The clock was ticking its way towards the twelve. The room was hot as the students wanted to go home.

"Class don forget about your home work due next week."

Just like teachers you think it's going to be a good weekend then teachers drag you back to do homework. Isn't life great!

Sona, Minei, Kyo, and Sakyra were waiting for the bell to ring.

"I wonder why the boy where sent back to the lower world." Sona ask.


Sanzo, Gojyo, Hakkai, and Goku where sitting under a cherry tree in heaven.

"Why the heck do they keep calling us those stupid names?

Konzen, Tempu and Keneren?" Hakkai ask as some type of god walked by.

"I have no freaking idea." Sanzo muttered "There are no cigarettes here."

"But there are women" Gojyo was the same perv as he was before.

Just then a strange god came up, "Konzen your aunt wants to see you."

The god turned a round "This way please."

The four friends stood up and followed the god. Gojyo with his hands behind his head. Sanzo and Hakkai had their hands down by their sides. Goku was jumping around trying to see thru the crowd of people around.

"Wow any food around here." Sanzo turned around and hit Goku in the head.

"Stupid Monkey." Gojyo laughed.

The four approached the man bulding. The doors opened up t reveal a throne room with water lilies in the center of a pond in the middle of the floor.

"Welcome Konzen, Tenpou, Keneren, and Goku."

The guys stood there watching the goddess as she sat in the chair that was set out for her.

"I know what you questions are. In your past lives you were gods. Goyjo you were Keneren. Hakkai you were Tenpou. And Sanzo as you know you were Konzen."

"What abut me?" Goku yelled.

"Goku you were only younger but, you have not changed one bit."

"So what did you want my loving and caring aunt." he said sarcastically.

"Well Konzen calm down." she noted.

'I need to set some limits for them so they don't kill any one.' (Lol)

"Kenren you can only have on girl a month." she stopped to think, and then kept going. "Konzen you can only have one drink every three hours."

Both Sanzo and Gojyo stood, knocking the chairs they had been sitting in to the ground.

There is no soap bar large enough for Sanzo's mouth after what he said next.

"Why you ! I hope you go to &&&&." Sanzo yelled as he pulled out his gun. (When he died he took it with him. LOL.)

"How dare you talk to your aunt that way." the goddess replied.

"Oh, shut the up, you she-man!" Gojyo said unknowing that he was correct.

That was the final straw. Her face turned red, you could just see the steam come out of her ears

"Ok, that's it I have a head ache today and you just made it worse. YOU'RE GOING BACK TO THE LOWER WORLD."

"So Goku didn't say that much did he?"

"No Sona, He didn't. I think he was thinking of the last time he was there."

"Do they rember who we are?"

"No!" Minei screamed. Everyone on the street where they were standing looked at her. She ducked into the bar beside them. Guess just who would be in there.

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