Chapter 1: The Beginning of theEnd

'Oh, my gosh! It is so cold!' Mulan thought to herself as they made their way through the Tung-Shao pass. 'Well at least it can't get any worse' she thought reminiscing about the burned village and demolished army. If what Shang said was true then we don't stand a chance.

Swoosh! A rocket fired out of the wagon she was leading and zipped into the air then exploded with a loud BAM! 'Mushu!' she wanted to scream as she saw him appear from the whole in the wagon with Cri-Kee. He was pointing a finger at the harmless cricket when Shang came up beside and yelled in her face, "What happened? You just gave away our position!"

"Uh…," stalled Mulan, 'How am I going to explain this?'Just then Shang let out a grunt and fell off his horse to the ground. She made a move to help him when he yanked the arrow out of his armor and ordered, "Get out of range!"

'Ancestors help us!' Mulan screamed in her head. This was one of the worst situations of her life; she was definitely getting the blame for this one. 'Well, I'll worry about that later; I need to live that long first.' Just then firey arrows shot out of the sky and some landed in the wagon with the rockets. Struggling to keep Khan under control she heard Shang yell,

"Save the cannons!" Mulan kept Khan under control while the others emptied the burning wagon of cannons while it was on the verge of explosion. Seeing that they had retrieved as many as they could Mulan slashed the poles holding Khan to the wagon and rode off with sword raised. They weren't quick enough and she was thrown off her horse by the explosion of the wagon. Her helmet went soaring to who knows where and Mushu and her sword landed next to her with Khan some feet ahead.

"Sure, save the horse, ah…" mumbled Mushu as he collapsed in the snow. Her head throbbing she snatched up her sword and Mushu and made a quick grab of Khan's reins as she ran towards the others at a pile of rocks.

"Fire!" ordered Shang, and rocket after rocket struck the archers in the mountains. After the last rocket was used all became quiet.

"No more cannons, Captain!" yelled Yao from the a rock.

'That should take care of them' thought Shang. "Good work men I believe that was the last of them, if we make good time we might able to reach the Emperor by…" but he trailed of as all of a sudden a shadowy figure stood at the top of the mountain ridge and then it expanded out. Shang gasped as he realized that there were thousands and thousands of Huns lining the mountains ready to attack. 'Oh, no, I've led my men here just to die. Only a fool of a captain would use up all their fire power on a first attack.' He bashed himself mentally. 'No time for that now, what to do, what to do…' Just then Ping unsheaved his sword and stood a battle ready position. His scrawniest soldier who had showed the most improvement he had ever seen was the only one to realize what was about to happen.

"Ready yourselves men! If we die with die with honor!" were the only words of encouragement he could offer to the sentenced men. Ping closed his eyes and opened them slowly as if to make sure it were really happening. 'I can't believe it's going to end this way' thought Shang.

"AHHHH!" cried the Huns as they made there descent down the mountain. 'This will be easy' thought Shan-Yu. "If they are out of cannons stop midway!" he yelled to his men. It was passed along down the stampede one way or another. With no sign of an attack, only swords, Shan-Yu stopped his horse at the top of the second hill over looking the surviving army. His troops stopped and awaited his plan knowing it was something despicable. "Men I believe we have already won this battle and taken China, I think it is just a matter of getting to the capital that lies beyond us." The men grunted in agreement. "So I was thinking why not a special little opener have for China's new Emperor, Shan-Yu. I was thinking maybe the public execution of the last of China's greatest army."

"YEAH!" yelled the Huns in agreement.

"This is the plan," started Shan-Yu. "We let them run up to us so that we have the advantage, don't worry, they'll get anxious before long. Then, we'll need some rope. I know we have plenty of that and finally some whips to keep them in order or what not. I'm planning on going a little out of the way to destroy some more villages before going to see the Emperor." The plan decided the Huns sat and waited for the first foolish soldier to try and attack them.

'This is not good… Why did they stop? What are they planning?' Mulan frantically thought to herself. 'We can't hide, there's a couple hundred feet drop behind us and a couple thousand Huns in front of us. Either way we die, at least if we fight the Huns we die with honor instead of suicide…'

Then she heard Shang sigh, 'He really thinks this is hopeless… Aw I'm sick of it!' "In the name of China I will not let you get away with this you dogs! If it's a fight you want! Then it's a fight you'll get! AHHHH!" That was all Shang heard before he saw a green blur run past him with a sword raised.

He barely had any time to react before he realized it was Ping, "Ping! No, wait!" 'This is not how it's supposed to happen!'

"Come on we gotta help!" yelled Yao to Ling and Chien-Po, and they to ran off after Ping.

"Men! Attack!" Ordered Shang, 'There's nothing else to do except try to kill as many as possible, but why aren't they reacting?'

"Here comes the first one, men, and a little crazy I think…Did he just call us dogs!" cried Shan-Yu. "Someone hand me a club, this one is going to have a head ache" Shan-Yu was handed the club and the soldier rushed forward, but instead of charging as Shan-Yu had anticipated, the soldier planted his sword as a lever and kicked him square in the jaw. Then he brought the sword up from the snow to slash him only to have his hand held back by one of the other Huns. "You'll pay for that, Small One!" spat Shan-Yu his mouth dripping with blood and he brought the club hard upon his head. Looking dazed for a moment Ping looked around confused and held up his fist to make what may have been a punch before falling face first into the snow. "Bind him before the others come and look for any other weapons this fool might be carrying, I'm going to watch him personally. Just capture the others and notify when it is complete." And he turned and waited as Small One was roughly bound by the wrists and ankles and dragged away to a nearby rock by two large Huns.

'Where's Ping?' thought Shang as his hands were tied behind his back. He was struggling to break free but the Hun holding him back was no match for him. 'That was so stupid! We would have been better off staying there and waiting instead of spreading our troops too thin. I should have let Ping run off and get him self killed!' The anger and rage he was feeling was no match for that of Shan-Yu's though who at that very moment was glaring at the unconscious Ping, or Small One as Shan-Yu called him.

"You know, you're a little stronger than you look." He spat at Ping sending the blood from his mouth wound all over Ping's pale face. "Bet, you thought you were going to take each one of us down single handedly didn't you? Well this is no children's story, this is life! And yours is about to be over." The soldier stirred and strained against the bonds that held him to a rock. "Ah, so you can here me, Small One? Well then you better listen good! Your little emperor is going to meet his end in time and I'm going to make you and your friends my first act as new ruling Emperor of China, the public execution of all Chinese soldiers. How do you like the sound of that, Small One!"

Ping painfully turned his head and with some effort opened his eyes. Filling his mouth with saliva and snorting in some mucus he spat a large lugie right in Shan-Yu's eye. Snarling in frustration he lifted his hand and smacked Ping across the face multiple times until blood ran out of his mouth and them punched him in the stomach until blood spewed across the snow. Ping's head rolled forward unconscious again and Shan-Yu took one more look before kicking him in the side and sending snow in his face full of his own blood.

Shan-Yu walked back over to where his men had crowded around. Before them sat the last of the Chinese army bound with ropes held by different Hun soldiers. Shan-Yu recognized Shang as the leader and turned to him saying, "Well, well, Captain" he laughed. "Seems you're not having a good day are you?"

Shang raised his head and looked Shan-Yu straight in the eyes, "Where's Ping, the first soldier to run up here?"

Shan-Yu stared a second before answering, "Oh, that soldier…um…I will certainly enjoy killing him. He showed quite a lot of spunk considering he knew he didn't stand a chance. I think I might have some trouble with Small One before we reach our destination…"

"But it only takes a day to reach the capital from here!" yelled Shang, "Unless…NO! You wouldn't!"

"But of course! I believe you would all love to witness the death of little children screaming for their mothers wouldn't you? Seems like it would bring more torture than I could ever inflict on you physically. Am I right Captain?"

Shang shivered before answering, "You dirty, lonesome, son-of-a!" SMACK!

Shang fell face first into the ground and a Hun recoiled his hand, "You better act more kindly around your future ruler foot scum! Or you might find yourself at the wrong end of the sword if you know what I mean! HAHAHA!"

"That's enough, Shien. Just load the prisoners on the horses and bound them tight. And would two of you follow me to take care of Small One," ordered Shan-Yu. 'The beginning of the end of the old China is near, the world will tremble at the new all mighty China of the Huns as we will conquer them all!' "MWHAHAHAHA!"

This is just the beginning, I told you it was going to be gruesom and this is only the beginning. This is the least violent chapter I have right now. So if you don't feel up to it stop now or forever hold your peace!