Chapter 3: The Break

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The scream seemed to echo around the world. Shang winced, 'This cannot be happening!' He looked up at Ping who's eyes were closed and he seemed to be chanting, 'Great,' he thought, 'I'm sure after the ancestors ignored us when our lives were on the line that they'll definitely answer us now…'

"Ancestors, please help us…please help us…please…please…" she coughed between lines, she felt like she was being stretched in two and it was starting to cut off her circulation. 'I've got to hold on…' she thought feebly to herself, 'I've got to help those people.'

"You pathetic woman!" shouted Shay-Yu, but as he was about to strike again her husband flew at him with a butcher knife.

"Get away from h-" but he was cut short as a blade struck him between the eyes.

"No!" cried the woman who tried to break free of the Hun's death grip, "You-You! You killed him! Let me go!"

"Don't worry you'll join him soon enough…" he sneered as he quickly ended her life as well and then threw her lifeless body next to her husband's. "Leave no survivor! Kill them all!" he ordered to his men.

"YAH!" the all agreed and continued to ravage the village at a faster pace.

'Just a little more…' whispered Mulan in her head, being in a girl she had very delicate wrists that a boy could only hope to have. SWISH! One of her wrists had finally slipped out of bonds, but her other one was still caught and now the rope was pulled tighter. It felt like her shoulder was about to rip off, 'Can't give up now.' And with that in mind she made a desperate grab with her free hand at the rope above her. She somehow found the strength to pull herself up to slack up the rope around her wrist until she was able to slip it out. Completely exhausted she fell to the ground in a heap.

"Ping! Are you alright?" Shang shouted, concern edged in his voice.

Without a word she pulled herself up and with a limp stumbled behind the tree and yanked at Shang's ropes, they wouldn't budge. 'I need something…something sharp' her eyes fell upon a rock it was fairly dull but what choice did she have. She brutally beat the rock against the ropes finally shreds started to tear and the shreds turned in strands and the strands eventually gave away. "Free the others…" she urged at him and limped off with the rock in hand.

'What the heck just happened?' and then he realized he could move and as blood started pumping back into brain he got up and moved over to the others. 'Ping, please be careful…'

'Great what am I supposed to do now?' she thought urgently to herself. Just then she spotted a Hun about to harm a little boy on the ground. 'Alright now I know what I'm supposed to do' as she moved forward toward the Hun and boy 'Take them down one by one…' and with that she took the rock and creeping right up behind him brought the rock as hard as he could on his head. Blood spewed all over her face and the Hun crumpled to the ground in a heap. The little boy looked at her scared, "Go and run into the forest hide for as long as you can until everything is quiet." And with that she disappeared in the shadows and saw the little boy run swiftly and quietly into the woods behind the village. 'What have I gotten myself into?'

"Come on men, get up we've got to go and help those people!" Shouted Shang as he untied the last soldier from the tree. "Ping's already gone ahead, but we need to have a plan." After a few moments of silence, "Any suggestions?"

He was starting to think that Ping's sacrifice was in vain when suddenly Yao spoke up, "Sir, we need to get as many people out of here as possible with out them seeing us."

"Alright, that's the plan. So let's start Mission Rescue Village!" yelled Shang, 'Yeah that's really going to get them going…' thought Shang miserably to himself. "Just go and save those people and…if you have to kill some of those barbaric Huns while you're out there…"

"YAY!" they agreed and looked to Shang for further instruction.

'This will be dangerous' thought Shang grimly to himself. 'Ping I just pray that you're alright…'

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