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Draco Malfoy is a part Veela, and has recently come into what is known as his Inheritance. On discovering that Harry Potter is his mate, he must try to seduce the Gryffindor hero. Will Harry fight against the bond forced upon him, or will he weaken under the pull of the Magnetic Attraction and fall in love with the softer side to the boy he used to hate?


The first four books. AU because of Veela idea.

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Chapter 1:

Harry hesitated outside Professor Dumbledore's office, having heard raised voices coming from inside. He frowned, and moved closer to the door so that he could hear better, but the sound was still blurred and he could not tell who was in the room.

"...No, too unbelievable... Death Eater... Vee... mad and insane...can't believe it... Harry... Impossible... Malfoy…"

Harry knocked on the door loudly, and all noise stopped immediately. There was silence for several moments before anyone answered, making Harry instantly suspicious. They must have been talking about him, he realised.

"Ah, Harry, come in," called Dumbledore.

Harry walked into Dumbledore's office cautiously, somehow knowing that something was wrong. His suspicions were confirmed when he spotted Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Minerva McGonagall, and strangely enough, Draco Malfoy waiting for him inside.

His eyes wandered to Malfoy, widening in curiosity as they met silver orbs that stared at him with a strange emotion in their depths. Malfoy had changed over the years; his usual emotional outbursts had been subdued until they were now nearly nonexistent. Harry and Ron had wondered about it constantly, finding it strange at first, until Hermione had snapped at them, annoyed at having her reading interrupted, saying that Malfoy had simply grown up.

It was strange, but most of the Slytherins had changed as well. Whereas before they had delighted in teasing and tormenting the other houses, they now mainly stayed together. The war had no doubt forced them to adapt and the new First Year Slytherins were soon moulded the same.

Why was Malfoy here and why had Sirius showed himself to the son of a Death Eater?

He caught Sirius' stunned face, so he assumed that it was Sirius who had been shouting. He smiled at the older man, trying to show that whatever happened he didn't blame him; Harry knew that his godfather would never harm him. Sirius loved him.

He allowed Dumbledore to lead him towards a chair next to Malfoy, which he frowned at but sat in all the same. He didn't want to ask the man if he would be able to sit somewhere else, aware of how childish that would appear. Dumbledore had been encouraging the students to form relationship with the students of other houses, wanting Hogwarts to unite and show strength during the war.

"You look just like James," Sirius finally managed to choke, after staring at Harry for several moments.

Harry blinked, turning confused green eyes on his godfather. It was true that he had changed over the years. He had grown taller, and at just five foot eight he was not the shortest boy in his year, even if Ron towered over him – Harry had always believed that it was the Dursleys' fault that he was so short and thin. Living in a cupboard for eleven years would not have helped his growth.

He had grown slightly muscular, even though he was still thin, and his shoulders had broadened due to the Quidditch practices he attended nearly every day. His clothes, carefully chosen by Hermione, showed off his body perfectly, revealing his assets while minimizing the features Harry despised, including his knobbly knees.

His hair was slightly tamer, now messily styled rather than the complete mess it used to be. He had grown it slightly longer than it used to be and the heavier weight helped keep it under control – most of the time.

He had also changed his glasses for magical contacts, claiming that it would help with his Quidditch if he could see in the rain. They were a new make, which allowed the contacts to change with his vision and he never had to change them. He didn't really want to try the new potion that corrected eyesight... he was wary of anything Snape had invented.

Harry supposed he did look like his father, thinking about the photos in his album that Hagrid had given him. He did have his father's face; in fact, he was the exact double of James Potter except, of course, for the green eyes, which he had inherited from his mother. He found it strange that although many people said he looked like his father, he never really found any connections to his father through his looks. He had no living memory of his parents; after all, they were all moments captured by photographs or described to him by other people.

"I suppose you're wondering why I asked you to come," began Dumbledore, interrupting his thoughts.

Harry nodded, turning his gaze onto the elderly Headmaster. He had been summoned to the Headmaster's office after dinner, and had no idea why his presence was needed. He hadn't done anything wrong; Hermione was making sure that Harry and Ron were behaving appropriately, having lectured them on their responsibility to show the younger students how to behave.

Harry hadn't wanted to argue with the witch, knowing that it was fruitless. When Hermione got an idea fixated in her mind it was better to go along with it. He could still remember the S.P.E.W incident vividly, and the way she had reacted to his and Ron's lack of motivation to help her was not something Harry wanted to happen again.

"Before I start, Harry, I need to ask you a few personal questions..."

"Okay," Harry said, beginning to feel uneasy.

"Are you currently in a relationship?" Dumbledore asked, his eyes meeting Harry's with a strange gleam.

Harry noticed that they were twinkling and inwardly groaned. Twinkling eyes, to him, always meant that he was going to do something that he would not want to do. Harry knew from experience that Dumbledore could persuade anybody to do anything. The old man could make Snape sit in a room and have a civil conversation with his worst enemy, Harry's godfather, Sirius Black-which Harry considered a bloody miracle.


"Have you been in a, shall we say, serious relationship in the past?" asked Dumbledore, blushing slightly.

"What do you mean?" asked Harry, blinking in confusion.

"He hasn't," snapped Malfoy, eyes on Harry in an almost predatory way.

"How do you...?" Harry began angrily, not liking the fact that they were discussing his love life with none other than Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin leader, who apparently hated him, in the room.

Draco Malfoy had taken over the role of looking after his house since their forth year with ease. The younger Slytherins appeared to trust him, and the older Slytherins supported him and his decisions without a word. Harry had secretly thought that Malfoy was trying to gather followers for Voldemort, a theory which Ron had whole heartedly supported and Hermione had scoffed at.

"I know everything about you, Harry," said Malfoy, lips lifted into a half smile. The smile was half self-mocking and half resigned, and Harry wondered idly what had happened to make Malfoy act, well, almost human.

"What did you just call me?" asked Harry, remembering exactly what the other boy had said and feeling a little startled by the use of his first name. Malfoy had never used his first name and it was strange to hear it come from the other boy with no trace of anger.

"Harry. That is your name, is it not?"

"Since when have you called me Harry?" he demanded.

"Since now," mocked Malfoy, a smirk twisting his lips in a familiar expression he had perfected over the years. The smirk was Malfoy's trademark, and Harry had heard girls say that it was the reason they fell for him. Malfoy was dangerous, and attracted attention like a magnet with his almost angelic looks. Harry had once told a besotted Lavender that underneath the halo of blond hair lay the mind of a devil, much to the girls irritation.

"And which orientation are you?" Dumbledore rushed in, looking down at the papers of his desk before reaching out to shuffle the parchments and effectively not looking at the boy he was interrogating.

"What?" Harry gasped in amazement, wondering whether he had heard Dumbledore correctly. He had never, in all of his wildest dreams, imagined that the old headmaster would ask him such a private question.

"I realise how embarrassing these questions are, Harry, but it is important that they are answered," muttered Dumbledore, blushing slightly again.

If he weren't so embarrassed Harry would have laughed at the fact that Dumbledore was embarrassed about something. He had always assumed that the man was unable to be anything as human as being embarrassed.

"Do I have to answer these questions?" Harry asked, clearly uncomfortable, shooting dark looks in Draco Malfoy's direction. He did not want to answer such questions in front of a boy he knew would tell the entire population of Hogwarts as soon as he had left the room.

"I'm afraid that they are necessary, Harry," Dumbledore said mildly, eyeing Harry with an expression of slight humour.

"I guess I've never really thought about it..." Harry sighed, knowing that it was pointless to protest any further. Dumbledore would not let him leave unless he had found out what he needed to know.

"Why not?" asked Dumbledore, eyes suddenly piercing in their intensity.

Harry looked at Sirius with a pleading expression, begging Sirius to get him out of this mess that he had somehow gotten into. Sirius, however, was grinning at him, clearly waiting for an answer. Harry scowled darkly, feeling betrayed by the man he considered as a father.

"I guess," he snapped, "it never really bothered me because I always thought I'd die before I reached the age of sixteen."

He didn't really want to hurt Sirius, he loved him, but sometimes he couldn't help but feel bitter towards everyone. He had been forced to play the role of the Gryffindor Golden Boy for too long, and he hated it. He wanted to be himself.

Oh, he had willingly gone and fought Voldemort every year: in his first year to prevent him from getting the Philosopher's stone; in his second year he had willingly gone to save Ginny Weasley from the Chamber of Secrets; in his third year he had saved Sirius from Azkaban; and in his forth he had taken part in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

Harry hadn't had to do any of the above, but it had been expected of him, and he hadn't wanted to stand on the sidelines watching as his friends were harmed. He fought Voldemort for revenge for those that had been lost – his parents, Cedric, and countless others – and often felt angry towards the wizarding world that had decided to let a sixteen year old boy fight their battles for them.

"So you do not have a preference for either sex?" questioned Dumbledore hastily, sensing that Sirius was about to lecture his godson.

"I guess not. I suppose it wouldn't bother me if I cared about the person..."

Snape snorted back what sounded suspiciously like laughter and Harry looked at him in confusion. What did Snape find so funny about this? 'Snape probably liked seeing me embarrassed,' mused Harry angrily, sending the man a glare.

McGonagall frowned at Snape, clearly ready to say something to him. Harry grinned, amused at the unfamiliar expression on Snape's face. It was very rare for the Potion master to express any emotion except disdain. Draco Malfoy was the same - he gave off the impression of distance and coldness but he often snapped, mainly in anger, when he had had enough. Harry assumed it was because of the fact that they were Slytherins.

"I think that Mr. Malfoy should explain," said Dumbledore, looking slightly relieved to turn the matter over to the young boy who was still eyeing Harry closely.

"Okay," Harry said hesitantly, switching his gaze to Malfoy, who appeared to be wearing an almost dreamy expression. Harry blinked in amazement and the other boy's face returned to its renowned emotionless mask. Harry wondered whether he had imagined seeing such an expression on the other boy's face.

'It's amazing,' Harry thought, 'how much Malfoy is like his father...'

"I suppose the first thing to tell you is that I am not entirely human," Malfoy began.

Harry snorted, finding the comment amusing. He and Ron had said that all along, even if Hermione scolded them for their lack of respect towards a follow students – she had conveniently forgotten how many times Malfoy had called her a mudblood.

"Harry!" admonished Dumbledore with a smile.

Sirius grinned, clearly amused by Harry's antics. He knew that Harry and Draco had a rivalry, which was comparable to his own rivalry to Severus Snape. He shivered in revulsion. He hoped with all his heart that he would never be in such a position as his godson was in with the person he hated. The very idea of him and Snape together was repulsive and made Sirius feel nauseous.

"I have inherited Veela blood," Malfoy explained, eyes narrowing slightly.

"And?" asked Harry, not understanding what the other boy was getting at. He couldn't really remember much on Veela's, and had only met full Veela's at the Quidditch World Cup before his fourth year at Hogwarts.

"Part-Veela's are different from normal Veela in many ways: they don't change in anger; they remain in human form, although they do inherit inhuman strength and beauty; and on their sixteenth birthday they come into their Inheritance," Malfoy continued.

"What's that?" asked Harry, curious despite himself.

"The Inheritance is when the blood of a Part-Veela comes into full power. The magnetic attraction towards them starts in full force and they tend to look for a mate," explained Malfoy, eyes unreadable.

"How do they do that?"

"They go by scent, selecting the person they are attracted to. The Veela will usually feel a pull towards that other person before they reach the age of sixteen, but as they develop towards that age it increases. On the day of their birthday they usually have the desire to mate with their partner, bonding with them…"

"Bonding? How?" asked Harry, still clueless.

He failed to notice the other people in the room blushing as Malfoy smirked wickedly, a mischievous gleam in his silver eyes as he eyed the naive boy. Sirius groaned inaudibly, shaking his head. He needed to have a serious conversation with his godson, sooner rather than later. Harry's inexperience would be a problem in the upcoming months.

"The Veela, during sex, casts a binding spell, allowing them to grind some of their attraction to their mate; however, this does have some disadvantages. The Veela will become overly protective, especially every spring in the mating season. The desire for their mate grows rapidly, increasing the need for a physical relationship... at any time or any place..."

By now Harry was blushing, crimson, as were the other occupants in the room. He couldn't believe that he had been so naive. His blush darkened as he realised that he had as good as told the other occupants of the room that he was a virgin – something he didn't want broadcasted, particularly to the boy who hated him and did anything he could to make Harry's life miserable. How else would a Veela, a beautiful magical creature whom wizards lusted after, bond with its mate? Harry promptly ignored the little voice which asked him when he had begun to find Malfoy beautiful.

"Without a mate the attraction goes totally out of control. So far I have managed to control it, but without a mate I will not be able to walk around the school without people trying to...accost me..."

"So what you're trying to tell me is that on your birthday you are going to be looking for a mate," concluded Harry finally.


"But you said that you still had the Veela attraction...your birthday was last week," Harry said with a frown, remembering the Slytherin party, which had resulted in the nearly the whole House in the Infirmary with hangovers. Even several of the first and second years had participated – though they had regretted it the next day.

Harry barely prevented a laugh as he remembered Pansy Parkinson's pale face and the time she had thrown up all over Snape. The whole of the Slytherin House had been punished severely and surprisingly it had been Snape to do it. Although that probably had to do with Pansy's vomit over his robes, Harry thought, a grin appearing on his face.

"Yes," Malfoy agreed.

"Then why don't I feel it?" asked Harry in curiosity. "I mean, if you have been a Veela for over a week then I should have felt some attraction to you, but I haven't…."

"That's a good question," mused Malfoy, eyes switching to Dumbledore, obviously wanting an answer.

Dumbledore beamed, popping a lemon drop into his mouth. He offered one to Harry, who refused quickly, not wanting Dumbledore to go off track or start talking in riddles. Even he had to admit that however brilliant Dumbledore was he still had moments of insanity.

"I assume you remember the Veela from the Quidditch World Cup?" asked Dumbledore gently.

Harry nodded, ignoring his godfather's snigger.

"Then you were aware of Mr. Weasley's attraction to them... and Miss Delacour?" he added with a smile, deliberately omitting the fact that Harry himself had been attracted to the Veela in the World Cup before his fourth year, although Harry suspected he knew due to the bright blue eyes watching him. He blushed uncomfortably.

It was incredibly embarrassing discussing his friends' love lives with the Headmaster, though he assumed that there was a reason behind Dumbledore's questioning. Then again, Ron's reaction to Fleur had been rather obvious, and no doubt the faculty had found it as equally as amusing as the rest of Hogwarts.

Harry grinned suddenly, realising what the man was referring to, Sirius coughed, and Snape smirked. McGonagall looked disapproving while Remus poked Sirius in the ribs to silence him.

"Can you remember Miss Granger's reaction?" Dumbledore smiled, taking a sip of tea from the cup already on his desk.

"What do you...? Oh! You're on about Ron fancying Fleur and Hermione being jealous." Harry grinned lopsidedly, remembering the way his friends had reacted.

"Yes," Dumbledore chuckled.

"Yeah, it was hilarious. They are still denying how they feel for one another even though they are hopelessly in love. It's weird - I always thought Hermione was clever, but she's still in denial."

"I have to admit that on that point the boy is correct. I will have to throw aside my disdain for your usual reckless attitude and award you one point to Gryffindor for actually being aware of the situation around you. It appears that you have a brain under that mess of hair, boy, and have actually discovered that the coveted Miss Granger is not as knowledgeable as many expect her to be," spat Snape, face twisting in detest.

He couldn't stand Hermione Granger, who was muggleborn, and the current school genius. The girl was undeniably a clever individual, but she lacked the power to go with it, whereas Harry had the power and the lack of thirst for knowledge, even after years of encouragement from his friend.

"Severus!" exclaimed McGonagall in shock, appalled at the way her colleague was discussing their students and surprised, never having heard the potions master compliment Harry in any way shape or form before. He was well known to have an abhorrence for Harry Potter.

"What? The boy actually said something that made sense," snapped Snape irritably, dismissing her surprise with a wave of his hand.

"Don't you dare insult my godson!" raged Sirius, taking the comment as the snide insult it had been.

"Gentlemen!" Dumbledore interrupted, voice rising, angry at having the conversation interrupted.

Everyone went silent instantly, unused to Dumbledore raising his voice, and both Sirius and Snape looked sheepish, realising just how childish their behaviour had been to provoke such a reaction from a man who generally considered their rivalry to be amusing, if annoying at times. It appeared that Dumbledore wanted the conversation over and done with.

"Can you remember a little gift she gave the pair of you in your fifth year?" queried Dumbledore, shooting the other occupants of the room warning looks.

Harry appeared puzzled for a moment before realisation hit him and he blushed crimson, looking decidedly uncomfortable. Sirius looked between Dumbledore and Harry in amusement while Malfoy eyed Harry with unreadable eyes.

"What did she give you?" grinned Sirius, clearly thinking it would be something to tease Harry about at every available opportunity later on.

"She took me to a tattoo parlour," Harry muttered, squirming uncomfortably in his seat.

"What?" shrieked McGonagall, horrified at the thought of any of her students walking around Hogwarts with such a silly decoration adorning their bodies.

McGonagall's lack of self control only made Harry cringe. One rarely saw the Head of Gryffindor anything but stern and dignified, and the change was rather dramatic, to say the least.

"What did you have done?" Malfoy drawled, a smirk curling at the corners of his mouth, eyes filled with interest as he leaned over slightly, eyes raking over Harry's uncomfortable frame.

"She blackmailed me into having my nipple pierced," he blushed, his voice so low they barely heard it.

Sirius howled with laughter, imagining his innocent godson having such a thing done. It simply did not fit into the image he had of Harry.

"That's a joke, right?" asked Sirius in between laughs.

Harry hesitated before shaking his head, watching as Sirius stared at him in growing disbelief. Snape smirked, Remus goggled, McGonagall nearly fainted, Dumbledore beamed, and Malfoy licked his lips, making Harry stare at him in shock.

"Would you care to show me, Harry?" asked Dumbledore merrily.

Harry shook his head dumbly and pulled off his robes. He lifted up the red polo shirt he wore underneath to reveal a tanned muscular chest. Everyone blinked as the top was pushed under his chin, revealing the right nipple, which was pierced with a small golden stud.

"Why didn't you tell me you'd had that done?" croaked Sirius, unable to believe his eyes.

"I thought you'd go mad with me," Harry mumbled, avoiding Sirius' eyes.

"Of course we would be mad!" shrieked McGonagall.

"Now, Minerva, the school rules do not have any rule against nipple studs, if I remember correctly," Dumbledore said casually, eyes twinkling.

Minerva McGonagall eyed Dumbledore in disbelief, clearly not believing that the Headmaster would ignore the fact that his students were wearing body jewellery. It was dangerous, she thought angrily.

Malfoy made a throaty moan and everyone's eyes fixed on him. He was leaning forward in the chair, face flushed and silver eyes fixed on Harry's bare stomach. The desire in his eyes was noticeable now and Harry gaped, hastily yanking down his top and avoiding the young Veela's eyes, unsure as to what it all meant. Malfoy couldn't like him like that - the very idea was preposterous. Malfoy hated him.

"I think that Miss Granger charmed yours and Mr. Weasley's stud to be attraction proof. As long as you wear them you will not be attracted to Veela charm, other charms, lust potions, or any other forms of desire unless they are real," Dumbledore informed him cheerfully, trying to cover the silence in the room.

The information the school portraits told him after overhearing supposedly confidential conversations sometimes came in handy, Dumbledore mused thoughtfully, stroking his chin.

Harry understood the reason why Hermione had done it. She had been in love with Ron for a while, although the boy was oblivious to the fact. Harry had thought that it was suspicious the way Hermione had insisted on it. Perhaps a piercing was one way of keeping the charm invisible from prying eyes; after all, the two boys wouldn't show off their nipple studs due to the fact that they didn't think that they were allowed at Hogwarts.

"So that's why Hermione made sure that Ron was wearing the stud when the students from Beauxbatons visited earlier this year," laughed Harry.

He remembered Hermione's adamant face as she helped Ron to change the stud. She had even been smiling rather suspiciously, making Ron gape at her, though Harry believed that Ron had been more interested in Hermione smiling at him rather than why. Sometimes Hermione was too clever for her own good. Perhaps he had better tell Ron...

"So that's why you have not been attracted to me... no doubt Granger will laugh when she hears..." muttered Malfoy, trying to control the urge to pounce on Harry, who still remained oblivious to his attentions, even though Draco was sure that his mask had slipped more than once.

"Sir, forgive me for asking, but what has this got to do with me?" asked Harry uncomfortably.

Sirius let out a moan and Harry looked towards him. He was eyeing Malfoy in lust, much to Harry's horror. On glancing at Snape, McGonagall, and Remus he discovered similar reactions. Even Dumbledore appeared dazed as the young Veela licked his lips, eyes glowing with desire. Even Harry had to admit that he was attractive.

Over the past two years Draco Malfoy had shot up to over six foot - taller than Harry. His body had filled out, having once been thin to the point of almost being effeminate, and his pale skin had taken on a golden glow from the sun. His hair was the same white-gold colour, but instead of being plastered down with gel it hung naturally to lightly skim his shoulders, framing a strong handsome face and a pair of silver, glowing eyes. He was the exact copy of his father, except for the tan, beautiful but deadly. He was the perfect Slytherin; cool, composed and never without a sarcastic retort.

Now that Harry thought about it, he had heard the girls and several of the boys in Gryffindor commenting on Malfoy's new looks, particularly Parvati, Lavender, Seamus, and Dean. Malfoy was never without admirers; he was perhaps one of the most popular boys in the school, even if he was only in his sixth year and an arrogant brat most of the time. Even those he treated with disdain, and mocked, adored him and fantasized about the blond.

Harry could understand the physical attraction, but he couldn't understand the attraction to Malfoy's personality, even if he had been calmer lately, and had not said anything particularly annoying to Harry and his friends. Harry had seen several girls in tears after being tossed aside when Malfoy had no longer wanted their company.

"Mr. Malfoy's mate is at Hogwarts," sneered Snape.

"Who?" asked Harry cheerfully.

Harry had a mental picture of Malfoy trying to seduce a Gryffindor, or even worse a Hufflepuff. He couldn't stop the laugh that escaped him as he imagined Malfoy mating with Neville Longbottom. He hastily covered his mouth with his hand and went into a coughing fit. He wondered whether Malfoy's mate even liked him.

The adults all went silent and suddenly a thought struck Harry and he stared in shock at the Veela. What the hell...! It couldn't be! They hated each other, and yet it made sense...Malfoy had been avoiding them lately... He had barely said a word to them...That in itself was strange as he usually went out of his way to annoy them at least once a day.

"I don't believe it!"

"Harry," began Dumbledore hastily.

"Ron will kill him!"

"What does Ron have to do with this?" asked Sirius in confusion.

"You mean it isn't Ron?" asked Harry, relaxing instantly, ignoring the rising suspicion which was beginning to creep forward from the back of his mind.

Everyone eyed him as if he were insane, which made Harry increasingly uncomfortable. Had he missed something? Why were they eyeing him strangely? Snape appeared as if he were about to make a scathing remark about Harry's intelligence, and only closed his mouth after Dumbledore peered at him, a warning in his blue eyes.

"Whatever made you think that I would be interested in the Weasel?" drawled Malfoy, wondering whether Harry Potter was as stupid as he acted. Surely he couldn't be that dense? He stared into Harry's emerald green eyes, stunned by their colour, and hastily shook such thoughts away. Now was not the time to be noticing how beautiful Potter had become…

"I don't know...I just...well..." Harry mumbled, not sure what to say.

"Harry, I must say this before you find out. It is possible for the person to not accept Draco's bond. The person may ignore it..."

"Oh..." Harry said, not really understanding what the whole situation had to do with him, but nodding anyway.

"However, once a Veela has decided on its mate it will continue to try and seduce him until they do bond...Veela are very persuasive creatures..."

Suddenly it all clicked. Dumbledore had wanted to know whether he liked boys or girls...he had questioned whether he was in a relationship...he had discussed Veela with him...Harry felt the sudden urge to run as he looked in panic towards the silver-haired boy. Oh my God, his mind screamed.

This couldn't be happening. His rival was not trying to seduce him...he couldn't be! It was impossible! Draco Malfoy hated Harry Potter with a passion. His father was a Death Eater, working for the man who had killed Harry's parents and was intent on killing Harry himself.

"It's you," moaned Malfoy, clearly wanting nothing better than to pounce on the stunned, horrified boy staring at him as if he had admitted to having a crush on Voldemort.

Harry wondered idly in that moment whether Voldemort would have been the better option.

End of chapter 1.

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