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Notes: All drabbles and short stories in this collection were written for the "30 Themes for 30 Kisses" challenge. For more info, check out the 30kisses LiveJournal Community.

Theme 1: Look Over Here (Anime)

Love and Pain and No Regrets

Despite the terrible pain centered squarely over her chest, Jun Kazama never regretted taking the blow meant for Kazuya. She hadn't fought her way across the island like him, but followed his path closely, trying to reach him. It was strange how little changed in sixteen years. She had still been trying to reach him and he had still been evading her grasp.

But then he said her truth, and though she was on the ground where he'd dropped her, trying to recover her breath because he'd choked her, she smiled at him. His body was marred with old scars and bleeding from fresh wounds and when another attack came, Jun pulled herself to her feet and threw herself in between Kazuya and his father. She hadn't been hurt like he was; she could take the punch better.

So she did.

She awoke later in a strange place, lying on a cot. She sat up too quickly and doubled over, curling herself into a fetal position in her pain. And still she was glad she'd done that for him.


The sound of his voice caused her to turn sharply and she saw him leaning against the metal wall of the small and unfamiliar room they were in. He looked like he'd been patched up a little and Jun noticed for the first time that there was another woman lying on a similar cot—Michelle Chang, she remembered—and realized wherever they were, it was equipped with an infirmary.

Through the pain, Jun stood up and tried to walk to him, but the floor was unsteady beneath her feet. Her caught her when she lost her balance, though it seemed he was rocking a bit, as well.

"Where are we? A boat?"

"Submarine," he answered, but didn't bother to tell how they got there or where it came from. Suddenly, the ground disappeared from underneath her all together and she realized it was because Kazuya had picked her up, the arm that had been steadying her still around her shoulders, and his other looped around her knees.

It was a sweet gesture, Jun thought, and she wondered if he carried her there in the first place. Smiling to herself, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her face against his shoulder, her mouth brushing his skin in a butterfly kiss.

And she never regretted a thing.