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Chapter 1

"Captain's log, star date 3574.9. What's left of the crew and I, that would be me, too, are struggling for life on the outlands of planet Earth, otherwise known as Oklahoma…"

"Will you give it a rest, Becca? It's been hours."

"That's Captain Becca to you," I said not looking to the front seat.

"Well, Captain Becca," his voice was sarcastic, "We'll be in Tulsa in an hour."

"Don't mock me," I warned.

He sighed and muttered to himself for a minute. I didn't care what he thought. I was mad at him. For two days now, Mark had been my stepfather and he was already acting like he was the boss of me. Sure, when he and Mama started dating I liked him, but now he was shipping me off to stay with his family so they could have a nice, kid-free, honeymoon. I was 16! I think I could have taken care of myself for the summer. There's no trust these days. So I spent the next hour doodling in my notebook and Mark tapped on the steering wheel to the dull country music. I had decided that Oklahoma was never ending farmland when we finally saw an actual city.

"Well, Captain, welcome to Tulsa," Mark smiled.

"Joy." I rolled my eyes.

"I grew up here, you know," he said smiling. "Hasn't changed much since my day."

If things were like this in his day, there was no doubt in my mind why he left Tulsa and found a place that really moves. I mean, sure, places like New York and San Francisco move more than Toronto, but this was just pathetic.

"We'll be at my brother's in a moment," Mark said stopping at a four way. "Now, please behave."

He looked at me with pleading eyes in the rear view mirror and I nodded. That didn't mean I would, it just got him off my back for the rest of the time I had to see him.

"Back in my day there was only one side of town which I do believe that has now become the east side…"

This side of town certainly did look older than the other and a lot more run down. Paint was peeling off houses and the cars looked older. Finally Mark pulled up in front of an old blue house. There was no car in the drive way and someone had made an attempt at a flower garden. It seriously looked like these people were on welfare or something. I could tell this was going to be a very long summer.

"Come on, Becca," Mark said hoisting one of my bags out of the trunk

I got out and took my backpack from him. He smiled and led the way. I guess this was the first time it hit me that I was going to be all alone with strangers. I straightened up and tried to look like it wasn't going to bother me.

"Hello Mark!" A woman in her forties said brightly,

It was then that I realized how southern the accents where here. The people in the Oklahoma City airport weren't that bad, but they must have dealt with different accents every day.

"Hi, Laurie," Mark greeted with only a smile.

I wondered if he had had such an accent when he grew up here. If he did, it was mostly gone now and I could tell Laurie noticed it. She shook it off and prepared herself for my accent. Wait, I didn't have an accent, these people did. It didn't matter.

"And this must be Rebecca! We're going to get to know each other really well."

Laurie Randle was Mark's sister-in-law. She looked old and frazzled. I didn't know how much I wanted to get to know her. We weren't even blood related, so I doubted she would even notice me after Mark was gone. I surprised myself by slipping my hand in his. Mark glanced at me and smiled comfortingly.

"Are you going to stay the night?" Laurie asked.

"No," Mark shook his head. "I have to be on the plane tonight so I can meet Sharon in Paris. She had more work to do at her office in Toronto."

"Sounds like a pretty romantic honeymoon," Laurie said smiling.

"Yeah and thanks again for looking after Becca."

"I'm very surprised you asked. We got out a map and found Toronto. It's a far cry from Tulsa."

'No, it was right across the street…what an Einstein' I thought and wanted to roll my eyes, but Mark must have been thinking the same thing I was because he gave me a 'don't do that' look. Sometimes I really wondered about him. The adults talked for a while and I looked around the room. That they were poor was obvious and that Mrs. Randle was a very good cleaner was as well. You could smell how much she'd used to impress Mark for the fifteen minutes he'd be here.

"Well, I should be going." Mark finally stood and handed Laurie a check. "That should last her the summer."

"I should hope so," Laurie's eyes were big and greedy for it.

"You be good, kiddo," Mark said, going to ruffle my hair, but I grabbed his hand.

He grinned and went back out to the car and I watched him through the window. I guess now I was really all on my own. 'Oh and a joy it would be.' I thought sarcastically. Laurie turned to me after a bit and smiled brightly.

"We got a room together for you," she said. "I hope you'll like it." I nodded and followed her up the stairs. She showed me to a little room with white walls, worn wood floors and a big bay window. There was a bed, a dresser, a mirror and a closet and that was the room. I dropped my suitcase on the bad and my backpack beside it. She stood in the door, looking around like she was very fond of this dusty, old room. "Well, I'll give you some time to settle in and I'll call you down for dinner," she said "Feel free to do anything with the room that you want." I nodded and she shut the old door behind her. I looked around the room and sighed. There wasn't much I could do with it, but put up some posters from home and load the closet full of my stuff. With that in mind, I grabbed my favorite poster in the whole world and taped it up on the wall, above the bed. William Shatner…Was there another man alive who was as sexy as he was? I don't know how long I just sat there, staring at him, before I heard the front door slam. I looked out the window and saw an old beat up car was in the driveway. I guess this was my…uncle coming home. No, I was going to treat him just as I treated Mark. I think his name was Tony. I'd written it down somewhere, so I was going to have to go through my notebook at some point and find it. If worse came to worst, I could call him Mr. Randle for the summer. I spent the next few hours in my room, just trying to make it seem more like home. That was going to be pretty hard. I don't think I even owned anything white, but the room and the bedding were white. I suddenly got an idea and threw my big red sleeping bag over the bed. It immediately brightened up the room. I knew I was going to have to paint some pictures and tape them up this summer. The Randle house would be the only house in the whole city with scenes of Canada in their guest's bedroom.

One day, when I was a little old lady, I could tell my grandchildren that I spent the summer of '65 in Tulsa Oklahoma. I shook my head at how lame the thought was and started spreading my things out on the dresser. I caught a look at myself in the mirror and mourned my long, blonde hair for a moment. The climate here would do nothing for it. I had deep blue eyes, like my brother. We both looked like my father. My father! I had nearly forgotten! I went through my bag and fished out the wooden frame that had a picture of my dad in it. He was a good-looking guy and I displayed him proudly by putting him on the nightstand.

"Rebecca? Would you come down here?" Laurie yelled and I finally rolled my eyes, which felt very good, and told her I'd be down in a minute.

When I got down there, Laurie and a boy around my age were just standing there. The boy kinda looked like Mark and a little like Laurie. I guess he must have been Sean or something. I couldn't remember everything Mark told me. Whoever he was, he was sure looking unimpressed with me. A man was sitting in a chair in front of the TV and I supposed that was Tommy or Tony or whoever he was.

"Steve, this is your cousin Rebecca," Laurie introduced.

"Hi," I said.

"Hey," he rolled his eyes.

Laurie threw him a stern look and he sighed like being there was a great chore to him.

"Please to meet you," he ground out.

"Likewise," I said, not at all sure if that was the case.

"And this is my husband, Tony," she said, pointing out the man in the chair. He grunted and Laurie frowned, but for the most part ignored it.

I wanted to raise an eyebrow and comment on the Neanderthals of Oklahoma, but I didn't. We all stood there awkward for a moment until Tony started yelling for a beer.

"Dinner won't be for a while, so why don't take Rebecca with you to your friends' house?" Laurie suggested, hustling into the kitchen.

Steve was fully glaring at me by this time, but he nodded to appease his mother. Her face lit up and she smiled at him. Boy, was I glad my mother wasn't a flake and that my brother wasn't a total asshole and that my dad didn't like TV. I forgot where I was going with this.

Laurie shooed us out the door and Steve threw me another venomous look. I guess I was cramping his style. Well, he was cramping mine. I didn't want to be stuck babysitting Mark's nephew all summer. They weren't going to pay me for that and if they tried to, I wouldn't accept.

"Well, since I have to bring you, I should tell you a few things. The place I'm going to is where Darry, Sodapop and Ponyboy Curtis live. They lost their parents a month back, so don't say nothing," Steve explained.

"You should get to know me before you judge me," I said looking him right in the eye.

He shrugged and walked down the front yard. I followed him and caught up to his pace. We kind of just walked like that - silent with him mad at me because I was there. Well, I was going to have to tell him it wasn't my choice. No, my choice was hanging out in the mountains with my brother for the summer.

I started getting a closer look at Steve. He might have been cute if he had more of Mark in him and he would do something respectable with his hair. I swear he had half a tube of grease in it if not more. His blue eyes were sarcastically set and he just hit me as the major asshole of the family. Maybe by the end of summer he could prove me wrong.

We went to an even shabbier house than the one I was staying in and I got the impression this was where 7up, Horsefly and Dairy lived. Well, I suppose they couldn't be that bad, there were only three of them. We heard someone knock something over inside and someone else laughed while there was lots of yelling. It sure sounded like more than three of them…

"Come on, then," he said opening the door.

"Hey Steve! Where ya been?"

"Yeah, we had a poker game scheduled for now."

"Who's that?"

I finally poked my head through the door and saw not three or four, but six guys sitting in the front room. All of them were staring right back at me. I wanted to say something, but what do you say at a time like this? So, I stood there and Steve finally rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Everyone, meet my Canadian cousin."

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