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Author's Note: I decided to take a break from writing chapter 2 for "Spyro the Dragon: The Wrath of Waverin" and start a silly, pointless Spyro story. Play Spyro: A Hero's Tail before reading this because I have some characters from that game.

Camping Trip

Chapter 1: Invitations

It was a beautiful morning in the Dragon Kingdom. The birds were chirping, the sheep were eating grass, and the trees were, well… behaving like trees should behave. Everything was normal, or so it seemed… the birds flew away terrified as a cry echoed throughout the land.

"Hunter, look out!" Spyro's voice bounced off of the cliff walls surrounding them.

"That way, Spyro!" Hunter began running with the purple dragon as their pursuer followed close behind. Just as a hand reached out to grab them, Spyro spotted a path to their left. There was no time to tell Hunter to turn, so Spyro purposely collided into the cheetah, sending them both tumbling down the open path on their left. Spyro picked himself off of the ground and shook his head in an attempt to clear the dizziness away. Then he realized something. They had just missed being captured for the moment… but the path they were now in was also a dead end! The dragon gazed in disbelieve at the wall, as it stood taunting him, blocking their only escape. A loud moan from behind him told him that Hunter was coming to his senses. "Uhh… What happened…" the cheetah mumbled, gingerly putting his paw on his head. They both looked up as a dark and sinister shadow loomed over them.

"Now I've got you!" The attacker shouted triumphantly and reached out to grab them…

"Tag, you're it!" Elora turned and ran in the opposite direction.

"Man, I can't believe she got me!" Hunter exclaimed.

"Yeah…" Spyro's eyes widened as he realized that he should start running. Hunter suddenly remembered the object of the game "tag" and looked at Spyro with an evil grin on his snout. "Uh… look! Space Cows!" Spyro gasped and pointed a claw behind Hunter.

"Where!" the cheetah turned around. (I wonder way Hunter's always worried about Space cows…) "I don't see—wait, now I do… no that's not it…" Spyro wasted no time in sprinting away and joining Elora as she hid behind a bush nearby.

"Let's do something else." Elora and Spyro jumped and turned to find Hunter standing right next to them. "This is getting kinda boring."

"That's only because you're it," Elora replied.

"Actually, Elora, he's right. We've been playing tag for half an hour now and it's getting a little… dull." Spyro admitted with a sigh.

"Hmm…" They all stood there and started thinking about what they should do next. Suddenly, a light bulb appeared above Hunter's head.

"I know!" The light bulb flickered and went out. "Darn, I lost it…" He started thinking again. His light bulb jumped over and started floating over Spyro's head. Spyro looked up and pulled the string to turn it on.

"Let's go camping!" Spyro shouted, although his friends were standing right next to him. "We can all go camping and do fun things!"

"Like…?" Elora asked, curious to what kind of fun they could have camping.

"Like… go sleep in a tent outside under the stars!" Spyro was the only one with a grin on his face.

"… Can we go to the movies?" Hunter asked, clearly not convinced by the dragon's suggestion of "fun".

"Sure, why not?" Spyro shrugged.

"Count us in!" Elora announced, as Hunter nodded in agreement…

Two hours later…

"I hope everybody comes soon." Spyro nodded to the cheetah's statement. They had finished sending the invitations to everyone to come camping with them.

"Hey, Hunter? Exactly how many people did we invite?" Elora wondered.

"Um, let's see…" Hunter started counting on his fingers.


"I don't know. I lost count after seventy-two."

Just then there was a loud knock at the door, (they were in the Professor's laboratory.) and Spyro opened it. He quickly jumped onto a nearby table as tons of stampeding characters came charging in. Random characters from all of the Spyro games came flooding through the door like an angry mob. Hunter covered his ears as the room was filled with yelling and other commotion.

"May I please have your attention!" Spyro shouted over all of the noise, but it was no use.


All of the noise suddenly stopped as everyone looked up to see the doors nearly knocked off of their hinges. The sound of heavy footfalls and the clunk of a staff were the only things that broke the thick silence. Everyone watched as the furious orange/red dragon stormed over to the table, which Spyro was still standing on. The purple dragon frowned as he realized the situation at hand. "How dare you throw a party! All of my Gnorcs and servants aren't busy mining or planting my Dark Gems across the realms because they're "too busy" having "fun" at your celebration!"

"Um, it's not a "party", it's a camping trip," a random character in the room corrected, but soon wish he hadn't as the angry dragon turned and glared at him.

"…A camping trip…" The dragon turned back to Spyro and stepped closer so that his snout was inches away from Spyro's. "Tell me… why didn't I get an invitation!" Red demanded. (Yep, you guessed it, it's Red all right.)

"Uhh…" Spyro was at a loss for words. The purple dragon turned and glared at Hunter, who had started whistling.

"What?" the cheetah asked and continued to whistle innocently. As soon as everyone was done staring at him, he edged toward the trashcan and pulled a piece of paper out. "Psstt, Spyro!" Hunter whispered as quietly as possible and threw a paper airplane at the young dragon. Spyro caught it and opened it. After reading it quickly, he handed it to a still ranting Red, who was now arguing with the people who had been invited. Snatching it out of Spyro's claw, he growled and took his place in the crowd of characters.

"Okay, now that that's been settled, is everyone ready to go camping?" Spyro asked everyone.

"Can we go to the movies?" a Gem Cutter asked.


"Ready!" Everyone shouted, holding up movie tickets.

"Okay, first things first. We need to find a vehicle." Spyro continued, and pointed outside through the broken doors at a RV. "We'll take the RV for now."

"Spyro, are you sure there will be enough room?" Elora asked, raising an eyebrow at the thought of being crammed in a RV with over seventy people.

"Yeah, why wouldn't there be? It's not like we have over seventy people!"

"Actually there's seventy-three!" a random character shouted.

"Oh…" Spyro did the math and suddenly realized that seventy-three people couldn't fit in one RV. "Well, we'll take six RVs then."

"Where are we going to buy five more RVs?" Hunter questioned.

Two minutes later…

"That will be three million and three hundred Gems each." Moneybags replied.

"What!" Spyro's jaw dropped. "That's—that's—"

"—Attarocatosis!" Hunter finished.

"That's not even a word and I agree with Hunter." Elora added. "Moneybags, there is no way we are going to pay over three million for five RVs!"

"Hey, I even put a discount on that price!" the bear commented.

"I say we steal the RVs!" Ripto, (who had noticed that all of the keys to the RVs were still in the ignitions.) yelled from somewhere in the crowd of characters behind Spyro.

"Hear, hear!" some others agreed.

"You are not getting those RVs until you pay all—"

One second later…

Moneybags was gagged and tied to a chair nearby.

"Let's take the RVs already!" Ripto shouted impatiently. So Spyro, Elora, Hunter, Bianca, Red, Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc, and Agent 9 got in the first RV (which they had brought over from the Professor's lab.), and the rest hopped into the other five. Spyro sat at the driver's seat and pulled out a walkie-talkie.

"Spyro to RV numbers two, three, four, and five! Are you ready?"

"Sheila to RV number one! We're all set!"

"Bentley to RV number one! We're good!"

"Sgt. Byrd to RV number one! Ready for take off!"

"Hi Spyro! I knew you'd call me because you like me!"

"Ember, you're too young to drive! Let somebody else take the wheel!" Spyro replied. (Ember's the small pink dragon who has a crush on Spyro in A Hero's Tail, in case you forgot.)

"Sorry about that, this little twerp wouldn't let anyone else drive!" the Sorceress' voice crackled over the walkie-talkie. "She wouldn't let anyone older take care of it! Luckly, I'm one of the few old enough people in this RV to drive."

"Yeah, she's old enough alright…" Hunter commented rudely.

"Shh…" Elora shushed the cat.

"All right then. Let the trip begin!" Spyro shouted as they pulled out onto a road, which had just appeared out of nowhere.

Author's Note: There's the first chapter of my weird story. I hope it was good. I'm still working on the other story too, but I enjoy writing silly stories better than epic long ones… So please review and I'll continue… well, I'll most likely continue anyway…