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Story 39: Poison

It was only supposed to be one time. One kiss was all we needed, she had suggested, to be rid of these feelings. I was apprehensive about the idea. I had never even kissed a boy, let alone a girl… but I couldn't deny that I wanted to kiss her. If I could use her reasoning as a pretense, then so be it.

I soon found however, that it wasn't enough.

In the days that followed, my awareness of Kagome, and of my feelings, had grown stronger after our kiss – not weaker, like we had hoped. I couldn't tell if our kiss had the same effect on Kagome. She seemed to be acting naturally, casually, with the others and myself. It was as if what had happened and what she felt had been wiped from her mind. As for myself though… I was aching.

Every night before falling asleep, I would think of our kiss and how liberating it was to act upon my emotions. Now that I knew how wonderful it felt to touch Kagome, to give in to my feelings, I couldn't stop myself from imagining what might happen if it were repeated.

I realized, abashed, that I wanted it to happen again. Even though I knew it was potentially harmful to the relationship we had now, and the relationships we had with the others, I wanted to feel Kagome softly pressed against me again. Ironically, I believed Kagome's touch would be the only thing able to prevent me from having these thoughts.

As a taiji-ya, I could protect myself from many types of poisons – but with one kiss, Kagome had managed to infect me. I was hopelessly addicted to her poisonous lips.

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