Theme 29: The Sound of Waves (Game)

Solitude in White

So here she was, wearing her simple white dress, sandals in her hand rather than on her feet, wading ankle-deep in the ocean. She told herself that this solitude in a white dress was her wedding. For eternity, she would be married to the memory of a dead man. It was her own fault for leaving him that she'd never have a real wedding. It was her own fault for issuing an ultimatum, asking him to choose her over things she knew now she could never possibly understand. Maybe she just hadn't wanted to believe that the parts of him she couldn't see where really there.

He only took his shirt off in the dark; he didn't want her to see that ugly scar. He never spoke to her of the people he had killed, the deaths he wanted still, those he kidnapped, the places he destroyed… She only needed to know that there was goodness left in him still, getting stronger everyday she spent with him.

She gave him the choice to live with her (and the child she didn't yet know they had created) or the life he had which never once made him happy. She thought he would choose her.

He did not.

She should have believed in the things she couldn't see. The Angel who died when she left. The Devil who came to her when he died, wanting her child. The Devil who looked like him but was not and the only one among them who knew she was pregnant.

She supposed she was a little glad that her baby would never be a Mishima. But mostly she was glad for the ocean waves, drowning out the sound of her sobs.