Just as everyone was walking out the hall, Dumbledore called Hermione and the rest of the Prefects over to him. Hermione after getting over the shock became nervous, very nervous. Actually nervous wasn't quite the right word, she was more...FREAKED OUT! She couldn't possibly imagine spending all of her school year attached to the man that had tormented her and caused her more than one sleepless night. All these thoughts were put aside asDumbledore began to speak.

"I know that all of you must be very surprised with my little surprise. If I say so myself it is one of my best ones. Anywho, you will be given an hour to say goodbye to your friends before your assigned proffesor comes and fetch you."

"Proffesor, am I understanding this correctly, we are to start this new..umm..project today?" asked a very much scared Hermione.

"Your assumption is correct Miss Granger, now please don't waste anymore time. Go, go and tell your friends that you will see them later," as everyone was departing he added a little something to Hermione that only she heard, "an Miss Granger don't look so glum. It's not the end of the world you know. Actually, I'm sure you and Severus will get along fine!" Hermione plastered a very fake smile on, and walked awaytowards Harry and Rong, feeling as if she was about to cry!

As Snape walked towards the Gryffindor common room, he began to ponder how bad the situation actually was. In reality, he didn't really mind it much, seeing as how he had a secret admiration for the young Gryffindor that he would never let anyone know about.True, she was a know-it-all stubborn brat, who always found a way to disagree w/ him, but there was a something in her that reminded him of when he was that age w/ exactly the same attitude.

The only thing that did bother him though, was that he was basically going to give up all his so much loved privacy to his very secret protegee. Also,beside the time that he saw her in class, he didn't even know who she was, but belive it or not, for some odd reason he wanted to find out. His admiration towards her was quite a great deal, after all, she WAS the ONLY one that didn't seem affected by his patronizing behavior anymore. That said something about the young Gryffindor indeed.

His thoughts were interrupted though, as he saw that Hermione was already waiting for him outside the portrait of the Fat Lady. He wasn't quite sure,but it seemed like she had cried, but who knows it could just be she was sick or something.

"Come along Granger, I don't have all day. Oh, and so as we're clear, you are not allowed to mention to anyone where my private quarters are, got it?" said he, who no matter what always wanted to get the better of her. Because believe it or not, she was the only one that actually made him not want to slip, for if she caught anything wrong w/ what he said, she would mention it. Not our of malice but b/c that was how her mind worked.

With a scowl planted on her face Hermione answered her proffesor w/ a curt answer, "Yes Proffesor."

It felt as if they had been walking an eternity but really it was only twenty minutes when they reached the dungeon door which marked the existence of his own sleeping quarters. After they had stepped inside, Hermione couldn't help but notice that Snape's room held some of the best art she had ever seen. It had a fire place that kept the chilling room warm, and a vast bookshelf on the wall contained hundreds and hundreds of books that made Hermione want to run up to them and devour them.Minding her manner however, she just obideantly followed Snape to another room which she assumed was hers!

"This is going to be your room. All of your belongings have already been brought here, and after you see everything is to your liking, you can take a bath in your private bathroom adjoined to your room. My room is the one right next to your and is connected to this room as well through the door on your left. Personally I wouldn't want you to use it too much,but if you need anything important, that's where you should go. Do you have any questions?" Not really expecting an answer after the look of hesitance he received he made to leave. He stopped short though, when he heard Hermione's small voice reach him.

"Yes actually proffesor. 1)Why exactly are we being forced to do this and 2) what is it that I'm supposed to do, just follow you around?"

"Firt off, I have no idea why Dumbledore would want this and second, yes you are expected to follow me around. I wake up at 6:30 every morning and so will you. We are to have breakfast in here, and then you shall be allowed to go to your classes. Right after classes are over you are to come back here and we are to, and I quote, learn more about each other. Oh, and we're supposed to eat our inner together too."

At seeing the look of cloplete horror from Hermione, he ran a hand through his hair, and said,"I know we don't get along Granger, and I highly doubt that will change, but I do expect you to play along w/ this little idea of the head masters's. Now, if you dont feel like talking to me that's fine, I woun't be offended, but don't you dare try to act as your know-it-all self around me, well atleast, not always." With that and a look that he sent to make sure she understood, he marched out the room and into his own.

When he entered his room, he collapsed into his bed and let out a long sigh. He already knew they were going to have a bumpy road, he could feel, it. He could also feel as if there was a soft vibraton coming from the other room...wait, there was a vibration coming from the other room. He bolted from his bed. What on earth had he gotten himself into?