-I originally planned to finish my "Crack of the Whip" story before I began a new "Totally Spies" fic. Well, this story was just too fun to let this one pass up! First, it will be a stand alone not connected to my other story (future TS stories will be in some way connected to that one). Second, well…um…okay, I don't have a second here. Hehehe.

-Oh, and I still plan to write the next chapter for my Eva fic this weekend. So, it is possible that there will be two updates this week! Two updates, before TWO essays for two different classes are due (sighs).

-This story takes place somewhere during Season 3. Supposing that G.L.A.D.I.S. is still around. Again, while I know that G.L.A.D.I.S. turns evil, and may be forced to shutdown, I do not know if that's the last we see of G.L.A.D.I.S or not. So, with that in mind, this story will take place sometime before that episode, if that even matters.

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Balloon World – Vancouver, Canada

-7:10 AM

Balloon World was full of inflatable rides and tons of huge balloon animals.

"May I have a balloon daddy?" The boy asked his father.

"Of course buddy!" The man smiled at his son. "You can have all the balloons as you want!"

"Yeah!" The boy grabbed a balloon. "Hehehe! This is fun." However, the balloon started to move. "Huh? What's going on?"

The balloon swallowed the boy up.

"Son?" The father watched in horror as the balloon swallowed up his son. Unbeknownst to him, right behind him, a balloon animal loomed over him.

Spies House

-10:32 AM

The spies were all watching TV. Sam was wearing a green dress with a green hair band. Clover was wearing a pink crew neck halter-top along with a belted jean skirt. Alex was wearing a yellow blazer and blue jeans. They were all watching the soap opera, As the World Burns.

"I can't believe Jamie would think Catherine would cheat on him!" Sam commented on the show.

"But you see, that backstabbing Jessica lied to him in order to get closer to Jamie's half-brother Hector!" Clover enthusiastically retorted.

"No way! I thought she was going after Jamie's older brother Michael?" Alex jumped into the conversation.

-At that moment, the couch flipped over, and the girls were heading to WOOHP headquarters!

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The girls screamed, as they were being WOOHPed.

"No! We're going to miss the ending!" Clover whined. "Will Carla find out about Bobby?"

The spies land on Jerry's couch. They all wound up on top of each other.

They all instantly sat upright and stared at the back of Jerry's chair.

"This better be good Jer…" Sam started to speak when Jerry turned around in his chair.

"Hello gir…" Jerry was interrupted by what the girls were seeing.


Jerry wasn't wearing a suit. Actually, he wasn't wearing much of anything.

"Someone stole you clothes Jer!" Alex screamed in shock. She tried to cover her face.

"Couldn't you use the X-Powder to form new clothes for yourself Jer?" Sam's chin was quivering as she tries to look away from the horror in front of her.

"Our mission is to buy you new clothes! Got it Jer." Clover covered her eyes with her arm. "Just give us your sizes and we're off to the mall!"

Jerry looked at himself. "Oh this girls! I've decided to become a nudist!"

"WHAT?" The spies shot back in complete and total shock.

Jerry started to stand up.

"Jerry! It's okay for you to…" Clover peeked at Jerry before turning her head quickly away. "Sit! In fact, I think it is better if you just stayed…"

"Oh don't be silly girls." Jerry stood up and walked towards the spies. "It's perfectly natural being naked."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The girls continued to squirm.

"That's close enough Jer." Sam held her hands up, as she looked away.

Alex was sweating as she could sense Jerry being a bit too close for her comfort. She carefully eyed Jerry from her position. Making sure she looked UP at his face and not, well… "Hi Jer."

"If God intended for us to be naked, then he would've never given us Macys!" Clover was covering her eyes as best as she can.

"I know this can be uncomfortable girls, but you'll eventually get used to it." Jerry smirked at the girls. "Besides, G.L.A.D.I.S. doesn't mind."

"I have ripped out my visual components." G.L.A.D.I.S. replied.

"Don't be silly G.L.A.D.I.S." Jerry went behind his desk. "Now, enough delay. Your next mission…" He typed on his computer. The monitor behind him showed a map. "Tim Scam has escaped again! He was last seen in Vancouver where, at the same time, a number of people have been reported miss…" He looked back at the girls. "Girls, are you paying attention?"

The girls nodded while looking every which way. "Yes! Tim Scam escaped, and people are missing in Vancouver. Got it! Now give us our gadgets so that we can get out of here!" The girls got on to the moving walkway and changed into their sneaking suits.

"Wait!" Jerry stood in front of the girls. "There have all been found missing around a balloon themed park. Oddly enough, the local authorities have no rec…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Where are our gadgets?" The spies hurried Jerry.

"Okay, okay girls! G.L.A.D.I.S.!" Jerry snapped his fingers. "For you Sam…"

Sam had showed a pained smile at Jerry. She looked at him with one eye open. "Yes Jer?"

"You will have the headband illuminator…" Jerry notices that G.L.A.D.I.S wasn't handing them to Sam, but to Alex instead. He looked at G.L.A.D.I.S. "G.L.A.D.I.S.?"

"I told you, I removed my visual components." G.L.A.D.I.S. replied.

Jerry sweat dropped. "In that case…" He grabbed the device and handed it to Sam. "Here is…"

"Ehhhhhhhhhh…" Sam quickly grabbed the device out of Jerry's hands. "I got it Jer. Move along! Quickly please!" Sam gave a wide, pained smile. Making sure she was looking up the whole time.

"Very well…" Jerry moved on to Alex. "And you Alex…"

Alex had streams of tears coming out. She too, was trying very hard not to look at Jerry. "Ye…yes Jerry?"

"Here are some Hoop earring communicators." Jerry dropped them into Alex's waiting hand. It was obvious that Alex didn't want to snatch them out of Jerry's hand. Especially when, well…

"Don't look at Jerry. Don't look at Jerry. Don't look at…" Clover was repeating the same mantra over and over again to herself.

"And for you Clover…" Jerry was in front of her. "Your magnetic GoGo boots!" Jerry held the boots in front of him.

"Thanks…Jer…" Clover looked away from Jerry as she reached for the boots. 'Just reach out, and grab them. Not too hard!' She felt something and started pulling on it.

"Those aren't the boots Clover." Jerry smirked.


Alex shook Clover awake as Sam quickly grabbed the boots and handed them to Clover.

"Here you go Clover!" Sam grimaced.

Clover looked at her hand. "I now have to disinfect it!"

Jerry smiled. "Well, ladies. Now that you have your equipment…"

"HURRY UP AND KICK US OUT ALREADY!" The girls impatiently yelled at him.

Jerry sighed. "Getting more impatient by the minute. Very well girls…" Jerry pushed a button. The girls fell through a hole.

-Chapter 1 Complete

Yes I know, I'm crazy. -P I'm also bored, and this story was too crazy to pass up. This should also be my shortest story since; well it's also my stupidest. Hehehe. No complicated plot, just stupidity. Think of this story as intermission from my other one.

Next chapter, the girls are on the mission against Tim Scam! But is it really that bad compared to, oh, something else? Until then…later!


Clover: Oh my god! I haven't seen anything as horrible as that!

Alex: Why did we ask Sim to hire us again?

SimmyC: (writing huge checks)

Clover: (money symbols appear on Clover's eyes) That is why!

Sam: But is that enough to get rid of that mental image? (shuts her eyes tightly)

Alex: He wasn't really naked. It was just for the story, right?

Jerry: Of course not ladies! I was wearing this skin colored underwear.

Clover: Phew. Though even a mostly naked Jerry is totally not cool.

Alex: Totally.

Jerry: Though the idea of going all natural…

Spies: NO!

Sam: Please! Tell me the next chapter of this story isn't as bad as this…

SimmyC: Um, if you mean less naked Jerry…yeah.

Clover: And what about the other story? Did you forget about that one?

SimmyC: Um, no. Especially since, it has been what, only a week?

Sam: I can't wait to get back to the other one. Oh, and say hi to your girlfriend Amy.

SimmyC: Amy? What are you…

Sailor Mercury: Hey Sim! Where are you?

SimmyC: …

Hehehe. I actually don't really like Sailor Moon, that much. Though I admit, it isn't a terrible show, it does suffer from same formula each episode. Like Totally Spies! But at least TS has, well, more…reasonable baddies. Still, I like Sailor Mercury…;-)