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Story Summary: Two-Bit and Marcia did have a pretty good time at the movies. What if she chose to continue the friendship? But . . . is there a catch?

Author Notes: Hrm. My first story starring Two-Bit Mathews. XD Go me. Anyway, I don't expect it to be perfect or fabulous or wonderful, okay? I just think that it'll be . . . okay, I guess?

Girl Troubles


Two-Bit's POV

It started as an ol' regular day—y'know, crackin' jokes, teachers proving how stupid they are by sitting in chairs with glue on 'em, and having those stupid Socs walk by us in the halls at school. But it ended pretty different—for the better, I think. Actually, I hope.

It started around lunch time, the Monday after Ponyboy and Johnny ran away. Man, I really hope they're okay. It's driving everyone crazy wondering if they're okay. I mean, I wanna find 'em so bad. Plus, Darry's been going insane, and driving everyone else insane along with him. And at school. Man, it's harsh. I can practically BREATHE the tension between us and the Socs. The halls at school are like some kind of jungle or arena or something now. But it's under control, 'cause as long's I got my switch on me, I'll be fine.

But then she came along. That good-lookin' Soc, Marcia, from the night at the movies. I just had to avoid her, though something in my stomach turns over whenever I do. I mean, she's a Soc! She minded her rep and everything—until now, I guess.

So there I was, leanin' against my locker when she walks straight up to me. At first I'm thinkin', "Does she wanna get killed or something!" But then, I played it cool, even though I knew there were like, a billion Socs watching me. I was gonna tuck my shirt in, but then decided not to.

"Hey, Two-Bit." She was real casual.

"Marcia," I said, nodding towards her, in that same casual tone of voice.

"Wanna hang out later?"

My heart jumped. I thought I was gonna throw it all up on her shoes. Swallowing my joy, I managed my first sane-looking grin in quite a long time.

"Sure." I was surprised that I didn't yell that. See that, Socs? She chose me, not you! I wanted to rub it in their ape-looking, snotty, rich faces.

"I'll see you later, then," she smiled. Oh, that smile. It would be the one I'd never be able to forget—ever.

This was the beginning of what I would call the rise and fall of Two-Bit Mathews.

Author Notes: I hope I don't get any flames. Xx; Well, this is my first Two-Bit fanfic, as I said earlier, and this chapter's just the introduction. XD So . . . yeah. I didn't make it long because of that. I want to keep you peoples guessing. XP And, please review!