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Girl Troubles

Marcia's POV

Okay, so I was dared to do this . . . I didn't think that it'd mess everything up completely. That day, I looked at myself one more time in the mirror of my locker, sighing. "Are you sure this is a—"

"Of course!" my friend said, quickly running a brush through her hair. Then, she looked at me with eyes that were obviously challenging me. "What? Are you . . ." her voice became quieter and more teasing, ". . . chicken?"

I shook my head. "Of course not!" I was NOT going to chicken out on this one—I needed to prove myself. Ever since that night at the movies, my friends had been teasing me about hanging out with greasers. Two-Bit wasn't a bad guy, but . . . well . . . he's from the West Side. And I'm from the East. I needed to prove to everyone that I had no feelings attached to him . . .

But that was a bad move, because I couldn't say that I didn't like him. I swear, that guy's quite the charmer, and if he wasn't a greaser, well . . .

Well, that's all behind me now. Anyway, I looked at my friend once more. "Wish me luck," I said to her, and she let out something that sounded a bit like a squeal. As I walked to his locker, I noticed that some of the greaser guys were eyeing me. I was kind of freaked out, and my heart was pounding like you couldn't believe.

I took in one quick breath. He was leaning against his locker and looking the other way, trying to avoid me or something, but he knew that I was coming towards him. "Hey, Two-Bit," I said as casually as I could. I needed to sound as friendly as I could, even though I wanted to turn on my heel and walk away. But I didn't want to leave him, of course, but I just didn't want anyone else watching.

"Marcia," he said, nodding towards me. I could tell that he was trying to play cool, too. It was like we were in the same boat—playing cool in front of the other class.

I hesitated, though I knew exactly what to say. "W-wanna hang out later?"

He looked surprised, and I was trying not to blush. "Sure," he replied.

"I'll see you later, then," I said quickly, smiling as sweetly as I could at him. I turned away, and even though I looked happy, a knot in my heart was twisting, because I could only image what he'd do when I finished what I was dared to do.

"What?" I blurted out, surprised at what I was hearing. "I didn't even—"

"Marcia, don't try to change it now."

I gave my teacher a flat look. I heard one of the guys behind me snickering. That . . . RRG! I can't believe him. He glued my teacher's book together, and I needed to glue together something of mine, and since my teacher picked up the book and saw it, she blamed me, because I was carrying the "weapon of destruction" at the time.

'Two-Bit would never do something like that to me,' I thought, and then shook my head. I didn't want to think about him. When I wouldn't show later, what would he say? Well, my dare wouldn't be really completed, and he'd never talk to me again.

But . . . why did I care so much? I let out a sigh, and my teacher just looked at me as if saying, 'Get over it'. When she turned around, I glared at her.

"Wait here," she instructed, and I slouched against a locker. We Soc girls aren't supposed to slouch like that, but since no one was watching, I decided that I would anyway. "Right. Today you will be cleaning the cafeteria with a fellow student. I hope you will have no monkey business whatsoever," I heard her say. "Follow this young man to the cafeteria," she instructed.

Rolling my eyes, I did so. I looked at the back of whoever the guy was, and I noticed that Two-Bit was wearing that same shirt today. "Marcia . . ." I heard him say.

'Of course!' I thought, 'It is Two-Bit!' "Yeah?" I answered him, smirking.

"Huh—?" he looked over his shoulder at me. I could see that he was getting red, and I was trying hard not to giggle. "Uh, what're you doin' here at this time?" he asked, trying not to look into my eyes.

"I have detention," I replied flatly.

He looked up at me. "Really? What d'you have to do?" Two-Bit asked, sounding a bit happy. I wondered why he did, but oh, well. Maybe that's how greasers are.

"Clean the cafeteria."

"So do I. Guess we're stuck together on this one, huh?"

I grinned, suddenly happy that I had detention with him and not any other guy. "So much for the 'no monkey business' thing, huh?" I punched him on the shoulder. Two-Bit seemed like the real friend that I could never have . . .

"Let's dump out that junk cafeteria food they have planned for tomorrow!" he suggested.

"Okay, I heard it was gross, anyway," I flipped my hair—not to show off, but out of habit. Most of we Socs have a tendency to do that.

I can't really remember what else we talked about, but I know that it was hilarious. I liked hanging out with him. It didn't even feel like we were 'going out'. We were . . . 'hanging out'.

Two-Bit waved a bit of left over food in my face, and I smacked it away with my glove. "Ew, that's gross!"

"We're animals, aren't we?" he said, and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Got that right," I replied, wiping my glove on his sleeve.

"Hey! What was that for?"

"Because I wanted to," I shrugged.

He then took his glove and put some of this weird brown left over stuff on my nose. "Two-Bit!" Instead of immediately acting or anything like a Soc guy would do, he laughed. Socs value their reputations, and it seems like greasers just wanted to have fun, like Two-Bit.

After what seemed to be forever, we finally cleaned everything up, and Two-Bit sat down, and I took the seat next to him. "So . . . I didn't expect our first date to be so . . . school-like." School-like? I mentally hit myself on the head. But instead of making fun of me, he laughed, and put one arm around me.

"School-like it was."

I felt really bad. I knew what I had to do, but now I wonder . . .

Was it worth it?

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