Been a while since I've updated this story. Heck, given it's nature, AND this chapter being the last chapter, it SHOULD'VE been done by now. Why not? School work, school work, school work. I've been way too busy this year to update any of my stories. Second, well, desire to write. If you had noticed, I've started a new story since my last update! That has also been taking up my time as of late.

Also been a while since I've seen Totally Spies. Not because I don't like the show anymore (I still do), it's just that, well, can't find the time to watch it. It also doesn't help matters that my roommate (who owns the TV I watch it on) is home more often then before (he gets priority when it comes to what to watch. And usually, this is the same time Totally Spies is on). Still, that shouldn't have hindered my continuation of the story (just prevents me from say, reference my other TS story).

Oh yeah. My computer is currently running mostly smoothly, there is an occasional hiccup. Not enough to be a problem, but enough to be annoying. I think I have some malware installed that I can seem to get rid of (I have free anti-spyware software. But they haven't gotten rid of everything. That and I don't want to spend $50 to upgrade just to do that little thing). However, after running anti-spyware software, I got rid of most of it, so most of the problems are gone at the moment.

And one very last thing, when Clover said a "grip of rubber", a grip is a slang SoCal term meaning a lot. It's one of those things that you learn living, or at least, visiting SoCal where Totally Spies is obviously set in.

Other then that, on with the story!

Tim Scam's Hideout

Tim Scam walked up to the spies. He grinned as his masterful plan was now underway. Much like before, even though those failed. Well, shouldn't be thinking about those right now. Since right now, three of the annoying WOOHP spies were under his grasp. The three were over a vat of boiling rubber that was used to make the balloons. In a moment, they will all be gone much like before…uh, yeah. But this time will be different! Scam walked up and stood over Sam. "So, think you can interfere with my plans on bringing down WOOHP?"

"You're not going to get away with this!" Sam yelled as she was also trying to keep a nagging voice in her mind saying that maybe, that they should let Scam succeed. "With this…what exactly are you planning anyways?"

Tim Scam smiled. "Since I have you three under wraps, so to speak, I guess I can safely give you my plans! Think of it as a parting shot!" Scam turned away from them as he looked at the window showing the next room. "These balloons, as you all know are my latest creation! Scam Rubber 2000! With the help of my, helpers over there busy making and controlling them…" He indicated to the window showing that room. It was where all the hypnotized workers were. "I'm going to use them to infiltrate WOOHP headquarters and well, installing me as head instead! I thought about simply blowing it up, but then, given my foolproof plan, making me head was a better idea!"

"So you're going to turn WOOHP into some freakish circus?" Clover rolled her eyes. "That's not exactly a great plan if you ask me!"

"Besides, WOOHP's security system could easily take over, a bunch of your balloon animals." Sam commented. "I don't see how using balloon animals will change that!"

Tim Scam's grin widened. "But you're forgetting Sam that these animals can even get into the smallest of spaces with ease! One of these places, the circuits that make up WOOHP's computers! Like that annoying G.L.A.D.I.S." And evil smile appeared on his face. "Soon, Jerry will be going down!"

"Oh we don't mind if that happened!" Alex offhandedly remarked.

Tim Scam blinked out of his dream when he heard that. "What do you mean?" He looked down on Alex.

"Oh well…" Alex carefully took out her X-Powder. "See for yourself!" She contacted Jerry and threw the X-Powder at Tim Scam.

Tim Scam looked at the X-Powder in front of him. Although he wasn't sure what Alex was planning, he was still quite curious. He carefully picked up the X-Powder, making sure that it didn't do anything bad. Would be first for the spies given their current situation. He carefully opened the X-Powder. Jerry's image appeared, ALL OF JERRY.

"Tim Scam?" Jerry's shocked voice rang out. "What are you doing here? And where are the girls?"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Tim Scam dropped the X-Powder. "Egag! I see what you mean." Scam was hitting his eyes in the veiled attempt to get the image he just saw out of his mind.

"See?" Alex smiled embarrassingly. "You can do with Jerry whatever you want! Now could you…"

Tim Scam turned to the three. "Hehehe. Having second thoughts with working for WOOHP? Well, I'm sorry you three. I can't allow you to go. Can't take the chance that you would stop me! Even if it meant helping that!" Tim Scam pushed a button and the three were slowly being lowered into the vat.

"Hey! We promise if you kept Jerry covered, we won't stop you!" Clover yelled at the departing Tim Scam. "Ungrateful bastard!"

Sam looked at her two friends, who seemingly had given up protecting WOOHP if it meant Jerry was, covered at least. She sighed. "Am I the only one that wants to solve this mission?"

"Well, not right now when I'm being lowed into that boiling vat!" Clover yelled. "I already got my legs waxed!" As Clover was struggling a bit, there was a small rip from their rubber constraints by the hook that was holding them to the cable.

Sam heard that sound. "I got an idea." She kicked her legs in front of her and started to swing the cable. "Come on girls!" The others joined in on her swinging. "Just a little more…"

RIP! The rubber restraints break as the girls were away from the vat. All three fall to the ground.

"Ow!" Alex rubbed her butt. "Stupid Scam! If he just allowed us to live…"

Sam slapped her head. "Look! We have to stop him no matter what! Even if it meant, seeing 'him' again." Sam emphasized him; the other two know full well what she meant. "After all, we can't have Tim Scam running WOOHP again!"

Clover sighed. "As much as I hate to say it, you're right Sam. But what are we going to do? Should we follow him?"

The three ran into a nearby room when they hear a helicopter zoom by.

"He's getting away!" Alex yelled.

"Even if we follow him, it might not be in time to save WOOHP!" Sam replied angrily.

"We could warn Jerry." Alex replied. "But do you want to contact him right now?"

Sam shook her head. "And even if we did, Scam plans to take down the security system first. By the time Jerry figures something out, it might be too late!"

At that moment, a bunch of guards rushed the area. All of them were wearing jeans and a black jacket.

The girls got into a fighting stance.

"We don't have time for this!" Sam said as the first burley guard approached them.

The first guard tried to punch Sam. She ducked and took his legs out with her feet causing him to trip and fall.

The second guard tried to kick Clover. She blocked him, grabbed his arm, and threw him over.

The third guard tried to get behind Alex as another guard was in front of her making a punch. Alex ducked, causing the guard to punch the other guard. Alex spun on the ground, knocking the guard's foot out, sending him to the ground with a thud.

"That takes care of these thugs for now." Sam looked around. She sees a grate near the ceiling. With the help from some conveniently placed boxes, the three could easily make it up there. "This way girls!" Sam ripped the cover off and all three entered it. Sam used her headband illuminator to light the way.

"I hope you know where you're going Sam!" Clover replied as a cockroach went by her. "I don't like to be in small creepy spaces!"

"Honestly, I don't know." Sam replied causing the two behind her to face fault. "But it should've been better then staying other there doing nothing!"

They were about to pass another grate when Alex stopped. "If we should do anything, we should help free up the hostages from their brainwashing."

Sam stopped and turned back to Alex. "You're right!" She backed up to see what was going on in that grate. As she was looking in, suddenly an idea formed. "Wait! I think I know how we can stop Scam now!"

WOOHP Headquarters – Jerry's Office

"Systems over heating." G.L.A.D.I.S. voice was weakening as she started to lose power.

"G.L.A.D.I.S.? What's going on?" Jerry was sitting at his desk, looking at the video cameras in front of him. He noticed them being blacked out one by one. "Security! Come in!"

"Oh I don't think you will worrying about that Jerry." Tim Scam walked in.

"Scam!" Jerry stood up.

Tim Scam instantly covered his eyes. "Whoa! Didn't want to see that!" Tim Scam waited as two balloon animals went next to him. "Could you please put on some clothes? It would make this a whole lot easier!"

"I won't be giving you the pleasure Scam!" Jerry stood on his desk and got into a fighting stance. That's right. He got in fighting stance, naked.

"Egag!" Tim Scam was covering his eyes. "I was afraid of this! Finish him off! Quickly!"

Tim Scam's Hideout

Clover was on the ceiling with her magnetic GoGo Boots. She carefully walked over to where the controls to the brainwashing machine were. As she was there, she could see a number of guards at the computer. It seemed that it was this that kept the hostages brainwashed, which in turn, since it was the hostages that were controlling the balloons remotely, were also the main force behind this plan.

Alex was watching all of this from her position inside the air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, she was a bit too clumsy and leaned too far out. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She fell to the ground.

"Alex!" Sam dropped down to the ground next to Alex.

The guards that were keeping the hostages in check, all turned to the two.

At the same time, Clover made it to the control area. "Time to get the drop on these fools!" She dropped down in front of them. Clover lands on the first guard.

The second guard that was there turned to her. He started to rush her.

"Don't think so!" Clover spun kick and sent the man flying to the computer system. Clover turned around and sees that Alex and Sam need a little help. She looked at the computer. "Hmmmmmm. Let's see." She changed the order a bit.

The guards that were approaching Alex and Sam suddenly stop when the formerly brainwashed hostages, all stoop up in their position and glared at them. Suddenly, all the hostages tackled and started piling onto where the guards where.

Sam smiled and gave the thumbs up to Clover! "Good job Clover!"

Clover waved back. "Thanks Sam!"

Alex sighed in relief. "Now I can't wait to see Tim Scam's face when his balloons are no longer in his control!"

WOOHP Headquarters – Jerry's Office

Jerry was fighting with a number of balloon animals.

"Give up Jerry!" Tim Scam grinned. "Put on some clothes, and just…" Suddenly, the balloons started to lose air. "What? What's going on here?"

Jerry watched at the balloons all collapse to the ground. "I think your plan Scam has just petered out Scam!"

Tim Scam backed up a bit. "No! Everything was perfect!" He turned around and started to exit Jerry's office when he bumped into WOOHP's martial arts training robot.

"So, are your skills up to par Scam?" Jerry watched as the robot did a number on Tim Scam. "Guess not!"


Spies Villa

5:35 AM

"I'm so glad that mission was over." Clover plopped herself on the couch. She was wearing a blue shirt with crisscross threads in the neck area of her shirt. She was also wearing blue jeans, and brown boots.

"And I hope we don't get another mission anytime soon." Alex replied as she too plopped on the couch. She was wearing a tank top with a blue bunny on it, and blue jean shorts and pink tennis shoes.

"Anything that will keep us away from Jerry is fine by me!" Sam sighed. She too plopped on the couch. She was wearing a red sweater that stops right above her belly button, blue jeans with a small red leaf design at the bottom of it, and black high heel boots.

As they were all getting settled on the couch, the couch flipped them over as they all entered a tunnel.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" All three screamed as they fell down to the depths of the tunnel.

The three land on Jerry's couch. Almost instantly, all three cover their eyes.

Sam was the first to speak up. "Look Jerry! If you…"

Jerry turned around in his desk. He was wearing, that's right wearing, a normal suit and tie. "Hello ladies."

Sam peeked out and sees Jerry. "Jerry! You're…wearing clothes!"

"He is?" Alex was a bit more cautious. However, she too peeked out and noticed the same thing. "Phew!"

Hearing the other two sigh in relief, Clover took her hand away. "Jerry? Yes! You finally came to your senses!"

"Yeah about that." Jerry looked at himself. He stood up off his chair. They were all thankful that he even wore pants. "I've decided that I'm simply wasn't cut out to being a nudist!"

"We could've told you that Jer!" Clover remarked.

All three girls hugged Jerry.

"It's so nice to have the old Jerry back!" Sam smiled.

"Yeah! Though we wouldn't mind using that memory eraser thing!" Alex replied happily by his side.

"Yeah!" Clover also replied happily. "After all, without that, I'm going to have nightmares for a LONGGGGGG time!"

Jerry however, wasn't too happy about that. So he decided to play a little game with them. "By the way girls, I have a mission for all of you…" He pushed the button.

The three girls let go and looked at the monitor behind them. "Already?"

"Yup! You three will investigate the going on at this hospital for the elderly." Jerry grinned. "A clothing optional hospital with very sick patients."

The girls watched in horror as an elderly guy, with black bars in certain areas, was coughing up some green stuff. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The three ran out of WOOHP as fast as they can.

Jerry sat down grinning. "What? It was only a joke."

End of Story

Woohooo! That is the end of this story! This horror! Hehehe. Should've happened a LONG time ago, but it took awhile to get there. For one thing, it has been a while since I've seen TS. I haven't even caught the new ones yet due to the fact that I couldn't find time for them (always on at the times I can't watch).

I will eventually the other story. Right now, I'm all FMA/Eva right now. Otherwise, this story is OVER!


SimmyC: And that's a rap!

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Fullmetal Evangelion Set


Misato: Egag! (Covering her eyes) Put on some clothes you freak!

Maya: (puking) I wouldn't mind being crushed by an Eva right now!

Jerry: (naked and posing) It's just a human body people! Deal with it!

Al: Hurry brother! We need to transmute clothes for him!

Ed: Right Al! (Clasps his hands and places them on the ground) A set of clothes coming up!

Armstrong: Turn your eyes away from that horrific scene and feast your eyes on this! (Rips off his jacket. Posing his massive muscles)

Asuka: Thanks god I'm not coming up for a while!

Jerry: (sighs) What's wrong with all you people?