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Author's Notes: Although Bianca only featured in one episode of Charmed, she was pivotal to the Wyatt/Chris storyline, and with this in mind "Chris-Crossed" has earned a place in a lot of people's hearts and minds and spawned talk of spin-off shows because of the talent of the actors featured. The character of Bianca has captivated me over the past few months, and due to my interest it was requested that I write this fanfic detailing her history so everyone has an opportunity to see the many varied layers of the character and how she works. In doing so, I plan to elaborate on scenes and dialogue featured in the Season Six episode "Chris-Crossed" as well as covering some other aspects that would affect her personality. I hope that you enjoy this story, and feel free to query on things from the show or in the fic that you feel need explaining. I will do my best to incorporate everything that I can. And don't argue the Wyatt/Bianca partnership – I think they're perfect for each other and you all know Chris changed the future, so I can tweak it to my liking. Besides, it leaves Chris nice and available, just the way I like him.


Bianca felt a small kiss being placed on her forehead, her eyes fluttering open leaving darkness behind for morning light as it radiated through the thin curtains and washed over the bedspread, illuminating the two figures in the room. Thankfully it wasn't too bright for someone who had just roused from sleep, namely her.

"Morning, beautiful."

Tiredly, she rubbed the back of her hand across her eyes. Opening them again she smiled as Wyatt straightened, fastening the last few buttons of his shirt. Stretching herself out on the bed languidly she glanced at the clock before looking back to him. His long curly blonde hair was pulled back neatly into a ponytail, and as her eyes travelled downwards she saw that he was already dressed in his best clothes. It was obvious that he'd been up for a while.

"You're dressed up," she commented.

"Today's a special day," he returned.

"It is?"


She watched as he dropped his hands, looking around quickly before spying what he wanted. He walked over to the chair situated against the wall, picking up his leather belt from the soft covering and looping it through his trousers.

"Care to share?" she pressed, seeing as he was offering no further details.

"No," he responded. Shifting a little, she picked up the pillow from where he'd been sleeping and threw it at him. Spying the assailing object just in time, he ducked out of the way letting the pillow fall to the floor nearby. "Hey!"


"No." He laughed, sitting to pull on his shoes. "Work it out yourself."

Pressing her hand against the mattress she pulled herself up into a sitting position. He lowered himself, completely ignoring her as he tied first one lot of laces and then the other. She shifted back against the headboard, pulling her knees up to her chest as she tried to remember what was so important about today.

"Am I required to be there?" she queried, hoping to get a clue.

"Well it would look odd turning up to an anniversary without my fiancé."

He smiled at the look of panic that then crossed her face. The guilt was starting to set in as she tried to remember which of their anniversaries she'd forgotten.

Standing, he came over to her. Placing his hand on her right cheek and lifting her face a little, he bent down and kissed her softly. Closing her eyes as she kissed him back, she almost completely forgot what they had been discussing. Only the slight tension in her body told her something was a little wrong. Her mind quickly following up on the rest of her as Wyatt began to break away; she remembered she'd forgotten an anniversary.

"Mom and dad's," Wyatt informed her as he drew back. She quickly relaxed; a relieved smile on her face.

"You're evil," she said, seeing that he was enjoying tormenting her.

"I know."

"When do we have to be there?"

"Just for breakfast. I've got a case I have to work on after that."

"So I don't get to see you today then?"

"Later. Very much later," Wyatt answered. She pouted. "But I can't wait that long, so I'll see you for lunch."

"And breakfast?"

"You have ten minutes."

"Wyatt!" she exclaimed, knowing that was an impossible amount of time to get ready in.

"Sorry," he apologised, smiling sheepishly. "I like watching you sleep."

"Yah huh, you also like watching me run around like mad to get ready."

"Better hurry then, clock's ticking," he stated as she crawled off the bed, waiting for her to make her way across the floor before he said any more. "Need me to help?"

She froze inside the doorway, composing herself for a moment as she took in what he'd just said. Putting on her most serious face she glanced back at him over her shoulder.

"No," she said, seeing the mischievous look in his eye. Leaving the room she called back to him: "If you wanted to 'help' you should have got me up earlier."

Seated on the bed, his hands clasped in his lap, Wyatt couldn't help but smile at her comment. He lowered his head, as if to hide his expression, and waited for her to return.

"Thank you, Chris," Bianca said as he pulled out the chair for her, masterfully guiding it in as she sat down. "At least someone has some manners."

She cast her gaze over to Wyatt. His expression was indifferent, but as he picked up a napkin and violently flicked it out she could see he was not so happy with her jibe. Biting his lip tempestuously she could see he was doing everything in his power to restrain himself from sniping back at her. She reached her hand out towards his, squeezing it gently.

"Baby," she said softly, almost apologetically.

"Don't," he warned, stopping himself short. "I'm trying to be civil here. You're not helping by pushing my buttons."

Something changed behind her eyes as she considered arguing with him, but knowing where they were and what his point was she knew it wouldn't be the smartest idea for them to start a fight during someone else's celebrations. Nor would it look good if she started to create a scene. Quickly she looked down. Wyatt, seeing he had hurt her feelings more than he'd intended to, gently rubbed his thumb over the back of her fingers.

"Let's not do this today, okay?" he said softly. "I barely see you enough as it is. There are better things to do with our spare time than snipe at each other."

She lifted her eyes, forcing a smile as she looked at him. The smell of food was rife through the air and her vision was soon occupied as a plate of cooked bread appeared under her nose.

"Toast?" Paige asked, holding up the tongs. Bianca turned her head to look up at her. "Not just any ordinary toast, but French Toast. Feel like indulging a little?"

Bianca tilted her head a little as she looked back down at the plate Paige held before her. She heard the clatter of more dishes as Phoebe began laying out the dining room table with an assortment of other delicious appetizers as well.

"Go on," Wyatt said encouragingly. "You don't eat now, I won't treat you later."

This time her smile came more easily and she nodded. Paige lifted two pieces from the large plate and placed them on the smaller one set out in front of Bianca. She looked down at it, still unsure whether she'd be able to eat that much. She never had much of an appetite in the morning.

One of Wyatt's little cousins came running into the dining room then, making circles around her Aunt Paige before finally stopping with a crash against Bianca's chair. Bianca turned her head, looking down at her as she placed her little hands on Bianca's leg.

"Hey there," she said, her voice trilling in a musical lilt, the kind that adults always used on little kids.

"Mel, honey, stop that," Phoebe called out, seeing her daughter running riot.

Leo came through the door behind her, scooping Mel up off the floor and carrying her around to Phoebe.

"C'mon squirt. Time to stop playing and start behaving for mommy," Leo said as Phoebe took the little girl from him and sat her on her lap.

"Feeling hungry?" Phoebe asked. The little girl nodded.

"Hey cutie," Piper said as she came back into the room, lightly touching Mel's face as she passed. She took a seat at the table situated close to Phoebe. "So where are the other munchkins? Your magnificent husband taken them to school, has he?"

"Isn't he a darling?" Phoebe agreed. "He actually offered to do it on his way to work this morning. Completely surprised me! But he knows it's important to spend time with my sisters, especially on those celebratory days where we often get a little…" She lowered her voice, although knowing that it wouldn't surprise anyone with what she said. "Interference."

"School? Oh, that reminds me," Paige said, waving the tongs around in her hand as she paused midway up the table and stopped serving. "I really hope this isn't going to take to long. I can't hang around too long because I have to get to school, and you do realise what a bad impression that would make if the teacher was late to class."

She winked and Piper smiled. "Yes, I know. That's why this is only a breakfast thing. Wyatt has somewhere else to be today too."

"How is Amanda?" Leo asked, his arms folded on the table as he leant closer to Wyatt.

"How did you know it was Amanda?" Wyatt asked.

"Because when you're overly distracted and I can see your brain working overtime, I know you're trying to come up with a new solution in handling her."

Wyatt smiled, knowing his father was right. "She's doing okay. Still a little rebellious, but you know most runaways are. She should listen more. She's too uncaring. I think she actually likes frustrating me."

"You have to be patient with her," Leo said. "That's all you've got to do. She'll come through in the end."

"I'm quite aware of that. I'm just waiting for that first big breakthrough. Things will be a whole lot simpler then. Much less hectic." Wyatt looked towards Bianca, hoping she was listening in. Instead she seemed to be picking at the food in front of her, oblivious to any of the conversations going on.

"People, can I have your attention?" Chris asked, standing with glass in hand. They all looked up towards him, Paige taking a seat and picking up her own. "I just have to say how wonderful my parents are. They've been together for so long, through unimaginable difficulties, most of those to the degree which no other person has ever had to face. Their marriage is truly blessed, their lives not ideal but definitely memorable, and their kids," He smiled, giving them a wink. "Well I can't say they're anything but perfect. I can only hope our quest for an equally enduring love will succeed as well as yours has, although I think this one doesn't have to worry," He said, tossing his head back towards Wyatt. Glancing over to Bianca he smiled and nodded his head upwards in acknowledgement of her.

"All the best for the future, mom and dad," Wyatt added, lifting his glass.

"And many more happy years to come," Phoebe added.

"Here, here," Paige agreed, raising her glass.

They all raised their glasses - clinking them together, and sipping their prospective liquids from them. Eagerly they all dug into the food, a hustle bustle of activity around the table as they tried to fill their stomachs and, for some, to finish in time before their departure.

"Okay, I better get going," Paige said, brushing her hands as she finished. "If you need me you know where I'll be."

Piper made a move to clean up the plates, but Phoebe was quicker, standing and handing her young daughter over to Piper so she couldn't stand up.

"Oh no you don't. This is your special day, no work for you. I'll do the dishes. Just keep an eye on Mel for me, okay?" Phoebe requested, loading all the plates together into one pile.

"Sure," Piper said, smiling. She shifted Mel in her lap, playfully pressing her nose. "So what did you and Uncle Leo get up to?"

Chris, seeing Paige getting up to leave, hurriedly finished his breakfast and tossed the plate towards Phoebe. Paige began making her way towards the door and he followed her, finally catching her arm.

"Paige, Aunt Paige, wait," he said. Glancing around at the others, he pulled her just outside the doorway, finally letting go of her as his eyes drifted downwards. Shoving his hands in his pockets he shifted his feet uncomfortably. "I'm sorry I have to ask you this again, but I'm not getting paid until next week and I, uh, kind of ran out of money. I promised Sam I was going to take her to the movies Friday. Could you…?"

"You want money for the movies again," Paige finished calmly. "Chris, you don't have to act all coy about it. You do this to me all the time. It's a wonder your mother hasn't found out yet."

"I know. I promise I'll pay you back. As soon as I get a chance I'll come see you."

Paige smiled and shook her head. "Don't worry about it. You know you owe me big time though. Come to think about it that could come in handy if I ever need your help with something." Seeing the panicked look on his face she laughed. "Don't think like that, it's not going to be severe." She pulled some change out of her purse and handed it over to him. "There you go. Have fun, okay? Now I really have to go, I can't be late or I'll be severely punished, and then you'll be in trouble."

"Okay," he agreed, stepping aside and closing his fingers over the wad of notes in his hand. He turned to call after her: "Later!"

As he came back into the room he saw that Wyatt was also leaving. He passed him on his way back to his seat. Wyatt waved quickly to the others, saying hurried goodbyes, walking over to his mother and kissing her on the cheek. He ruffled Mel's hair, said a quick goodbye to his father, and made a hasty exit towards the door, grabbing Bianca's hand on the way. They stopped by the front door of the manor and he took both her hands in his.

"You do know where to wait for lunch, don't you?" he queried.

"Yes," she answered, a smile playing on her lips.

"I'm not going to have to force you to eat?" he questioned further.

"No. I'm sure I'll have worked up an appetite by then."

She looked up at him, taking in every feature on his face, trying to commit him to memory knowing it would be the last she would see of him today or at least for a few hours. She stared the longest at his eyes, seeing the mixture of both love and concern in them. She changed her grip in his hands as he bent down to her height, leaning in and kissing her goodbye.

"You better be there," she said playfully as he pulled back.

"You better be hungry," he returned.

"I just said I would, didn't I?" she said with a laugh.

"Make me believe you," he challenged.

She bit her lip, looking up at him. She always took him up on his challenges, but she knew if she did this time he wouldn't leave. Wrestling her hand loose from his grip she raised it to his face.

"Baby I could spend all day trying and I know you'd still use it as an excuse not to go." She brushed her thumb over his lips and looked at him tenderly, her eyes crossing his face once more. "And if you stay here for much longer taunting me with that handsome face of yours, I'm not going to let you." She moved her hand around to the back of his neck and pulled him down to kiss him again, her face lingering close to his for a few moments before she completely pulled away. "Now go."

He opened the front door, watching her as he did so. Picking up his belongings he quickly left. She took the handle into her hand, closing it behind him. Turning, she collapsed back against the door, resting her head against it as she looked up to the ceiling, thinking about how long it would be until she saw him again, feeling that small piece of her hollow inside and missing that she knew only felt misplaced when Wyatt wasn't around. Sighing she lifted herself back off the door, folding her arms and making her way back into the dining room.