Just A Game

A New Game Begins

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"About what?"

Hermione stared down at the other girl. She could see the red head's clenched jaw, and the vain popping hazardously out of her forehead. Was Ginny mad? At her? That thought did little to settle the uneasiness in the pit of her stomach or shut out the droning voice in her head. She had to do this. There was no other way.

"About earlier."

A bitter laugh emitted from the red heads barely parted lips. Hermione stared at the girl. How a simple laugh could make her want the younger woman astounded her. It was something about the way her chest heaved, something about the way her pink lips parted ever so slightly. Hermione shook the thought away, her eyes refusing to leave Ginny's form.

"And, what about earlier Hermione? I thought you pushing me away was enough of an indication. I get it. You don't like me that way." Though the younger girl's tone was passive, a bit of malice seeped through.

The brunette's eyes roamed Ginny's form. She couldn't help herself. What happened in this very room, in that very bed obscured the clarity of her thoughts. She couldn't hear a word Ginny was saying; she was way more focused on trying to look through the fabric of the girl's thin tank top. Her hazel eyes roamed the red heads body hungrily. She wanted to look into those electric blue eyes, wanted to see them turn to an eerie inky blue. See dark azure orbs haze in pleasure. The brunette tried to shake the thought from her mind a second time.

"What was that?"

Ginny shook her head, frowning. She opened her eyes to reveal almost crystal blue orbs. A color change Hermione knew well. The younger girl was sad. Her eyes were the portal to emotion. Hermione could tell what Ginny was feeling just by looking into them. How the brunette ignored that small tinge of desire and love she couldn't be sure. All she knew was that she'd found out too late.

The red head looked into Hermione's eyes, there was a definite desire and a twang of guilt. So, Hermione felt guilty. There was no doubt the cinnamon-eyed woman would try to apologize, it was just in the older girl's nature. Ginny held a steady gaze before speaking. "Forget it ever happened. Forget everything."

"Ginny… I-"

"No." the blue-eyed girl sat up, ignoring the tremendous bit of pain shooting between her bruised cheek and drumming mind. "You don't have to say anything. I'm leaving."

The younger girl rubbed her sore head before throwing a leg over the edge of the bed. She closed her eyes, biting back tears. She tried to push herself off of the bed when she felt a pair of hands against her shoulders, pushing her back down.

"No, Ginny. Listen to me." Hermione held the red head firmly against the mattress.

Ginny struggled against the older woman's grip. She soon found she wasn't as strong as she usually was in her weakened and depressed state. Her cheeks tinged pink, she opened her eyes, a tear slipped out. Followed by another and another. A stream of unreleased emotion strained her voice. "Just let me go Hermione!"

"After you've listened, you can leave if you choose to." The brunette tried to reason while attempting to hold the other woman down. It seemed Ginny really didn't want to be here. And it hurt her to watch her friend like this. Nevertheless be the one causing the pain. "I didn't mean to hurt you Ginny. I wasn't-"

"Wasn't thinking straight! Is that what you're going to say Hermione! Predictable!" Ginny huffed out angrily. She was breathing hard, crying silently, glaring uncontrollably. The struggle she was putting up took a lot of energy out of her.

The hazel-eyed woman's grip slackened at the other woman's words. Ginny used the advantage to try and get up again. Despite all of Hermione's efforts to subdue the girl, she couldn't. What else was there to do but sit on her to keep her down?

"Ginny. Stop-"

"What part of 'let me go' don't you understand Herm-"

Hermione clasped her hand over Ginny's mouth in an attempt to stifle the younger woman's hoarse screams. It just wasn't doing any good. The fact that the screaming both annoyed her and turned her on was getting on her nerves. "And what part of 'just listen' don't you understand?"

Ginny crossed her arms over her heaving chest, glaring and panting hard against Hermione's hand. She eyed Hermione's position on top of her, bloodshot blue eyes beginning to darken. She mumbled something against the brunette's hand, her defiant stare never failing. The older woman pulled her hand away slowly. Making sure the red head wasn't about to scream again.

"I'm listening." Ginny stated snidely.

"I'm predictable. You made your point. But the truth remains, I didn't mean to hurt you and I wasn't thinking straight." Hazel eyes bore into azure critically. "I pushed you away because… because I was scared. Because I'd never thought about anyone that way. I'd never thought about someone falling for me or me falling for someone. I was scared Ginny. I'm still scared."

If Ginny had taken in a word Hermione had said she didn't show any signs of it.

Hermione started again, a single tear falling from her eye, meandering down her cheek and landing on Ginny's milky white skin. "You don't have to forgive me. I pushed you away and you feel rejected. I pushed you away and hurt you. And, I'm sorry Ginny. I'm sorry."

The red head still seemed unmoved. Though, her blue eyes seemed to grow a shade darker than the clear they once were.

"…You… you made me feel… you make me feel." Hermione looked into the other woman's eyes, searching.

"Do you want me?" Ginny returned the brunette's look, her glare never dissipating, "Be honest."

The older woman went slightly wide-eyed at the question. She wasn't expecting Ginny to ask her that. She wasn't expecting the girl to ask her if she wanted her. She looked away, blushing. The brunette's body always seemed to betray her brain when around Ginny. Hermione turned her eyes back to the younger girl. The earlier depth that was portrayed in swirling cinnamon orbs returned. She nodded her head slowly.

"I do." The brunette's voice was barely a whisper but it rung clear in Ginny's head.

"And," The blue-eyed woman's tone faltered into cautiousness, "Do you… love me?"

Hermione brought a hand to Ginny's face, cupping a tear-stained cheek gently. Clouded hazel eyes roamed over the red head's features slowly. Hermione watched the other woman's expression change from one of detached emotion and hidden desire to one of deep sorrow and slight hope. Her hand caressed a silky soft cheek, wiping away a fresh tear. Her eyes landed on Ginny's, letting the flickers of desire and affection shine through. Her thumb moved to Ginny's pink lips, gently caressing soft petals, the brunette's eyes never once blinking.

"I think… I…" Hermione stopped, moistening the sudden dryness of her throat. "I do… I think I love you Ginny."

The red heads arms uncrossed, her blue eyes softened turning into a perfect mix between sapphire and emerald. Ginny uttered two rasped words.

"Show me."

It was late. Or was it early? He looked at his watch. The tiny golden arrows pointed to miniature gold numbers. The smaller of which landed squarely on a two, the bigger landing on a twelve. Tick. Tick. Tick. Make that a notch past the twelve.

It was 2: 01 am exactly. It had been all of five minutes since they'd left Hermione's dorm and he had no idea where they were going. Draco seemed to be stumped too. The raven-haired boy stopped in his tracks. Unsure of his next move. Would it be the right thing to do? Would it be okay? Would Draco get pissed?

The blonde stopped a few inches in front of him. Turning around to face Harry, Draco raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "What are you-"

Harry cut the blonde's question short, pulling Draco by the neck and kissing him squarely on the lips. He pushed every emotion he felt into the kiss. His confusion, his worry, his attraction, his hate and his… love. What was life without taking certain risks? The gray eyed Slytherin could push him away, he could scream hatefully, could slap him and Harry wouldn't give a damn. It was a risk.

Draco eyes bugged out at Harry's spontaneous action. His arms stiffened idly at his sides while his lips were ravished by Harry's rough ones. The tingling sparks of pleasure hummed through him. Slowly, his hands came to rest around the raven-haired boy's waist. The blonde returned the feverish kiss. He let his own feelings guide him.

When the two boys pulled away, Harry found himself pushed up against a not so comfortable stonewall. And, Draco. Well, Draco found himself pressed up against a very uncomfortable looking Harry Potter. A very cute, pink tinged Harry Potter. Draco left a playful peck on the taller man's lips before pulling back. The blonde smiled cheerfully at Harry. Something that made the raven-haired boy's stomach flip and sent a smile to his own lips.

Draco turned away, starting down the hall to the Slytherin dormitories.

Harry's smile slackened, dumbfounded. He opened his mouth to speak but his words were cast aside bye Draco's.

"I hope you like the gift Potter. It wasn't an easy bit to make." The blonde waved his hand dismissively at Harry; a golden shine on the Slytherin's index finger caught his attention. Harry looked down at his own hand; the golden ring with the tiny ruby gem was gone.

Harry's expression became solemn. Again, they were back to sneered last names and ultimate confusion. At least on Harry's part. Crushed again, the raven-haired boy thought sadly. He brought a hand to his lips, the heat and taste of Draco's mouth still there. He smirked derisively. It was worth the risk.

The Griffyndor walked tiredly towards his own dormitories. All he could hear was the slight ticking of his watch. The sound calmed him. He looked at his wrist. Tick. Tick. Tick. The sound was steady. It was 2: 23 am. Way past his bedtime. He walked into his room, careful not to disturb any of the other inhabitants.

It was pitch black with the exception of the scant slip of moonlight. The raven-haired teen stubbed his toe against the edge of his trunk. He muttered a light curse before bringing his hand to cover his mouth quickly. One of his roommates groaned. He held his breath. He really didn't want to have to explain why he was so late. The room went quiet again. Harry exhaled slowly, making his way under the covers of his bed.

He closed his emerald eyes, sighing heavily. It had been a long day. A long confusing day. The questions accosted his mind in hoards. What was happening between him and Draco? Why did Draco take the ring? Why wouldn't the blonde Slytherin just talk to him? Get everything cleared up?

Harry rubbed tiredly at his eyes. He turned over on his side only to find something silver glittering in the light of the moon. Cautiously, the dark haired boy picked up the silver object. It was a ring. A ring much like the one Draco had given and taken from him. Except, this one was silver and it had a small emerald jewel in the center. Harry smiled. He picked up the ring, sliding it onto his index finger. It was beautiful.


Draco twirled the golden ring between his fingers. He put the ring on, the ruby twinkled and a soft tune bounced off of cold stonewalls. The blonde smiled toothily. This would be the beginning of a very fun game.

Ginny propped herself up on her elbows, her face moving closer to Hermione's. Hermione's hand never left Ginny's cheek. Her thumb frozen at the corner of soft pink lips. Ginny wanted Hermione to show her. To show her what she meant. And Ginny's lips, a mere breath away, were an offering. The brunette could kiss her, show her… or she could break the trance and let the younger woman go. But this was what she'd wanted, right? She wanted to tell Ginny, show Ginny.

The corner of the red head's lips curled. She could see the definitely large amount of want but the hesitation the older woman sported just wouldn't do. Ginny's lips parted slightly, her head turned to the side slowly, her eyes never leaving Hermione's. She took the brunette's thumb into her heated mouth. It tasted of ink, old parchment and just Hermione.

Pleasantly warm tingles shot through Hermione's arm at the contact. The younger woman's tongue danced over the pad of her finger. Hermione's next movements were a haze. All she knew was that her mouth had found its own way onto Ginny's shoulder, neck, cheek. Her lips were on Ginny's, her hand traveling languidly along the length of the red heads body.

Ginny was on her back again, accepting the slow searing kisses Hermione was giving her. Feeling the hot, smooth hand slip beneath the fabric of her top and onto her stomach. And then higher until that same hand was cupping one of her breast. Massaging through the fabric of her bra, squeezing lightly and making her breathing deepen. Until lips were on her neck and her top was being pulled over her head.

Hermione's hips set the rhythm. The slow sultry rhythm against Ginny's mound. The red head's breathing became erratic, the feeling of Hermione's lips against her neck made her shudder. The butterflies dancing around in her stomach never ceased. She moved with Hermione, yearning. She wanted to feel that pleasure that white-hot bliss.

Ginny's hands moved to Hermione's tie, loosening the confining article and throwing it somewhere. Next were the buttons of the brunette's blouse. As hard as Ginny concentrated on keeping her fingers from fumbling she couldn't. Hermione's mouth against hers, Hermione's hand on her breast, Hermione's hair tickling her neck, Hermione's pelvis grinding into her. She moaned, her hands dropping to her sides, stopping their earlier actions with Hermione's blouse buttons.

The brunette pulled away from the kiss to watch the girl writhe beneath her. Ginny's eyes opened, the red head could see Hermione. Brown hair falling around her flushed face, sharp exhales leaving slightly parted lips, her slender body moving with her hips and now closed hazel eyes. Ginny couldn't take any longer, yet she wanted more, so much more. The pressure was building up, she could feel it. She was sure Hermione could feel it too. And there it was. The bliss. Only a small ounce but it took its toll on her body nonetheless. Hermione moaned, her head now against the crook of Ginny's shoulder.

"Ginny…" The brunette exhaled a raspy breath. "I love you."

Author's Note:

Predictable. But… hopefully good? Well, that was the end. Heh. I think I should end it here. I'll go work on something else now. Maybe Jealousy and Envy, yeah, probably that. I have a little bit of it written. Heh. C Ya!