month at Hogwarts, she simply could not sleep without someone by her side. A warm body laying next to her or cuddling close or just there.

It was different in the summer. In the summer she had Hermione right next to her. The light breathing of the girl lulled her into a comfortable almost peaceful sleep. Something Ginny wished to have now. Draco seemed to need more comfort than her. He also seemed to have deeper issues. Issues that ran deeper than an unrequited love. Though the boy did have an unrequited love, he did not know it yet. Or perhaps he just wouldn't acknowledge it.

She'd here him barely whisper the name yesterday after they had screwed each other's brains out. The name the blonde also muttered relentlessly in his sleep.


She'd have to talk to him about it. Maybe Harry could finally put Draco's fears to rest. But then again there was that whole him not liking Draco thing. But she could see the small bit of lust in Harry's eyes when he looked at the other boy. Maybe she'd have to talk to Harry too.

Resting her head back down on her pillow she attempted sleep but failed. Feeling it was no use she got out of bed heading for the showers. Once inside she slipped out of her nightdress noticing the stillness of the place and how it almost seemed creepy.

The sound of a knob being turned followed by rushing water startled the slim redhead. It indicated that she was not alone.

'Perhaps its Draco.' She thought. He sometimes stayed taking a quick shower before anyone was up but Ginny usually went with him. Just in case anybody'd hear the shower on and found not one girl missing from her bed.

She approached the sound quietly. Precociously. What if it wasn't the feminine blonde? When she reached her destination, hiding behind a cold tile wall, she couldn't believe her eyes.

It was Hermione. Hermione Granger. Nude. Taking a shower.

Ginny's eyes widened in slight surprise but mostly fear. And lust. She'd never seen Hermione naked. Never seen the brown haired girl in a bathing suit or in any tight or skimpy article of clothing. So, this was a sight. Those Hogwarts robes did hide a lot. But she knew that. Ginny's did too.

She couldn't fight back the smirk or glossed eyes as she took in the beauty before her. Water cascaded down the brown haired woman's back, slowly. It dampened her hair, taming the bushy curls and making them long smooth waves. The woman ran a hand through those dark locks. Sending droplets of water about. And Ginny watched it all. It reeled in slow motion in her mind.

But then the brown haired girl pressed her forehead against the red tiles of the wall. And she began to sob. This snapped Ginny out of her lust filled state. She wanted to run over and embrace the older girl but she was too afraid. Afraid of being caught yes. But even more afraid of what she might do.

Author's Note:

I know that boys cant get into the girl's dorm but just for the sake of it lets say Draco found a way to. Yep. Well, I know I should finish the other stories but I can't seem to help writing new ones. Eh! Not very long but I'll make up for it in another chappy.

Okay. This is my first rated R fic so I don't know what'll happen. I guess that whole thing with Draco and Ginny in the beginning indicates that there will be sex in it. I'm not sure if I'll make it more of a slash or Femmslash but I assure you it'll have both.

Well then. C Ya!