Author's Note: Over? I don't think so. There's still one thing Henry and I have to tell. But first, I am not an orchestrator behind the original film that sparked my imagination. The rights to The Nightmare Before Christmas never belonged to me, although I do own the videocassette and will purchase the DVD when I get my lazy rear to the video store. You can all thank Mr. Burton, Mr. Elfman, Mr. Selick, Disney, and Touchstone Pictures for the original greatness. The true follow-up belongs to Capcom and their game. All that follows came from me and Henry Cadaver, who's me too since he popped out of my brainmeats one day.

There you have it, eight people with eight stories. From small towns like Abbot, Mississippi and Freiburg, Germany, to metropolises such as New York City and Chicago, they all ended up in Halloween Town. As different as they all were, and still are, they came to know each other very well. Some have remained friends, such as Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Others have become more than friends, example in point, Jack and Sally. One in particular was banished and even killed again, Oogie Boogie, of course. Then, there are two who have become pillars of the community as odd as themselves, the lovable yet bumbling Mayor and the stubborn genius Doctor Finkelstein. They are the ones who embody Halloween Town as your generation knows it.

I'm sure you are all wondering about a few more things as I give my parting words to all of you. I can think of three in particular: How are souls marked to end up in Halloween Town, did I know about other Holidays, and where am I right now?

For one thing, much to some people's surprise upon finding this out, the Stork does exist. I know because I received a letter from him. As the primary caretaker of souls, he sent me a list of those specially designated to come to Halloween Town on the day of their deaths. From that point on, I was to monitor their lives in secret and make absolute sure they were not lost upon their journey from life to afterlife. He would deliver those souls, and others, to newborns and I would take the ones belonging to me when those privileged few died. As far as I know, Jack hasn't received his list yet. Apparently, he has had his hands too full with his first soul to take on any others at the moment.

Also, in watching over what has happened recently, I have been made aware of other Holidays. You see, I had never really looked into those other doors. The Pumpkin King who trained me told me they were unknown and mysterious, and probably dangerous. I took his words to heart and vowed never to look behind them. Jack was another story. I knew he was much more curious and dauntless than I, so I never bothered showing him where the doors were in the first place. I figured that he would never look into them if he never knew where they were. However, he did come across them one day and, well, we all know what happened after that.

Now, as to where am I. That is one question that cannot be answered just yet. I hate to disappoint all of you, but don't fret. You will have the answer soon enough.

Thank you very much for hearing these stories. I collected them for future generations of Halloween Town to read and learn who made their town and where they came from. It has been a most excellent trip down Memory Lane for me, and hopefully, for you as well. Good-bye, everyone. Once again, here's to beginnings.

Henry Cadaver, the former Pumpkin King.

The End

P.S.- Thank you for reading once again! You guys make hyper updating absolutely fun. See you all next time around.

P.P.S.- This is the end. Right here. Really. Period. Bye. (Re-edit Comment: No. This is where it ends.;) )