AN: Sorry if I didn't give the description of the characters before.

Tachibana Katsuma: Our poor protagonist. He has light brown hair and violet eyes. His personality… well, just imagine Iruka's personality in Kira Yamato's body (from Gundam Seed). Friendly and nice. The kind of guy you will love to have as a friend. He and Ayame are 19 years old.

Uchiha Ayame: Third child. She looks just like Sakura albeit her shoulder-length hair is black. She is the Inner Sakura personified.

Uchiha Sasuke: Same old, same old. Only now he's 42 and has 4 kids. A famous ANBU captain and the head of interrogator team (he replaced Ibiki).

Uchiha Sakura: Now that she quit her ninja life (it's all Sasuke's fault, trying to impregnate her every year), her pink hair was down to her waist and was done in braid. She replaced Tsunade to tutor many medic-nins of Konoha.

Uchiha Sumire: The eldest son. 20 years old. Perfect carbon copy of his father, not as angsty though. He doesn't have to face family massacre in his early life after all. Surprisingly though, he MARRIED Naruto's daughter, who in fact was more like her father than her mother.

Uchiha Tsubaki: The second son, Sumire's twin. Looks like Sasuke but personality wise he is Naruto.

Uchiha Aoi: The youngest son. 10 years old. The only child with dark red hair. Black hair seemed to be the dominant gene. Also have green eyes just like his mother.

Meet The Uchiha

By: Lafine

As Konoha's Rokudaime (Sixth Hokage), Uzumaki Naruto had faced many things. From the most serious to the most baffling. There was one time he had to fight in the Konoha x Sound War as the front soldiers. The fact that he was the one who landed the killing blow to Orochimaru always made him proud and squeamish at the same time.

The most baffling event in his life, he was seriously considering to demote that one memory to be number two, was when HE had to help Gamabunta's wife lay eggs. Who knows that Gamabunta's wife was bigger than Gamabunta himself. And more ferocious. He would never forget how the female toad almost crushed him for misplacing an egg. Female is scary like that.

But it was nothing compared to this one.

Did Sasuke, THE Uchiha Sasuke, just asked him to go for ramen! And he's paying! What the world has turned into when he's not looking?

Naruto blinked. Maybe it was a joke. The person before him might be Kiba using henge to prank him. But the scowl was too sullen to be Kiba.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked inquiringly. "Are you really you?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. Even though Naruto was the Hokage, he sure could be a retard sometimes.

"Who else can I be, dobe?" He threw the report scroll just to alleviate some of his anger.

Naruto caught it before it smacked him on the face. "I mean, did you just ask me to go to Ichiraku? For dinner!" He contemplated it for a second. "Did you make Sakura angry again?"

Sasuke glared. "If you don't want to go, just say so." He prepared to leave the room but Naruto hurriedly answered.

"No, no, no. Of course I will. Meet me there at six, okay." Naruto gave Sasuke his famous fox grin and waved happily. "Just don't forget you're paying."

Sasuke would've snorted if it's not undignified.

He exited the room and Naruto leaned back to his chair, thinking out loud on why Sasuke, of all people, would like his company. He knew that he and Sasuke are best friend (though Naruto preferred to face Gamabunta's wife again than to say that) but he also knew that Sasuke was the kind of person who treasured silence. Something that wouldn't happen if he, Uzumaki Naruto Hokage extraordinaire, was around. So, why?

Hmm, maybe Ayame-chan gets another suitor.


As a shinobi, Katsuma learned to read underneath the underneath. But was there any other reason underneath the glare that screamed 'DIE, DIE, DIE! You worthless wimp!' ?

Nope, he didn't think so. And he was NOT being paranoid.

Even if he was scared for his life, Katsuma was doing his best to ignore the multiple glares sent to him. Uchiha Sumire, Ayame's older brother, was mimicking his father and sent him the threatening glare while his twin brother, Uchiha Tsubaki, only sent Katsuma a pitying look. Uchiha Aoi, Ayame's little brother, was the least affected person in the dining room, throwing him one or two interested look.

"Hey, stranger. Pass me the soy sauce." Didn't mean the little red-head doesn't give him a hard time.

Forcing a smile on his face, Katsuma reached for the sauce bottle. Ayame beat him to it. "Watch your mouth, brat," she threw the bottle all the while glaring at her little brother.

Aoi smirked, looking very much like his father, and caught the glass bottle easily. He poured its content on his okonomiyaki smugly. "Whatever you say, sis."

Ayame fumed and skewered her meal with her chopsticks, wishing she could do the same with the males of her family, except Tsubaki-niisan of course. She relayed a silent code to her sister-in-law with her eyes. Hikari, Naruto's daughter AKA the-one-who-leads-her-husband-by-his-nose, glared at said husband. Sumire threw his wife a distinct pout before he ate his food sullenly.

One down. Two to go.

Sakura was a patient woman. She might not be as patient as Hinata in dealing with frustrating, stubborn male but she had her share of them. Sure she loved her husband and willing to do anything to please him. But honestly! There was time when she wished she could tie and whipped him so he would do anything she said.

Wait, that sounded like a SM play. Forget she thought that.

How about let him suffer without dinner for a week? Inner Sakura suggested. 'No, I used that one too often.' Sakura thought back.

Nevertheless, while Sakura was lost in heated debate with her inner self, her husband was free to intimidate his poor soon-to-be son-in-law (he won't be if Sasuke had his way). "So, Tachibana." He drawled, making everyone at the table turned to him. "What is your goal in life?"

Surprised that THE Uchiha Sasuke started a conversation first, Katsuma immediately smiled.

"Please, just call me Katsuma, Sasuke-san." Another glare from Sasuke made Katsuma to falter. "Uh, I want to be a special medic-nin like Sakura-san." He answered Sasuke's question hastily, not wanting to be on Sasuke's bad side (he already was, anyway).

Sakura smiled graciously at Katsuma. "Oh, I'm sure you will become a good medic-nin, Katsuma-kun. If you want, I can lend you some of my scroll."

"Can I?" Katsuma asked hopefully. The prospect of studying new jutsu made him forget of the danger that was Uchiha Sasuke.

"Of course." Sakura gave a mischievous glance towards her daughter. "You and Ayame can make a wonderful team."

Ayame blushed.

"Talking about team." Sasuke interrupted harshly. "I suggest you prepare yourself for the game tomorrow, Tachibana."

Katsuma looked at Sasuke with confusion. Knowing he wouldn't get any answer from the stoic Uchiha, he turned to his girlfriend. "What game?"

"It's a hunting game, Katsuma-kun. The players are divided into two groups and one of the groups will hunt the other. Basically it's like a hide and seeks but we can fight the pursuer if they catch us." Ayame looked ecstatic. "It was a customary game between Uchiha and Uzumaki family, Katsuma. It's been a long time since the last game." She turned her grateful albeit a little confused look at her father and beamed him with a big smile. "That means father is welcoming you to this family."

"No, I'm…" Sakura kicked Sasuke under the table when he about to deny and gave him the 'look'. Sasuke shut up and pouted much like his first son.

"Anyway." Tsubaki chirped, breaking the suffocating threat in the dining room. "If dad doesn't mind, I want to invite Raito and Misa-chan to the game. You know, to change the atmosphere."

To everyone's surprise, Sasuke agreed readily. He never invited other people than Kakashi in their bi-weekly game with the Uzumaki, calling that game as family time. Sakura always gave him a gentle smile, Kakashi would crinkle his lone eye in amusement and Naruto would tease him whenever he acted like a spoiled brat over the topic. They knew how big the meaning of family to Sasuke and they were happy to be classified as a family by the antisocial bastard as Naruto said it.

Inviting Katsuma was one thing since he was Ayame's soon-to-be husband (again, not if Sasuke had his way) but to invite the Hyuuga as well?

"Sasuke, do you feel alright?" Sakura asked concern etched into her emerald green eyes.

"Yeah, dad. Did you hit your head in the last assignment?" Tsubaki asked as well. It was scary to see the younger version of Sasuke scrunched up his nose like Naruto would. "Maybe you should rest for a while."

"I'm fine!" Sasuke scowled.

Everyone went to finish their own meal after that.


"Mom, do you see dad? I want to show him my new jutsu." Aoi asked from the kitchen's door.

Sakura turned her eyes from the dish to her youngest son then to her daughter-in-law. "Hikari, do you see Sasuke?"

"I saw him and Sumire went outside half an hour ago." Hikari answered. "Sumire said he want to buy a new set of kunai."

"Oh man, I want to hear the plan too." Aoi groaned. Then he remembered who he was talking too.

"A-O-I." Crap, was his immediate thought. "What do you mean with plan?"

Aoi gave her mother an innocent smile. "Nothing, mom. Oh look at the time, I have to meet my friends at the market. Bye, mom. Bye, Hikari-neechan."

And with that, the youngest Uchiha was gone from the kitchen. Sakura and Hikari looked at each other warily.

"You don't think…" Sakura started.

"Knowing them, yes they will." Hikari ended.

Sakura groaned. "Men. They're a headache. Poor Katsuma-kun."

Hikari smiled at her distressed in-law. "Don't worry too much, Sakura-san." That smile turned into a fox grin. "We can make our own plan too."

"I'm all ears." Sakura grinned as well.

Tsubaki almost dropped his bottle of milk when loud giggles resounded in the hall. He looked into the kitchen where the sound came from and almost wish he didn't. Sakura and Hikari plastered their innocent smiles at him but he knew there was something evil about that smile.

"Tsubaki, honey. We need to talk to you." His mother said.

"Um, okay. What is it?" He asked suspiciously.

Their smile turned evil. Tsubaki knew he was toasted, either by his father and older brother for following his mother's plan or by his mother, his sister-in-law AND his little sister if he refused.

He took the lesser of the two evils.

"Glad you decide to choose this side, son." Sakura smirked, not unlike her husband.

"I might be stupid sometimes mom but I'm not insane enough to risk female's wrath." Tsubaki grumbled. He just hoped he had a mission far, far away from Konoha for a long time after the weekend was over. After all, everyone who knew Sasuke for a long time know that he was someone who hold grudge for a long time and Sumire was, as the villager often say, his father's carbon copy.

For the hundredth time in his life he asked God why he wasn't born in the Uzumaki family. Hinata-san wasn't as demanding as his mother and she made a mean miso ramen.

End chapter 3