Hi, Nick here. Oh boy, been a WHILE since I did any fanfics. Man, been lazy and I LIKED it!  Anyway, I've always liked Inuyasha, and I like self inserts, so again, here's a SELF INSERT!. Hopefully it will not suck. Anyway Inuyasha and whatever else from other animes I take do not belong to me. If you sue me, you will only be taking a number for the massive debt I have.

My writing style, if you can call it that, takes a bit to get used to. This chapter will have a lot of internal dialogue. The spoken stuff is plain to see but this part I am writing from the lead characters perspective. Its meant to be fun! Well on with the story!

It was a dark and……..well I was at home watching TV. Its like a cave in my room so it could have been noon. Anyway, feeling hungry I call the pizza place to order something.

"Welcome to the goddess relief office, our representative will be with you shortly." Then promptly hung up.

"Uhm, does this mean I can't get a sausage pie, hello?" Shrugging I hang up the phone. "Man she sounded kinda hot, wonder why their number changed?"

Suddenly my TV just starts spewing static. Muttering to myself that there better not have been another bombing cause it is really ruining my prime time TV watching I see a well toned and tanned leg coming out of my television. Blinking I see another leg, then a very….ample chest follow. Soon I see a really REALLY hot blonde with green eyes smirking at me. Now even though many people thought Oh My Goddess was a bit girly, I have watched it so I had a clue on who this stunning woman was. Suavely, with my jaw on the floor I stated, "Huh, Urd? Looked kinda better in the anime."

Needless to say that did not ingratiate myself with her. Eyes spitting fire, literally as I had to try to put my rug out, she snarled "This ain't the way to talk to a genuine article goddess tubby!" OK, I admit I am not the most fit guy in the world but that's hitting below the belt. So I reciprocated. "Well, I've seen the animes, so this mean I get a wish flat top? Also I thought you were a debugger? They figure you'd do a better job away from actual debugging?"

OK, I admit I am pretty dumb most of the time, but I really don't like stuck up people, and Urd was rubbing me in the wrong way. She seethed and just muttered "Just make a stupid wish so I can be out of your presence. Kami, you are such a lazy, selfish person! How did you qualify for a wish?"

Feeling a bit stung I told her "Listen, just because I am not falling over myself to be nice to a stuck up 2nd rate 2nd class goddess in the faint hope you might smile in my direction doesn't mean I am selfish. I can do a lot of good with that wish. In fact I'll wish for world peace!"

"Sorry kiddo, the wish can only affect you."

Frowning, "Damn, selfish system you got there. Well, If I wish for like millions of dollars, that would effect other people too right? I mean it could screw up the economy and screw with a lot of people."

Trying to reign in her temper, not a small feat, she ground out, "No…..baka……the wish has to be directly about you. Those are indirect consequences of the wish……just wish for money, a girl, bigger penis, SOMETHING! I got things to do."

Muttering low under my breath, "More like men to do and sake to drink."

"What was that!" Her damn head grew three times its normal size. I practically had to change my underwear!

I squeaked "nothing" and started thinking on what I could wish for. Now I couldn't really think of anything I really wanted. Got a nice computer set up, nice house, good job, good friends, and I can't give my wish to someone else. It has to directly involve me. Looking at Urd got me thinking. If she is here, that means other anime worlds probably exist as well. I've always had a soft spot for Inuyasha. Guy practically had no luck and whatever little of it he had was bad. Had a girl, she seals him to a tree for 50 or so years. Wakes up and has to fight a real bastard and lots and lots of people die. Well, I know a bunch about it. Maybe I can do something. Make his life a bit better. That's not a selfish wish, teach that walking floatation device to say that! Hmm, but how am I going to help Inuyasha when I can't just wish something like Naraku never existing. The only thing I can think of is that I had to do the helping. Which means I have to go to Feudal Japan to help him. Sheesh, I barely get out of the house and I'm thinking of going to another country in another dimension in a majorly different time period. Shrugging a bit I figure what the hell. God I wish I remember the old saying be careful what you wish for.

"OK, I got a wish. I wish to be put in the Inuyasha anime series the same time as Inuyasha is with my full memory of my life here……and also that I will know how to fight and defend myself and others". There, no need to go into Feudal Japan helpless, can't help anyone unless I can help myself.

I look and see an evil glint in Urd's eye as her goddess markings flare and the last thing I hear is "Wish granted" before I black out.

I come to smelling something burning and try to open my eyes. Damn, there is some weird kind of talking in the background but I can't make heads or tails out of it. I make out "Inuyasha" some more talking very quicky and "Tomosaru". I open my eyes to see a really really nice looking black haired woman. Man was she BIG. And she's holding me. I look and see a guy bleeding with something fluffy on his shoulders. I turn and see a pair of gold eyes looking at me. And he has two dog like ears on his head and white hair. Its Inuyasha as a kid.

OK, I am thinking to myself in a nice logical fashion as….I guess you can say our mother high tails it out of the burning house, which seems to be in a burning village. A whole lot of burning going around us….ok, back on track. 1. Inuyasha seems to be a new born. 2. I am right next to Inuyasha and it seems we are the same size. 3. Everything is way bigger than normal. 4. A very attractive woman is pressing me and him to her ample chest and I am not responding at all in which I would normally love to. Connecting the dots it seems I am now a new born. Also seeing at I have white hair when pulling it to my face it would be safe to assume I am Inuyasha's brother. I guess when I said I want to be brought to Inuyasha at the same time they took it a bit too literally. Probabaly Urd took it literally. Damn, I knew that smirk meant trouble! Wait till I can eat solid foods Urd, I'm coming for you!

The past few days, or maybe weeks flew by. I didn't know our mother's name but when in doubt, I'll just call her mom. That is, when I learn how to talk Japanese. Right now I think it's a bad idea to try to talk English as a new born. Heh, and dad said I had no common sense….

Few weeks later…..

OK, being a kid ain't that bad. I know I'm going to burn in hell for enjoying the breast feeding too much but what can a baby do? As I play with Inuyasha….well my brother for all things considered, twin brother to boot, I think I made the right choice. There's a happiness and light that shines in his eyes as only someone innocent can have. The anime never truly captured that. But I see it. And I vowed I'd make damn sure that my brother kept that light in his eyes. I can't protect him from everything, but I think not being alone is enough for now. I know how to walk and I am trying to get as mobile as I can. I saw the anime enough to know that our mother's days were numbered and that's one of the things I hoped to change. In order to do that I need to be way stronger than I am now. Hard to fight on your hands and knees. I also and trying to figure out that Iron Reaver thing Inuyasha does in the series. I feel it there, but I'm too young and weak to access it. I hope we have time.

Three years AB (After Birth I guess)

I smiled as I tracked Yasha down. Playing these games really help with our senses. I'm not sure if Japanese kids had hide and go seek, but if they didn't they do now! I try to do as many physical games as I can with Yasha, erm I mean Inuyasha, been calling him Yasha since Mom taught us how to talk. Well Japanese that is. I shortened his name, he calls me Tomas. It's a bit of a game. I have to admit, I'm having a blast with my second childhood. I miss the little things. Showers, baths, shampoos. Oh god, do I miss shampoos. Feudal Era is bad with a human nose going into some of these villages. But with Yasha's and my nose, daaaaaaaamn. Those villagers got some serious BO! I've gotten used to it. Thank god mom is a noble woman and knows how to clean herself. I love her but hugging would definitely be bad if I had to cough and wheeze in her presence.

A few months later….

God, Japan is a racist country. Well at least in the past. We've been in a village for a few months. Yasha and I play a lot but we decided to play a little ball. He wanted to play with the other kids in the village. When I saw them playing with the ball I was having déjà vu, when they wouldn't let Yasha touch the ball I was getting a bit angry, when they gave him the ball and called him a filthy hanyou, I had to restrain myself from clawing them to pieces. Poor Yasha doesn't know what it means. I pretended like I didn't know and he went to see mom. God, the sadness in her eyes when she hugged us. I wanted to help Yasha, help mother (as I thought of her now), but as she held us and wept I wondered how. Racism was present even in the…..well present. There is no way to get rid of it totally. As I saw Yasha's face I thought to myself that if I was going to help him and give him a better life I needed to figure out how I was going to do this. Of course I had no clue…….

Year four

As I limped through the forest I cursed every god I learned about present and past. Those damn villagers tried to kill us! A youkai, well I'll call it a demon since the damn thing ripped what little life we had apart. There has been a bunch of villagers missing and they found them. Well pieces that is. Naturally, it had to be the, ah hum "Damn witch and her demon spawn!" That was about the nicest comment they had about us. Needless to say we ran faster than Myoga from a shadow. We were passing a ravine and of course that would be when they found us. There was a bridge we were a few paces from and we ran like our lives depended on it. We were halfway across when a sudden shift gave me a very bad feeling. Sparing a glance I saw they were cutting the rope on the bridge. They had one rope halfway cut and I knew it wouldn't take much more to finish the job. Mom was ahead of us and pulling Yasha along. I did a bit of training so I was faster than Inuyasha, though not by much. I gave him a swift kick in the ass and yelled "Hurry!" I was two steps away from the end of the bridge when I felt the world leave me. Now I know it looks cool to fall to your death while maintaining eye contact with your loved ones but please trust me on this, not fun. As I was plummeting I was desperately thinking of a way to slow myself as not to go splat. The closest idea that came to me I have to thank Sesshomaru. I remember in the anime he had a kick ass whip attack. I figured we are related, and I can do a claw attack, why not? Let me tell you holding in the energy from a claw attack and not releasing it stings the nails like a mo fo. But, I did do a cool whip that grabbed a nice rock and slowed me down. Then it cut right through and I resumed falling. I hit a few reasonable solid trees. With thorns, can't forget how lovely mother nature is. So here I am, wandering a forest that probably has a shit load of demons in it. I am bleeding pretty bad from all the cuts and bruised to holy hell from falling I don't know how far. I am probably signaling demons "Please come eat me, doesn't get better take out!" Not to mention I am feeling dizzy……and wow the earth is moving for me….

I blinked my eyes. The first thing that comes to mind is that, "I'm alive!". However a voice to my right sends shivers down my little spine.

"For now." I looked at him and kept on looking up. Damn, this guy is huge! Long black hair, white cape, katana at his waist. Wait, this guy looks familiar. Well, it least the cape does. Damn, he has some seriously scary eyes.

"What is your name?" he growled out. Hey, I'm a dog and I don't think I growl as well as him. I stammered "Tomasaru".

"Why are you here, demon? Or is it half?"

Squirming, and looking how he had his hand on his sword the whole time made me want to answer and truthfully as possible. "Half sir. And I'm here cause I fell."

"Where did you fall from?"

"A bridge, my family was running from some pissed off villagers."

His eyes flashed and I was sincerely hoping I did not screw myself over by mentioning we were chased. But I also got the sense this guy could spot a lie a mile away and chop me into little bitty pieces.

"What did you and your demon spawn do to those villagers?"

Now normally I'd be cowering away. This guy had his sword half drawn and looked like he really knew how to use it. But I was also bleeding, hurt, tired, bruised and he just insulted my family. After learning more about my father and mother from Myoga, I was seriously happy and impressed with my lineage. OK, so technically I am not who I was born as, but I'm not exactly who I was when I was born, I am Tomosaru, just with another lifetime of memories.

"We did nothing and we are not demon spawn! It was jut my mother and my brother. We did nothing! NOTHING! Just because me and Yasha are different they thought we were monsters! That we killed people. If we did, why would we run away from the villagers? We could have killed them if we were the ones they were looking for! NO. They just wanted to kill us because we were different and they could!". I was trembling. Whether it was fear or just anger I didn't know. In the anime Inuyasha didn't trust anyone and was a bit of a jerk. I knew why now. Every damn village we went to people whispered and pointed and blamed everything on us. What they did to our mother was even worse. Calling her a slut, a whore, not even human for birthing creatures such as ourselves. Yeah, I knew what it all meant. Yasha will know in a few years as well once he understands. Seems like I'm not helping as much as I thought.

Well, he seems to be still. Not cutting me in half is always a good sign. As soon as I thought that he…..blurred. Next thing I know he's got the business end of his katana right at my nose. I mean my nose had a trikle of blood going down it. He drew his sword and moved right toward me and I didn't even have time to take a breath. All I can do is look at his sword and hope if he does cut me up I won't feel it. Well, may as well have a conversation and hope he decides not to kill me.

"Ahhh, can you not point that sharp, dangerous sword at me? Please. All I did was speak my mind"

Not moving the sword an inch he merely replied "Children should not talk to their betters like that"

Betters? BETTTERS? "Just because you have a sword doesn't make you better than me. I may be a child and I may not know a lot but I do know its wrong to draw your sword and to kill innocent people!"

He just smirked. Bastard! "You are not innocent, nor are you a person, you are just a demon, or a half a demon. Not anything really. Why shouldn't I kill you? Who would miss you? I'd be doing you and the world a favor. Demons are not needed in this world. Half even less, you belong no where and to neither side"

I doubt puppy dog eyes and flicking my ears will get me on his good side. Well, he's a warrior, I hope he respects guts, or mine is going to be littered all over this clearing. "Well, who would miss me would probably be my mom. And my brother. And Myoga. I don't have much family. And you are wrong. I belong to both humans and demons. My father was a great demon! He was strong and fair. He helped the people of his land. My mother is the kindest person in the world. She takes good care of Yasha and me and the only thing she wants is for us to grow up and be happy. I'm proud to be hanyou cause I come from two great people and I wouldn't change that for the world! As long as one person can accept me for who I am then there is a place for me, and any other hanyou!"

Chuckling he just asked "And why shouldn't I kill you young one?"

Well he's laughing, I hope that's a good sign and not that he's ready to make sushi out of me. "Because there is no reason to. I am not trying to hurt anyone and I haven't hurt anyone. I just want to live. I want to protect mom and Yasha. I want to let people know that just because you are human or a demon that doesn't make you better or worse. All life is important. You shouldn't kill someone because of WHAT they are. If you have to kill it should be WHO they are. If they hurt people and there is no way to stop them fine, but to kill just to kill. That's not right." I try not to gulp or look like I am ready to pee my kimono.

He sheaths his sword and I let out a big long sigh. I should've wished for a million dollars…..

"I like you kid. You've got heart. A big one at that. I am Hiko Seijuro. Master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu. You are now my student."

All I can think of is damn! I knew I KNEW that cape. Damn, it's the style from Rurouni Kenshin. Well, I guess that's the part of the wish about being able to defend myself. Man, I really hope Inuyasha and mom will be alright while I train. I can't really help while weak like I am. I really hope I haven't made a huge mistake…..

OK, first chapter done and a whole lot more to go. I think. I hope. Well probably. This is going to be….well a surprise!