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The Royal Cover Up

by Lady FoxFire

July 15, 2007

"We know you're involved," Officer Carlyn snarled as he jabbed at the photos of murder victims that were lying on the table in front of the suspect. "So drop that rubbish about being a teacher at hodwhatnot or whatever the fuck name it was; we know it's a front! You use it to trick people into opening their doors, so you can get access to their innocent children!"

"Back off, John," Officer Brewster's calming voice made Carlyn turn away to face the mirror. Brewster shot the suspect an apologetic smile. "Look, we searched for your school, Hag… Hogs…" flips through the papers trying to find the name.

"Hogwarts," the suspect said in an almost bored tone as he rested his chin on his hand.

"Hogwarts. Right, thanks," Brewster smiled as Carlyn turned and glared at his partner from near the mirror. "We've checked for any school by that name, but we haven't had any luck locating it. If you can help and give us a bit more information, we can straighten out this mess and get you out of here."

The Hogwarts professor sighed. "Perhaps you're spelling it wrong?" he said with a shrug of his shoulders

"That's possible," Brewster replied as he click the end of his pen. "How did you spell it again?"

"H O G W A R T S," the suspect spelled the name out as he watch the officer write it down

"And where is it located?" Brewster asked, never looking up from his paper.

"Scotland," the teacher replied, cocking his head to side as he watched the words form on the paper.

"Could you tell me where exactly it is located," the Officer asked. "Scotland is a rather big place."

"It's near a small town called Hogsmeade," The teacher replied.

Brewster wrote the information down. "I've never heard of that town. Where's that?"

"Walking distance from Hogwarts."

"Sod this!" Carlyn snarled. "Look, you piece of shit, we know you're involved with this!" he pointed at the photo once again. "We know about the damn letters the victim gets. We know that a 'professor' visits them. And we fucking know that the whole family ends up dead just days later!"

Carlyn lean across the desk until he's in the teacher's face. "I want to know how you're involved," he growled menacing. "I want names. I want to know everyone who's involved."

The teacher pulls back from Carlyn, his eyes widening. He licked his lips nervously. "You can't stop them. They're just too powerful."

"Yes we can," Brewster leaned forward to offer support as his partner moved back. "But we can only do it if you help us. Help us before they kill another family."

The suspect ran his hand nervously over his mouth. "You won't be able to protect me," he said softly. "They have people inside the government. They'll cover it up, just like they did last time. They took care of everyone involved and made it so no one could tell anyone else what they learned."

The detectives exchanged alarmed glances at each other.

"Look, Mr. Lupin--Remus--I can't promise you that we can protect you, but can you honestly live with yourself if you allow this to happen again?" Brewster asked, fanning the photos out on the table.

Looking at the photos on table, Remus carefully picked one of them up. It was a photo of a very young child, little more than a baby. He ran a gentle finger over the photo of the smiling dark haired child. "I lost my best friends to those bastards. All that was left was their son, and he was taken away from me too. They said that I couldn't protect him. They promised me they would keep him safe."

"And you work for these people?" Carlyn's eyes widening with disgust.

Looking up from the picture, his pain-filled eyes begged Carlyn to try and understand situation. "I don't have a choice… not if I ever want to see Harry again," Remus took one more looked at the photo before he set it down.

"We need names," Brewster tried to coax the names out of the broken man. "We'll put them away for life. I promise you that."

Remus closed his eyes, and taking a shaky breath he said softly. "Elizabeth."

"Elizabeth what?" Brewster asked as he leaned forward. "If we're to help you, … help you find Harry we need a last name."

"Windsor. Elizabeth Windsor, the second," Remus's now opened eyes glinting with amusement.

"What!" the detectives cried in outrage at the mention of the Queen's name.

"And Prince Charles," Remus continued on ignoring their reactions. "He knows, and so does the Prime Minister."

"You fucking son of a bitch," Carlyn roared as he pulled his fist back and slammed it into Remus jaw, knocking him to the floor with the force of it.

Brewster immediately grabbed Carlyn and pulled him away from Remus. " Get out John, now," Brewster said icily as he pushed his partner towards the door.

"Damn bastard. He was playing them the whole time," Sean spat as he watched the man they had arrested at his home through the one way mirror. "He knows something, Captain. He knows exactly who's behind in these killings."

"I'm not disagreeing with you on that, O'Connell," A big burly man said as he sipped his coffee. "But there is no much we can do until the Yard gets here."

"Yeah. I know," O'Connell said around clenched teeth, letting out a frustrated snarl, "but they're after my boys. They're after my Mary."

The captain placed a hand on Sean's shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze. "We're not going to let them lay one finger on your family, Sean. I promise you that," he said.

"Excuse me, Captain Finn?" a voice spoke up from behind them

The two police officers turned as one to find two men in plain clothes standing just inside the doorway. The bearing of the intruders told any who knew what to look for that they were from the government I don't think that MI5 and MI6 are strictly the jurisdiction of the military .

"Yes?" Captain Finn replied as he took step forward.

"I'm Mr. Jones and this is Mr. Smith. MI-5," the tallest of the men said as an introduction. "We're here about Mr. Lupin."

"And what does MI-5 want with him?" Captain Finn asked.

"I believe that is something that we should discuss in your office, Captain," Mr. Smith said with a nod towards the door as Jones stepped farther into the room.

Finn's eyes narrowed. "Gentlemen," he growled stepping toward the door.

Jones stepped into the room. "I'll stay here with Mr…" he nodded towards Sean.

"O'Connell. DS Sean O'Connell," Sean said as he studied the men.

"Right. I'll stay here with DS O'Connell and Mr. Lupin," Jones raised his paper coffee cup in a toast. "Wouldn't want him to just vanish into thin air now, would we?"

Smith sighed and rolled his eyes before following Captain Finn to his office.

Crossing the room, the MI-5 agent stood in front of the one way mirror.

Sipping his coffee, Jones watched Lupin through the glass as their suspect picked his nails.

"Has he said anything?" Jones said, breaking the uneasy silence that had fallen in the room.

Sean shrugged his shoulders. "He claims to know those involved in the murders, but claims that they work in the government." He let out an amused snort. "He actually claimed that the Royal Family and the Prime Minister were involved."

Jones nodded his head. "Anything else?"

O'Connell turned and looked at agent. "He claims that the only reason he's involved is because he hopes to see a child named Harry again," Sean stated his disbelief evident in this voice. "Claims the boy was his best friend's son."

Jones nodded his head at the information before allowing silence to settle between them again as they watched the prisoner.

Without looking at O'Connell, Jones said, "He's telling the truth."

"What?" Sean turned and looked at MI-5 agent.

"He's telling the truth about the Royal Family and the Prime Minister." Jones sipped his coffee. "They've been part of the cover up for years."

"What? How…That's not possible!" Sean sputtered. "I mean, something like that can't remain a secret! Why would they have to involve…? Why help keep it secret?"

"Your son, Harry is a special boy isn't he?" the MI-5 agent stated, ignoring Sean's comments

Sean stared at Jones confused by the sudden change in topic and the mention of his son.

"I'm willing to say that unusual things happen when he's around. People's hair have sometimes change color spontaneously, objects disappear and reappear in other locations, and he sometimes knows something that no one else would know unless they were involved."

Sean's eyes narrowed. "What does my son have to do with this case?" he growled

"Everything, DS O'Connell." Jones said as he finally turned and looked at Sean. "He has everything to do with it.

Sean stared at Jones waiting for an explanation.

"You see Mr. Lupin really is a teacher and Hogwarts really is a school," Jones explained. "It's a school for those with special talents, like your son. It's a place where children like him learn to hone their talents."

"For the government," Sean said, his hand slowly curling into a fist.

"No. Not for the government, for themselves," Jones told him. "Hogwarts has existed for a thousand years, and while it sometimes works in conjection with the British government, the government has never controlled the school."

"And the Letter Murders?" Sean demanded. "How do they tie into all of this?"

Turning so he could lean against the wall next to him, Jones cast a weary looked at Sean. With a heavy sigh he, started to explain. "About 30 years ago, a terrorist, who shares the same special talent as your son, decided to start killing off anyone he decided was not…pure enough or who didn't fall down and worship him. One of his followers was somehow able to gain access to the list of new students. I'm sure you can figure out the rest."

Sean nodded his head. "The only problem with that is that these murders go back decades. One or two years I could believe but someone had to notice something."

"Yeah," Jones drained his cup. "Blame the politicians."

"O'Connell," Captain Finn said as he walked into the room with Mr. Smith with a glazed look in his eyes. "Make sure you get Mr. Lupin's address and phone number in case the solicitors want to contact him."

"Sir?" Sean stared in surprise.

"I know it's an air tight case, but you never know when it comes to those damn solicitors," Finn stated. "With the description Mr. Lupin was able to provide us, we'll have those thieves in prison in no time."

Sam blinked at his captain a number of times very fast. "Umm Captain?"

"Just make sure Mr. Lupin knows that fighting crime is the police's job, and next time he's to call us and not to get involved."

"Yes sir," Sam stared in confusion to the Captain's retreating back. Slowly, he turned to the two other men in the room, bemusement evident in his eyes.

"It's his fault," Jones jerked his thumb in Smith's direction, and Smith just rolled his eyes.

"But..." Sean sputtered.

"How much have you explained to him?" Smith asked.

Jones shrugged his shoulders. "Hogwarts is real. The government and the Crown are involved in a cover. And I was just starting on Moldiewart and his Deathies."

"So in other words, no where," Smith sighed.

Jones just shrugged his shoulders. "Figured I would let Remus do his job."

Smith just shook his head and headed for the interrogation room.

"Smith's pretty good at modifying peoples' minds," Jones explained. "He has everyone at the station believing that Lupin chased away a couple of guys who were mugging a little old lady."

"And you?" Sean said with a hostile tone to his voice.

"Me? I'm just like you. No special talent at all. My job is to keep Smith out of trouble," Jones explained as Smith and Lupin walked into the room.

"And we won't go in to how wonderfully you do your job now will we?" Smith growled.

Jones shrugged his shoulders. "I warned you not to try to pick up that woman at the bar," Jones said with a grin. "It's not my fault that she turned out to be a he."

"How was I to know she was a he!" Smith replied as his face turned red. "She… he looked like a woman. Bloody hell, he had breasts!"

"Adam's apple," Sean and Remus said at the same time.

"Huh?" Smith replied. "What does an apple have to do with anything?"

"I'll explain it later," Jones said with a smirk.

"Mr. O'Connell," Remus said holding his hand out to Sean, "it's a pleasure to meet you."

"Umm… yeah," Sean said as he shook Remus's hand. "Ah about all…."

"Not the first time I've been arrested," Remus replied with a smirk. "Of course, I wasn't a teacher at the time either. Look, it's late. You probably have your son hidden somewhere safe, so why don't we save this talk for another time?"

"All right," Sean ran his hand through his hair.

"Shall we say tomorrow at ten?" Remus suggested.

"Yeah. I suppose," Sean had the wide-eyed look of a man who was out of his depth.

"Excellent. I shall see you and your family tomorrow." And with that Remus vanished with a soft crack.

"Where did he go?" Sean said as he stared at the spot that Remus had just been.

"He apparated," Smith replied.

"Teleported," Jones translated.

"But that's… that's impossible," Sean babbled.

"Yeah, that what I said when they came to tell my sister she was 'special'," Jones said. "How about we go get a pint and I'll tell you some more about what to expect?"

"I still want to know why you need an apple owned by some fellow named Adam to be able to tell a bloke dressed as a woman from a real bird," Smith grumbled.

MI5 - Security Service - deals with domestic intelligence. This would be the American version of the FBI

MI6 - Secret Intelligence Service - deals with foreign intelligence. This would be the American version of the CIA.

DS- Stands for Detective Sergeant, ranked higher than the uniformed police and lower than police inspectors.