Under the sakura rain

Sakura's house

8:30 p.m

Sakura P.O.V

I'm making "tempura" and I keep thinking about Sasuke-kun… Wait… Since when did I call him Sasuke-kun?

"Admit it! You're in love with him again!"

'Who's that?'

"I'm your inner side, stupid"

'Huh? Whatever… anyway, I'm not in love with him again'

"Oh yes, you did"

'No, I didn't'

"You did"


"Argh! Whatever…"

"Sakura?" Someone breaks my thought. I turn and saw Sasuke. "What's wrong?" I ask him. "Uh… Why don't you take a bath? I'll take it from here." He answers. "Um…. Okay" I said as I went to my bathroom.

9:00 p.m

Sakura and I were waiting for Naruto and Hinata. We didn't say a thing. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Sakura open the door and Naruto and Hinata walks in. "Hi, sasuke" Naruto and Hinata greet me. "Hey…" I reply.

"Let's eat!" Sakura said. "OKAY! I'M SO HUNGRY!" Naruto shout. Hinata giggle at his gestures. After we eat, Sakura told us to wait at the living room.

Sakura P.O.V

I wash the plates and creeps to the living room. "Sakura-chan, can Sasuke, Hinata-san and I sleep at your house?" Naruto ask me. "Okay… How about we sleep at the living room? We can watch movie before we sleep." I suggest. "That's a good idea, Sakura-chan!" Naruto said.

I went to my room at take four pillows, blankets and comforters. "Sasuke, can you help me?" I shout. "Okay" He said as he takes the comforters and blankets. I place the comforters in front of the big TV. I'll be sleeping next between Sasuke and Naruto while Hinata sleeps next to Naruto.

We sit on our sleeping place. "What movie are we gonna watch?" I ask them. "Do you have horror movie?" Naruto ask. I nodded and look for the DVD. I found "The Ring" and show it to Naruto. "Great! I want to see it!" He said. I shiver as the movie starts.

The truth is I'm afraid… As the movie goes on, I hug Sasuke's arm. When the scary part begins, I close my eyes. Suddenly, Sasuke wrap his right arm around my shoulder. And I don't feel scared anymore… I feel protected.

Before we sleep, I and Sasuke had a little conversation.

"Sasuke, I want to ask you something…"


"Before you left Konoha, did you really say 'Thank You'?"


"Yeah… So what?"


"Thanks because even though I push you away, you still love me. And you didn't hate me at all."


"Sakura, tell me about Miyako"

"Why? You're in love with her?"

"Nah… Just asking… Why? You're jealous?"

"I'm not! I found her at the chihori's alleys… It's kinda weird…"


"Because… Hinata said she couldn't find any wound on Miyako's body"

"Um… Why is it weird?"

"Because, chihori's alley is a dangerous place… it's full of thief and run-away ninjas… Even if I stay there for about one week, I could die"

"I see…"

Suddenly, the light goes off.

"Ah!" I shout as I hug Sasuke's arm. He laughs and said: "Don't tell me that the Shadow Kunoichi's leader is afraid of the dark" I blush. "Shut up!" I reply as I punch him playfully.

Miyako P.O.V

Chihori hill

9:00 p.m

I walk slowly and then, I saw him… Ichigo Kikuru. I meet him when I was on a mission and he was on we're on the same team. "Hi, Ichigo" I greet him. He turns and says: "Hi" I sit next to him. "Mirai-sama said we have a mission tomorrow." I tell him.

"We'll be going to hidden-Sakura village. We have to steal a scroll from a run-away ninja." I continue. He smiles as he looks at the stars. I like his short brown hair and his blue eyes.

I know people don't like him because of his characteristic. But, I like him just the way he was. People say he was anti-social but he always open up to me.

In the next morning

I wait for Ichigo at the Chihori main gate. This is the third time I went for a mission without Sakura-sama and Hinata-san. Sometimes, it felt weird… "Hey… Let's go" Someone break my thought. I look behind and I saw Ichigo.

We both jump up on a tree and hop from a branch to another branch. I don't know why…. But I felt that the Hidden-Sakura contains my memory… And I can't wait to reach there.

After about an hour, we arrive at the main gate. This place seems very familiar… I walk slowly and I open the gate. My eyes widened. This place is very beautiful.

"Let's explore the town first." I suggest. He nodded and he walks next to me. We walk through a sakura forest and my memory recall…

"Okaasan, it's beautiful!"

"Yes… It was very beautiful, Hikaru"

Who's Hikaru? After a while, we reach the town. "Ichigo, I'm starving. Let's go eat something." I said. He nodded and went to a restaurant nearby.

"Kurosaki-sama, she's here…" A skinny man said. "She's back? That's good…" Another man replies as he grins. "I wonder if she still remember me…" He continue.

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