Convenience: Beside Her

A Naruto one-shot: Hyuuga Neji and Hyuuga Hinata

Author's jibberish: A favor for my sister.

They were young when they first met. He was four and she was three. Hyuuga Neji was told that his purpose in life was to protect her. However, because of events and circumstances, a rift developed between him and the girl. But after the smoke cleared, and cuts and bruises healed, their clan was at peace.

He was the young genius of his clan, meant for great things. She, however, was the clan's successor, but she did not share the strength the boy, her cousin, possessed. It was clear that she was not fit for such an important role. The girl was weak, the council thought.

The boy, Neji, knew they were all ignorant. He recognized her powerful will when he fought her once during his youth. He knew all too well of her drive, her perseverance, but most importantly, her heart that she wore for the world to see.

As they grew older, Hinata reached out to him, and he could not deny her friendship. They grew closer to a point where training became a pastime, not a chore, tea together became a time to chat, not for mandatory conversing, and sitting on the rooftops under the moonlight became a tradition, not a nuisance. How very convenient that his closest companion resided under the same roof.

But that was all she was… right? For some time, that's what he thought. That is until one night when he came home from a mission, bruised and torn. He watched her work under scrutinizing eyes as she wrapped his limbs in bandages. Her hands moved over his skin like the gentle whispers of the wind, and her pale eyes fell on his wounds with concern and worry. He could not shake her touch on his skin, or the look she gave when she told him, "There you are." Her eyes were filled with a type of joy, wonder, and some sort of splendid magic that he could not fully describe in regular words. But he knew what it meant, although it was difficult to describe; love had a tendency to be like that.


It was very convenient that there were two heirs in the main house. The council thought the eldest was weak, so as they all assembled, they immediately decided to nominate the younger. She was more like her father and Neji than her sister; Hanabi was strong, swift, and gifted. They wanted her to control the clan.

"I'm not the rightful heir and you know it," she answered. "The responsibility should be handed to whom it was meant for."

The council didn't agree.

"Don't make foolish decisions," Hanabi warned them. "Our clan will fall."

Her father nodded.

Hinata shook her head. "I can't, Hanabi. I can't do this alone."

Hanabi turned to her sister, and said, "Don't worry, Aneue. He won't let you," and she looked over to their cousin Neji who sat near the back of the room.

After the meeting, Hinata approached Neji. Her eyes were wavering and her knees shook as she said, "They want me to be the leader…eventually."

"As you were born to do," he said quite plainly. He was sitting on one of the large rocks near the property's koi pond.

"But…" she brought her hand up to her chest, " I can't do it alone." Hinata took a deep breath and found the courage to meet him eye to eye. "I need you beside me." Her lips trembled. "Will you?"

He knew what she was asking. He knew the moment she told him that she could not handle the clan by herself. She needed him, he knew that. "Yes," he said to her as he reached out for her hand.

How convenient it was that the one she needed was the one meant to be with her always.

…el fin