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Peace of Mind

Chapter 1: Starting Over

"Trapped inside

Places i'm starting to hate

Stuck inside

Wasted I fall into place

Watching the world

And waiting for something to change"

Susan Lewis arrived in Chicago to interview around town and have lunch with Mark. She got reacquainted with the nurses and Carter, noting on how he matured since the last time she saw him as a Med student. Susan also met Elizabeth and was later offered a job by Mark. When she questioned about Kerry's opinion in the matter, shocked to hear she was till at County, Mark told her not to worry since they desperately needed the doctors. Chen and Kerry discussed an upcoming risk management meeting for the Marfan's patient death and while Kerry's presence was't required, she was there anyway. At the meeting, the focus quickly shifted away from Chen to Kerry, as she was forced to admit that Chen was 5 days short of attending status and she herself was off hospital grounds. After Kerry decided to save her own ass, Chen was suspended for a month and had to resign her Chief Residency. But Chen found a solution to that problem quickly as she told Kerry to go to hell and quit. Kerry offered Chen's position to Carter, who was undecided. He didn't want to take what Chen rightfully earned. By the end of that day, Kerry watched silently as Dave and Lucy cleaned out their lockers then attempted to unwind at a gay bar while rethinking what she'd done and how she'd lost 3 doctors, and was butting heads with yet Mark again. Carter tried to talk to Lucy but she blew him off telling him to go to hell again. After that, Carter went to the roof and found Chen. They talked for a bit and Chen told him to take the Residency but to make sure that he doesn't give up everything for it. He knew that she was talking about her son and how she regretted her decision now more than ever.

Mark and Elizabeth treated a six-year-old Edwards Syndrome patient, whose parents abandoned him while he was in surgery. Disgusted by their actions, Elizabeth was dumbfounded ad unsure of what to do. Peter had to resort to calling Roger to pick up Reese after he was tied up treating a man who tried to kill himself for the insurance money for his family. While the man's actions had a good cause at heart, he died. The waitress, French, from Luka's favorite bar appeared with a cut hand. As Abby watched somewhat jealously, Luka helped her after her boss threatened her immigration status.

Kerry prepareed to call her birth mother, while she treated a man who was accidentally run over by his daughter while she was drunk. Susan's first day back was typically hectic, as she well remembered, while she treated a girl with an Ectopic pregnancy who refused to stay for treatment followed by a man faking a coma to escape his bookie. Abby seemed to notice the chemistry between Susan and Carter and got a little jealous, which made a little sense later on when she remembered the waitress flirting with Luka. Cleo had gotten a better job 40 minutes outside of Chicago while Greene household was pretty crazy now that Rachel was living with them. After Elizabeth lost another patient to a post-op infection, an investigation was launched and someone was assigned to shadow her all day to check her cleanliness. Peter panicked when Roger revealed that he couldn't find Reese-it turned out that Jackie had picked him up from school after he got in a fight. Carter's day as Chief Resident was marred a little when his grandmother came into the ER after slipping.

Susan and Carter attended a Yoga class before work and discovered an outbreak of Meningococcus. Abby discovered later on that Luka had Nicole, the French waitress, hired as a runner even though she doesn't know what she's doing and flirts with a fireman with a broken leg. Carter and Abby discussed their relationship a bit and she told him that if he loved Lucy, he should tell her. he was shocked to hear her say that when he didn't even mention Lucy; she told him that it was written all over his face. Elizabeth continued to be shadowed by Infection Control and looked for a pattern after her fourth post-op sepsis death. She discovered that an official investigation had been launched into her being an "Angel of Mercy" and the police would be contacting her. Elizabeth also fought with Rachel when she discovered she'd left Ella unattended. Peter tells Roger that he didn't want him having any more contact with Reese. He was afraid that Resse loved Rodger more than him, though he'd never admit it. Luka treated a young man using his portable catheter for a heroin injection while Peter and Abby treated a kid who tried circumcision himself to please his girlfriend.

A new med student, Galant, was assigned to Carter after Alex was matched up with another hospital out of state. Gallant found all sorts of surprises in store for him on his first day. Elizabeth spent her day searching for the "Angel of Death" discovering that all signs pointed toward Dr. Babcock. Nicole had a rough day training to become a nurse's aid and drew Abby's fire after Luka invited her into a trauma. Puzzled by his grandmother's fainting spells, Carter discovered that she was at great risk for a heart attack or stroke. Gamma, of course, didn't believe it was possible so he and Susan treated a Law student/Med student who had been cutting herself. The two grew closer, as Carter finally tells her about his stabbing, drug addiction and Lucy situation. Susan was tunned to recieve all the information at once since she never thought Carter would do the things he'd done. Mark picked up Rachel at school after she was suspended earning her a long talk. Peter was sued by Roger for custody and took a DNA test to determine whether he was Reese's real father.

An enormous rainstorm pelted Chicago as Cleo's last day at County was interrupted by the arrival of Peter's DNA results: he was not Reese's biological father. Peter met with his lawyer regarding the trial where she advised him to let Roger see Reese; he refused. Money from the nurses' secret stash and Frank's Palm Pilot went missing, only to turn up in Nicole's purse. She later told Luka that she was pregnant and that she needed the money. Susan accused Mark of being grumpy with his patients as he spent the day treating a kid who fell in the river with his younger brother and whose parents blame him. Kerry traveled to an accident site, where Pickman's ambulance was rammed by an SUV. She treated a pregnant woman's stab wound, going as far as to give her a C-section in the broken ambulance, with Gallant's help. Carter's grandmother came in after being involved in a hit-and-run and breaking her hip. She became delusional in an MRI machine, calling out for her dead husband.

Susan and Carter treat a newlywed couple where the wife may have been allergic to her husband's semen. Carter later told her about the time he masturbated on a train to Seattle. This somehow turned her on, but quickly faded into disgust at the visual image she had branded into her mind. Kerry asked firefighter Sandy Lopez out on a date who accepted. Mark and Gallant treated members of a bruised boxing family while Rachel's boyfriend was admitted with a broken ankle and tests positive for Marijuana, but she comes out clean. Elizabeth tended to a comatose woman whose husband would only agree to a risky procedure to harvest her organs. Abby openly questions Nicole's pregnancy and confessed to Luka that she was faking it and that she planned to move to Montreal, Canada. Peter's custody trial for Reese was hampered by his long hours and Cleo's testimony didn't go well either.

While the nightmare that was work of Cook County continued, Lucy and Dave spent the passing month of October into November together. The two hadn't really taken into account money until late Novemeber since Lucy had enough money saved up to pay the month's rent for her and Dave. He rounded out the arrangement by buying food just about every weekend and cooked for both of them. The two of them were so carefree and yet each morning, out of habit, they got up at all hours of the night and prepared to got to work. Quickly growing depressed by the constant calls she recieved from Carter, Lucy changed her phone number and gave it to Dave and Shea, now happily married to a weight trainer at the same gym she worked at.

Chapter 2: Doc Malucci's

Preview: Lucy and Dave talk about what to do next.

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