AUTHORS NOTE: Hey guys, dropping in another story for my new obsession (you'll be seeing alot of T.T. stories soon) Anyways, to explain this. This is a 2 part One shot.

This one being number one, and number two will be up as soon as I write it :P


There was somthing about the moon that night, which made Ravens deep ebony locks glisten with a dark blue gleam. Her essence was thick, as usual, but she carried a more casual posture, like one at a complete peace, one who was in a distant entrancing thought, or one who just wanted to bathe in the light, which soaked the titan fully, engulfing her unhooded body, sitting unprepared, but nonchelant. Raven had not been counting the minuets, hours, she had graced the tower rooftop, but somthing about this place made her forgett, and the moon triggered an inner happiness. How she loved the darkness, how she loved the night. Breath falling rythmaticall, the girl sat with one foot dangling off the edge, leaning back on her hands, orbs upward and hollow. This adolescent was so engulfed within the mind of the moon, she couldnt feel the sinister eyes watching her, leering at her, and careening over her body.

They were beady, black holes of endless intwining orbs. With the only glimmer comming from within the light of the night sun. Narrowed and thoughtful, the creature swayed back and forth for a few minutes, body shuddering slightly underneath the pressure of a mighty wind that pelted his thick, sleek fur. Large and overlapping front teeth clamped tightly against its muscled jaw, solid and lightweight body designed for speed and agility. Deep ebony claws digging into the air grate upon which he sat, the brute watched with a fasinating glance, almost entranced by this lonely womans silent cry to the moon. This creature, whose eyes held such sinister lust and foul minded weapons, who lurked so evily against the midnight grain, was none other than a tiny, green mouse.

Beast Boy was not fond of what he was doing, or what he had been doing for quite some time now. It'll all started when he'd been chasing out a rat problem the tower seemed to be having a few month back. Using the form of a common house mouse, the boy chased most of his familiar creatures out with a heavy heart, but cyborg had promised to try a bit a his tofu, if all of them had ceased to stay out of the kitchen. The metal man had yet to fulfill his end of the deal, possibly because one more mouse ran the house at night.

BB watched every night he'd heard Raven come silently from her room, just to grab a glimpse. Her beauty had been a kept secret within the boys complicated and subliminal mind, With no exception to his heavy heart for the deeply dark girl, yet to be able, and sneak even small, long winded flares at her seemed to soothe his lost mind, which was still fresh from the loss of Terra. Orbs pooling as the male intook a long winded breath, Beast boy sulking silently within the hidden cavern of his tiny air vent, the soft breeze ruffling the undercoat of his light green pelt.

Raven had not moved, and BB could feel his lids getting heavy with sleep, a drowzy wave suddenly over taking him. Pulling back slightly, the mouse began to curl, tucking its tail across a twitching nose, large audits alert yet slowly beginging to fade, lids gently falling to block his view and darken the creatures sences. Just as quickly as he came, the boy left, falling deeply into a world where he had the courage to not veiw raven as a mouse, but as a man.