Stupid. Moron. Nitwit. Dumb, ignorant… ARGH!

Just once, just once can't I fall for a decent guy? Can't I, just one time in my life, find someone who isn't going to try and kill me, or die on me or try to use me for something? Is there not a single, decent man left in the universe?

This has to be the biggest screw up of my life! I find yet another jerk and end up being the mother of the biggest collection of megalomaniacal warmongers ever seen in recorded history. Why do I keep doing this? How can I keep doing this? How could there possibly be this many lousy men in existence?

Okay, so technically he was from the past, so he's a whole new lousy man. Or a whole old one… whatever.

Way to go, Valentine.

I wish that this were all some warped, twisted dream I could wake up from. That I could open my eyes and be back on the Maru, lying in my bunk all snug and sound. No dice, though. I pinched myself. It's real.

I think back to all the times that I've run across a Nietzchean. I remember the time Tyr told me he could never be interested in a human woman and the time he told me he often wished I were a Nietzchean. Ha! Wouldn't he have egg on his face, now! Or how about how Elsbett was always strutting around, acting so superior, or Quechua, that female fighter jockey? I guess the resemblance between us makes a bit more sense now.

How many lives have they destroyed? How many worlds have they enslaved? How much pain and sorrow have they caused?

What mother wouldn't be proud?

I suppose there's Rhade, at least. Errin, that Kenja girl, as well. Two Nietzcheans who managed to remain somewhat sane and trustworthy. The race isn't a total loss. Of course, this place seems to have broken Rhade. He had a wife and kids, too. I never met them, but I bet they were good people.

Damn it, Peter! Or Drago, or whatever your name really is. How could you do this to me? How could anyone do this to another person?

I never wanted to be a mother. If I had, there would have been no end of willing donors. It just wasn't right for me.

Did Tyr know? Did any of them know? Did he leave some clue behind?

No, he couldn't have. If he did, I wouldn't be here now. They'd have done something, like capture me for my own 'protection'. I'd be in some ivory tower somewhere until they could have offered me up on a silver platter the day their Progenitor came forward in time.

I don't think I want them to know, but Dylan seems to plan to use this to bring them all in line.

Funny how life works out.

I hope the expression on their faces is worth it.