Pokemon, Asylum of the Damned Style!

Chapter LXXII

Saga XIII- Master Battles Saga

Chapter XIV- Adios


Tom lay his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath, Tom felt his spine crack and stretch as he sunk into the bed, letting every muscle go limp. Stretching out again, Tom sat up and looked at the bedside clock. Even though it was only two hours after he had defeated Ivy, Tom felt like it had been forever. Looking at the clock again, Tom realized he only had two more hours before he would meet with Claire at the restaurant. They would have a quiet candlelit dinner between them, and Claire would invite him over to her house, only a few blocks away from the Pokemon Stadium. Tom grinned to himself as he walked to the closet and opened the doors. Tonight was going to be the icing on the largest cake of his life. Picking out his best outfit, Tom tossed it onto the bed as his mind wandered elsewhere. Once again falling victim to the temptations of the fluffy bed, Tom spread himself out and let his body relax again. Tom still found it hard to believe that only two years ago, he was nothing but an insignificant beginner, a rookie who went from the bottom of the pile to the top of the mountain in one of the shortest times in Pokemon League history.

As his mind stuck on that thought, Tom could only help but think about the last two years in his life. He met a runaway Porygon, a heartbroken Kangaskhan, a vengeful Rhydon, and a hunted Moltres. He had crossed paths and travelled with a fellow Pokemon trainer, he had met a spy for hire, he died and came back from beyond, and he ruffled the feathers of Team Rocket, incurring the fury of a sadistic assassin and a vengeful, bounty-posting criminal. Not only that, Tom had also wandered onto a barren island, finding a legendary Pokemon that many could only dream of beholding. He had made friends and enemies alike, and he had travelled across the entire country with nothing but his feet and a Porygon at his side. Now here he was, lying motionless on the fluffy bed of the Pokemon League's trainer suite, the king of the Pokemon world and a beautiful woman to call his girlfriend. The thought of buying a house with his newfound fortune as Pokemon League champion had crossed his mind two or three times, but after Claire had offered him a lodging in her house when he eventually had to leave the trainer suite, any ideas of living on his own were silenced.

Jen and Angus were already on their way back to Double City, and Sabre was once again aimlessly wandering the country, looking for another assignment. Tom could only wonder how Jason and Laura were doing as partners in Mega City, and Tom thought of Moltres again, knowing that the legendary bird was once again soaring the endless skies, free from fear of capture. Tom knew that Moltres would readily come to his aide when he had to defend his championship, and Tom felt a reassuring peace of mind.

Time flew by as Tom daydreamed, and soon Tom realized that it was only half an hour until he was to meet Claire. Getting back up and stretching out once more, Tom quickly changed into his outfit, combing his black and blonde hair into a neat ponytail. After carefully shaving his chin of the small stubble beard, Tom picked up the suite phone and called to the Pokemon spa downstairs, telling his Pokemon to keep enjoying themselves while he was out with Claire.

Pocketing his wallet and strapping on his watch, Tom donned his pressed trench coat one more before opening the door, flicking off the lights, and closing the door gently behind him.



The Asylum's note:

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