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I frowned and crossed my arms, "Let go of him, Robin." Veridian pushed him away roughly and smoothed down the front of his shirt. Robin turned, and I could feel the emotion emanating from him, what it was… I couldn't tell.

"You bit him." I looked to Veridian, who was looking particularly content and smug.

"Veri, a minute, please?" I motioned to the door. He looked shocked but obliged.

"You bit him," Robin repeated.

"Yeah. So? I had to. It was either him or Beastboy," I spat, letting my anger shine through. Robin turned away. My power flared out at him as I pushed his chest. "Look at me! Don't ignore me! Look at me, Robin!" I faltered, tears brimming on the edge of my lids, tinting my eyesight red. I pulled the back of my hand across them, wiping the blood away. "Ugh! What next! I look at my friends like pieces of meat; I'm crying freaking blood like the statue of the Virgin Mary. What the hell next, Robin!" I pushed him again, sending him crashing into a wall. He didn't move to get up, just looked at his hands.

"I'm sorry."

"You're supposed to tell me these things! You're supposed to let me know what's going to happen, how I'm meant to feel, what I'm meant to do!" I screamed at him, emotions pouring out of me like never before. "I'm the one talking to Star about your mistakes. You didn't see the look in her eyes, the fear and hatred! How am I expected to know if anything I tell her is true?And whatif Veridian hadn't been there today and known what to do for me without killing himself…" I shook my head and pulled at my hair. "I could have killed one of our friends, Robin!"

"I'm sorry!" he yelled, standing up and throwing his arms around my neck. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I could feel the hot red tears slipping out of his mask and down my cheek. "I wish I could give you the answers. You don't know how much I wish I could…" he whispered into my neck. Against everything my body said, I pushed him away.

"That's not going to work anymore," I whispered. "What have you been doing these past weeks? How have you been drinking?" I remembered suddenly the overpowering urge to drink that came upon me in the common room. "Do you kill, Robin?" I asked, breathless. His eyes widened as he took a step back.

"No, of course not. I'd never…"

"Then what!" I cried. "I knew a kind of hunger I've never felt before in my life. Kill or be killed, drink or die," I took a step forward, eyes burning into him. "How is it satiated with out taking life!"

"I don't know!" he yelled back at me. "Yours was the first blood I drank from another. And even at that, it wasn't… human," he glanced at me, but I wasn't offended. I knew what I was, or… what I had been.

"But the hunger, Robin," I almost whined. "You can't tell me you went over a week without drinking…" He shook his head.

"I didn't. I drink from Lillith," he sighed. "That's what fledglings are supposed to do. Drink from their sire. Pure human blood is still too potent, too addicting," He ran a hand through his hair. "I thought I'd be here when your hunger awoke."
"But you weren't! What does that mean?" My mind was working frantically over the word addicting.

"Shh, my loves, it's alright," her clear voice rang from behind me. I turned and felt a wave of relief come over me as my queen stepped out from the shadows. She came to me and put an arm about my waist, running her other hand through my hair. "It seems my little winged one has found herself one of the devotum," her eyes ran over me fondly. "A race I long thought was extinct." I looked at her, what was she talking about? She chuckled lightly, and I was mesmerized by the sound, it reminded me of rain on glass. "You will never go hungry again, Raven, not as long as the fair one is alive."

"Are you talking about Veridian?" I asked, confused. How would she know about him? "Because he's just a friend…" Lillith frowned. She pulled away from me and walked -but she didn't walk… it was more of a glide- over to my bed where she sat down and took a very teen-ish pose, the palms of her hands behind her and her chest forward.

"You need not hide him from me, little one. I know of his mission," a smirk played appeared on her red lips. "It's all there, in your head. But why did the old king send him to you and not to me?" she looked to the ceiling. "Ah, now that is the question."

"Wait a minute… What exactly is Veridian?" Robin interrupted, stepping forth.

"Why, he's an elf, of course," Lillith cooed, she looked at me and her eyes were burning. She knew I had lied to Robin. He glanced at me.

"Why didn't you tell me, Raven?" he asked, voice a bit betrayed, but still the old, strong, Robin-y tone.

"Yes," Lillith drew out the 's', "do divulge." I was drowning in their glares, my mouth opened and closed, but didn't form words.

"I…" I stuttered out, "He asked me not to!" It had sounded so much better in my head.

"Did you ever think to doubt his intentions?" Lillith asked, her voice was steely and it caused me to shiver. She stood and crossed over to me, staring down into my eyes. "Do you trust so easily? Do you put others before your own so quickly?" I shook my head and looked to the floor.

"I didn't… it's just-," I started. She took my chin in her hand and brought my gaze to hers.

"You have much to learn, young one. Luckily, I will never doubt the elves, but know this now: trust in me, your sire, and the ones to which you have pledged yourself, or come to us not at all and consider yourself free from all obligation." The look in her eyes petrified me and her words chilled me even more so. I pushed closer to her and put my arms around her, bloody tears staining her shirt, but she didn't push me away.

"No, no, Lillith, I'm sorry, please," I whined. "It will never happen again." She petted my hair and pressed a kiss to the top of my head.

"Shh, I know it will not," She pulled away from me and sat back down on my bed. "Now, about the elves… Veridian will meet with the three of us and a few of my other children to discuss the King's offer. Although I doubt there will be much to discuss. We have all missed them dearly," she sighed. "But not tonight, you both need your rest," her eyes flickered to Robin, "and time to talk to your team. But soon…"

"You said something about 'devotum'," Robin stated, "and how Raven would never go hungry again…" Lillith grinned and looked at me.

"Oh, yes… As it were, the elves were, are, now it seems, our sort of…" she struggled for the words, "supernatural counterparts. They are the day to our night, light to our darkness. They feed on life as we do death. Though it seems we should be enemies, our two races lived together in perfect harmony until the day came I thought they all were destroyed. We both are immortal, yet they also have their weaknesses, weaknesses even more exploitable then ours.

"Many vampires would take elven partners to be their caretakers during the day. For it seems once bitten by a vampire, an elf would lust for nothing more than that vampire's bite," Robin stiffened and went to speak, but Lillith wasn't finished, "and what was even more peculiar was the fact that the vampire would never again have to feed on humans. Elven blood is rich and filling, only a small portion is needed to sate our thirst. Thus devotum, one of the elven race forever dedicated to a vampire."

I blinked. Veridian was bound to me forever? "But… but I didn't mean to-," I started.

"It's alright, Raven. The elves have very strict rules about the devotum. If Veridian didn't want to be yours, he could have done anything in his power to refuse you." Robin took an angry step forward.

"It's not alright!" he yelled. "How in the hell is this alright?" He paced furiously. "There's got to be some way to undo it!" Lillith shook her head.

"None. That is why there are so many rules in both our societies regarding it," she looked confused. "But Robin, you should be happy for Raven. It is a great privilege…"

"A great privilege? What about me! What about the feelings I have for Raven, the ones she has for me?" he asked frantically. Lillith chuckled again, the sound of water on glass.

"I said lust for her bite, Robin, not love. Although, yes, that often comes in hand with devotum, it is not always the case. Raven is free to love whomever she pleases, as is Veridian, although he will find no lover can give him quite the thrill Raven can," she looked at me, eyes twinkling like rubies. I shook my head and put my arm around Robin.

"What if I never bite him again? What if he just goes away?" I suggested, looking for any possible way out of this.

"Are you ready to kill, Raven? For that is what you must do if you refuse your devotum," she said solemnly.

"No, but…" I looked to Robin. "He drinks from you, why can't I drink from him, from my sire, like he does?" Lillith sighed.

"Because you have tasted pure blood. Blood diluted twice by vampiric aura will hardly satisfy you. Your bloodlust grew immensely the second you sunk your fangs into Veridian. Only human blood or your devotum will content you now."

"But maybe if I drink a little from a lot of humans, nothing dangerous, and take the memory of me away…" I sighed. "There has got to be another way!" Lillith put her forehead in her hands.

"Yes, Raven. I'm sure there are many other ways. But all require you to leech little by little off the very people you have sworn to protect by joining this little," she waved her hand, "team. I doubt your friends would agree to that. And you must take into account the pain you would cause Veridian by refusing him. After all, I do believe you care for him. You regarded his wishes with great value."

This quieted me and I looked at the ground. Robin ran his fingers through my hair and rested his forehead against mine. "It's the only way, Raven," he whispered. I looked up at him and took his head in my hands.

"I love you, you know that," I smiled a bit. "and I always have." I pulled him close to me and rested my head under his, "This changes nothing."

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