Yes, I am disgusted, but not for the reasons they all believe.

They think that it sickens me to know that there are genes shared between Beka and myself, but that is not true. I know Beka Valentine. I have fought beside her. I have saved her life and she has saved mine. I am Nietzchean, a member of a race that prides itself on personal strength and survival skills, and yet I have never met anyone who displays these traits more solidly than Beka Valentine.

It is easy to see why the Progenitor would choose her above all women. She would be a welcomed addition to any pride.

But that is why I am disgusted. Not that I share DNA with Beka, but that I share DNA with the Progenitor. We have been raised to consider him the greatest of all Nietzcheans, the perfect man. To meet him and learn that he was a madman had been too much to bear. To know that this disgusting, manipulative creature was the father of my entire race turned my stomach. This was the man I held up like a paragon to Tyr Anasazi, claiming that the Progenitor would have never stooped so low as to shoot a blind prophet, and yet I have no doubt that Drago Museveni would have done just that. The man had no morals. No decency.

Drago Museveni made a conscious choice to create our race. He made the decision to try and improve the human creature through genetic engineering. He used his own genetic material to do this, DNA that had been engineered by his father before him. This we all knew. Why it was never questioned where he obtained the female DNA to add with his own, I cannot fathom. That he obtained it through theft turns my stomach.

He never asked Beka if she wanted to be the mother of us all, he just took what he needed from her and used it without her consent. His actions were no different than if he had forced her to conceive and give birth against her will. It was on the same level as a Magog implanting its eggs into a paralyzed host. To think that my entire race was created through actions that were no better than rapeā€¦ it is too painful to bear.

I do not think that the others appreciate the irony of the situation. We are taught to revere the Progenitor, so we will feel the need to revere Beka. Millions of Nietzcheans will honor a woman who, had she known what was going to happen, would have probably taken an oath of celibacy and avoided all men to prevent it. We are taught to honor Drago Museveni, but it is Beka who deserves our respect.

Actually, Beka might appreciate the irony. She usually has a good sense of humor.

But I'm not sure that even she could understand the disgust.