-Thirty Kisses Challenge
Kiss 1: One Last Favour
By Alden-san/Haruno
Pairing: KouKag
Disclaimer: I dun own ANY of these chars. Rumiko Takahashi-sensei does.

"Oy, oy, Kagome!"

Kagome shot him a 'look'. "Kouga-kun, why are you here? I thought-"

Kouga grinned, dropping from the trees to stand right in front of her, pulling her closer and holding his arms around her.. "I couldn't keep from holding my woman for a whole two days, could I? I've been very patient."

Kagome sighed. "Kouga-kun... I'm not attracted to you, okay? Just... Just stop."

Kouga sighed, then snuck a glance over at Inuyasha, who was trying hard not to notice them. He nodded, looking Kagome in the eyes.

"Kagome, can I have one last favour... Before I leave you forever?" he asked, his eyes glittering with tenderness.

Kagome's brows furrowed. "Forever? But..." She sighed, knowing he'd be back even if he'd said he wouldn't. "Okay, Kouga, what do you want?"

"Hey, dog-breath, look over here!" Kouga called, and grabbed Kagome's face, pulling in for a long kiss before jumping back, narrowly avoiding being sliced in half. Inuyasha's shock had delayed his swing by almost three seconds.

"I'm going to kill you, you stupid wolf!" Inuyasha yelled as Kouga grinned, cocky to a fault.

"You can't touch me over that, dog-breath. She promised!" Kouga grinned, backing off. "I might show up once in a while to kick your ass and make sure you treat her right, though!"

Andwith that, he was gone.

Inuyasha turned to Kagome. "What was that...?"

"Nothing, Inuyasha. Come on," She said, turning around and heading back to camp, a faint blush showing on her cheeks.


A/N: I know I dun usually write Inuyasha, I'm mostly in the Naruto fandom... This is the beginning for the Thirty Kisses Challenge on LJ. Couple I picked is Kouga and Kagome. The community is 30kisses. This one was for Theme 1: Look Over Here . The rest will come eventually.

- Alden (Haruno)