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Un Monde Sans Danger
Chapter 1 - Creation and Discovery
August 18th
I made a breakthrough today. The virtual world I have been crafting is finally beginning to take shape. So far I have one section complete, and another in progress. As I work on the various areas of this world, this "virtual paradise" I am creating, I am also putting together a pair of AI programs to inhabit it and run it. One is going to be linked to the central computer. I have named it "Experimental Analog and Nanotech Approach." Or XANA, for short, a nice name that rolls off the tongue. XANA.

The other program is going to be modeled after a human. After all, I plan to transport humans into this world someday; as such, I need to see if humans could be able to survive there. So I began putting together the basics for this program. I believe I'll call it..."Artificial Electronic Lifeform Intended for Troubleshooting and Analysis." Or, Aelita. That's a nice name.


The world itself should have a name soon as well. I'm having to choose between two different names right now, two I chose for separate but valid reasons. The one I decide on will be duly noted.

September 2nd
XANA and Aelita are coming along remarkably well, as is the rest of Lyoko. The Forest region is complete, as is the Polar region. I'll begin work on the other areas I have envisioned, but first I want to witness a milestone. Though XANA has been kept operational as I work on it, Aelita has been kept dormant until its program was completely finished. Today is the day I wake it up. I only hope that all goes well...


There was a nothingness, and then a heartbeat later, there was something. A stirring consciousness, a spark of life in a previously unaware self. Data began pouring in, filling the self, bringing it around. A command came forward in its mind.


So it did.

Optical sensory report 100 percent.
Auditory sensory report 100 percent.
Beginning scan of surroundings...

It was surrounded by something it didn't recognize. Which wasn't hard, it didn't know anything except the basic information that had already been fed into it. It didn't even know its own name... But one of those beginning bits of data told it how to find out. It stood, and raised one hand, jumping only a little when a strange square object appeared under its touch.

Attempting connection one to mainframe.
Access granted.
Welcome, Aelita.

Aelita? Was that its name?

Input command:

Faster than thought, it extended its touch to the wordless space.

Input command:

Startled eyes watched as unknown symbols flashed across its vision on the floating object, seeming to flow into its body and vanish. Letting out the first of many vocalizations, it stepped back and cradled its hand to itself as the entire thing vanished, to be replaced by a smaller one that said all of two words.

Download complete.

Then, all of a sudden, it knew. It knew that it was bathed in the light of the color "blue." It knew screens, and walls, and platforms, and how to travel in this azure landscape. It knew the circular shape of the endless building it was contained in, and it knew numbers, and letters, and all sorts of computer code.

And it knew itself.



September 5th
I have been talking with Aelita lately, though not in the conventional sense. As I have not figured out how to set up an audio connection between Lyoko and Earth, we have been communicating with our respective keyboards, though Aelita's is her mind rather than anything physical.

'Her'. I'm going to have to get used to that term. One of the first explanations was about humans, and the genders that separate us in some aspects. She is female, thus I shall call her so, and I have encouraged her to do the same. Even though she doesn't quite understand it, yet...

XANA recently erased a bug in the Polar area, one that would've been detrimental to my progress if it was allowed to remain. It seems it (XANA) is working as good as ever.

I begin work on the Mountain region next week. Until then, I have turned Aelita loose from the prototype tower, to explore her world. I hope I get good results from this; I have programmed her with many of the base human emotions. In short, if she likes it, other people should as well.


She drew her fingers across the brown exterior, dragging it across the bark of the tree. Though it provided no true sensation, she found it fascinating to watch little bits of wood fall from the tree, breaking apart into little numbers that soon faded before it even got the chance to hit the ground. Smiling, she continued down the path she was on.

With knowledge gained from 'the other side', Aelita knew that these were trees, and she walked on grass...albeit, very very short grass. She knew mist covered the roots, which hung out in midair. Far, far below was where the uncompleted data of Lyoko reigned; she knew falling in could have dire consequences...though she wasn't quite sure what 'dire' meant yet.

She had to stop her wanderings at the end of a path that dropped off into nothingness. Looking around, she searched for a way around the end. Her first experience of "annoyance" happened when she couldn't find a solution. Instantly calling up something similar to a memory, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back.

Attempting connection one to mainframe.
Access granted.
Welcome, Aelita.

Input command:
Show map-





Her eyes snapping open, she allowed herself a satisfied smile. Riding on the high of accomplishment, she did an about-face and began a faster walk. A...

Input command:

A run.

And she liked it.


September 8th
Aelita described to me an interesting problem. Thanks to her, I discovered an unconnected path in one of the areas. Since her initial discovery, I have since added new digital terra.

But, this brings an interesting idea. What if people in Lyoko could fix the problems themselves, without outside help? I have decided to alter Aelita's initial program, to give her this ability. All I need is a means of activating it, this power to synthesize.

(Later addition)
XANA showed interesting potential a few moments ago. It seems that it can connect to the prototype tower, and run a more efficient scan. I'll have to remember the tower's ability to enhance powers as I build more later.


Aelita let out a little squeak, digging her nails into the ice wall, to little avail. Her feet slid out from under her, and she promptly crashed to the frozen floor. The sudden stop of movement was unpleasant, and she vowed to avoid it in the future as she sat up. Shaking her head clear, she gingerly rose to her feet, and looked down the tunnel that snaked away from her.

This new feeling of apprehension wasn't entirely welcome either. She folded her arms across her stomach, and released what she later learned was a sigh. She wanted to go down the tunnel, but she didn't want to encounter anymore of these...falls. Torn, she debated on it for a long moment, until she turned and started walking the other way. The tunnel could wait, there was an entire world to explore. But she hadn't taken more than a few steps before she found herself against the ice once more, on her front this time.

Yep. That was definitely annoyance she felt.


September 25th
I'm beginning to get worried. There seems to be a problem in Aelita's Synthesization ability, and I can't seem to fix it. It appears that she loses strength each time she uses it. I only hope I can get this figured out, along with the other bugs in Lyoko. Perhaps XANA can discover a solution. Hopefully she won't have to use it before I can alter it.

On the lighter side, the Mountain region is beginning to take shape. I won't let either of them into it until it's really ready. Doing so could undo all of my actions thus far. It's hard enough to create this virtual world without all of these other worries beginning to stack up.

Which reminds me... I need to teach Aelita the definition of privacy at one point.


This was new. She carefully reached out her hand, pressing it to the wall of ice. In front of her, a strange image did the exact same thing. Aelita drew her hand back; so did the other. What in the world?

Input command:



Input command:
Define further-

Reflection: The act of being reflected.

The slightly rippled image produced a slightly peeved expression.

Input command:
Define 'reflect'-


Reflect: To give back an image of (an object); mirror.

So that was it? Aelita blinked twice; the other did as well. This was...her? This is what she looked like? She smiled. This is what she looked like... A few word definitions later, and she was able to name, and appreciate, her appearance. From her slightly curled pink hair, to the reds and yellows of her outfit. Her green eyes seemed to shimmer as she smiled, though it may've been the ice. Then, a blink. Leaning forward, she stared at herself as she ran one finger up her right ear. Her eyebrow rose in the moment of perplexion that followed.

Input command:

Input question:
Do humans have pointed ears-



No. That word hit her hard, for a reason she couldn't understand. All of a sudden she felt like sinking to her knees.

So she did.

And when a new emotion that was both pleasant and not decided to boil up, and the thought came to pound her fist against her reflection, she did that as well.


September 30th
I can't contact Aelita. Scans on the master computer show she's in Tower 3, in the Polar region. But she's raised a firewall around it that blocks communication. This troubles me...

October 2nd
XANA has proven itself very capable today. It erected the fifth tower, and got it up and running. It seems feeding the main programs into it was a good idea. However...

There's still no word from Aelita. I have been unsuccessful in breaking through her firewall, although I have reason to believe XANA has found a way in. I'm going to check its logs later and see if that's true. I certainly hope she hasn't terminated her own program; creating a new one would take me ages. No matter. Perhaps the 'opening' of the Mountain area will bring her out of hiding.


What's the matter?

A voice, spoken and yet not, sounding in her mind. Aelita turned her head, looking away from her research screen.

Something seems wrong.

Wrong? The screen vanished when her hand lifted, as she glanced down. Yes, perhaps one could say that. She'd never felt this...sadness, was it?...before, and it confused her. But moreso, she knew she wasn't happy.

And she knew what happy was.

You know what you're not.

She nodded.

But do you know what you are?

Did she? No, she didn't, which she discovered with a quick search of her knowledge. What was she?

You're special. You are the only one of your kind.

A confused blink voiced the silent "And that is..."

Nevermind that for now. Revel in the knowledge that you are beyond humans.

As am I.

Beyond...humans? And who...?

We will speak again.

Without technically discovering it, she knew the speaker was gone. Standing on the lit platform, her eyes looked off towards the tower wall, past the tower wall, staring. A slow smile grew.

Ripples of light flowed out from her body as she exited the tower. She loved doing that.


October 3rd
Aelita has reappeared, and is currently in the new region as I write this. I searched XANA's logs, but found no evidence of contact. I assume Aelita's AI program is more human than I thought I'd originally made it; judging on what she said to me when I contacted her, she experienced her first bout of depression. I only hope more do not follow.

Tomorrow I begin work on the fourth part of Lyoko, which I plan to make a desert. I have also sketched out ideas for more intelligent life, animals this time rather than humans. I'll see how Aelita and XANA pan out before I create them, though.

So far, Lyoko is going as well as I'd ever hoped, as well as I'd ever dreamed. Audio should be set up within a day or two, so I get to hear the voice of my creation. And someday, I'll finalize the virtualization protocol, and be able to enter Lyoko. My world without danger...

Preview of Chapter 2

Aelita stood on the moving chunk of land, watching her little piece float steadily farther away from the larger plateau it'd come from. She needed to get back to the tower, but it was too far to jump, even with the acrobatics she discovered she could do. Searching her commands, she looked around quickly as she sought an answer.

Then one came.