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Summary: Katsuma is your usual medic-nin in Konoha. He is in a romantic relationship with this very cute girl named Ayame. Therefore he wants to propose to her. And here lies the problem. Had he mention that Ayame's last name is Uchiha?

Kinda AU. In this story, Sasuke doesn't leave Konoha.

Meet The Uchiha

By: Lafine

Tachibana Katsuma was in a deep shit.

Of course you can't take that sentence literally because it would be totally disgusting if he was literally in deep shit. No, he was in a figuratively deep shit. But to us, readers, it didn't matter since he was the one in trouble. Let's continue.

What could be troubling the nice lad in the Chuunin vest so much? Perhaps his friend in arm could tell you.


Nara Shikatori just raised an eyebrow and snorted before he ambled out from the room and into the hospital corridor, stopping for a moment at the front desk to sign out from the hospital.


Or maybe not. Let's just observe then.

It seems that Katsuma was searching frantically for something. He turned every paper, book and tools on top of his table leaving the usually neat space that is his cubicle in chaos.

Where is it? Where is it? Where is that thing! He screamed mentally, his eyes scanning the place with laser intensity. He noticed a glint of light from under the table and immediately dived under to inspect it further, hoping against hope that it was the thing he had been looking for.

And it was. He whooped happily when he secured the precious thing in his hand.

"Katsuma, what are you doing down there?" An inquiring voice asked from somewhere outside the under table.

A loud THWACK, a result when human's skull met hard surface, with an equally loud "OW!" was the response.

"A, Ayame!" Eyes wide in panic, Katsuma shoved his left hand into his pant's pocket quickly and rubbed his sore head with his right hand, all the while looking cutely sheepish in front of his 3 years girlfriend. "Nothing, nothing at all."

Her green eyes crinkling in amusement, Uchiha Ayame smiled. "If you say so." She said good-naturedly. She eyed the bump on her boyfriend's head and her hand reached to him to rub it.

Katsuma gave her another sheepish smile and lowered his hand. Big mistake.

He watched in horror as the thing fell off from his hand. It met the floor in a loud tinkling sound (at least, that's how he heard it) and rolled in the very, very wrong direction. The thing wobbled when it collided with a leather shoe, rendering its journey short.

Two pair of eyes zeroed in at the thing.

"Is that?" Ayame asked uncertainly.

Katsuma had to push the answer from his dry throat. "Yeah." Stupid, stupid, STUPID me. It's not supposed to be like this! "So, will you?" He asked with more uncertainty.

One minute passed with deafening silence, their gaze still locked on the thing.

Another medic-nin happened to crash upon the scene. "Hey Tachibaba, do you…" She stopped, took one good look at the situation and hastily left the scene with a swift, "Sorry to disturb."

Katsuma risked a glance when Ayame didn't say anything for another two minutes. Her silence had brutally killed his hope. However, a brilliance smile on Ayame's face revived it again. Wow, her teeth can compete with Gai-san for the blinding smile award. "So, do you?"

"Of course!" Ayame yelled, pouncing on her boyfriend and putting him in a tight hug that could put any pro-wrestler into shame. "Of course I'll marry you."

Katsuma smiled happily though his head was yet again collided with the table when she pounced on him. He even forgot to breathe at the sheer happiness he was in. Well, that was until colorful spots started to appear on his sight. "Ayame… need… air." He gasped out.

"Oh, oops." Ayame laughed guiltily, releasing him. Katsuma sucked on the precious oxygen before he grinned. He kissed her and gave her a hug of his own. She whispered to him, "Sorry about that, Katsuma."

"No problem. So when do you want the wedding?" He asked, his figurative self soaring high on the blue sky above.

Ayame's expression went from happy to startled, worried look. "Oh no, I hasn't tell my parents."

Katsuma's figurative self take a plummet into solid earth.

Then Ayame smiled and said something that almost made Katsuma running away. "I know, how about you spend the weekend with my family? You can get to know each other."

Katsuma laughed weakly. "Are you sure I won't be a problem? I don't want to impose on your parent."

"Nonsense." Ayame lectured. "You're going to be my husband and their soon-to-be son in law. They would welcome you happily."

"Well, then, uh, this weekend?" He asked, his tone filled with dread.

Ayame answered, oblivious. "Of course. Ooh, I have to tell them now. You don't mind I tell them now, do you? Alright, see you soon. I'll pick you up on your house tomorrow. Bye."

And she was gone with a poof before Katsuma could protest. The ring was gone with her.

The previous medic-nin came back. "I see you're getting hitched to the famous Uchiha. Good luck, buddy."

Katsuma gave another weak smile. Luck. Yeah, he's going to need it when he faced Ayame's father. Uchiha Sasuke.


AN: What do you think? I got this idea when I watched 'Meet The Parents' and 'Meet The Fockers' at my friend's house. Greg is simply a guy with bad luck waiting for him at every corner.

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