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Twenty-four year old Ashitaka thoughtfully paced back and forth, wearing the grass down to nothing on the side of the hill.

The sun beamed down on him from way up in the cerulean shy, and Ashitaka cursed the sun's happiness. After all, what should it be so happy when he was having such a terrible morning?

He stopped pacing a moment and sighed.

Yakul, Ashitaka's faithful steed, who had been watching Ashitaka, got up from where he had been basking in the sun, and moved to Ashitaka and nuzzled his upper arm.

Ashitaka placed gentle hand on Yakul's nose and rubbed the short hair that was there. "I know, I'll talk to her."

The deer snorted.

"I will!" Ashitaka insisted. "When the right moment comes."

Yakul shook his head and walked lazily away.

Ashitaka placed his hands on his hips and stood a little taller with determination. He would talk to her today and nothing could stop him.

Down the side of the hill he began to walk, but his speed quickly turned into a sprint toward the rebuilt Tatara.


Ashitaka walked through the tall wooden gates of Tatara anxiously. The sooner her talked to her the better.

He jogged down the road, only to be stopped by a high-pitched choice. "Ashitakaaa! Where are you going in such a hurry?"

He turned to see Toki waving to him and smiling from high up on the gate.

"I'm on my way to see-"

Toki interrupted him. "Oh, San? How is she doing? I haven't talked to her in a while; not since you got her pregnant."

Ashitaka blushed. "She's doing well. You should visit sometime."

Toki thought for a moment. "Maybe I will."

Ashitaka smiled, "Great! Well, I've got to go now."

"All right," said Toki, "I won't keep you than." She waved.

Ashitaka went straight to where he knew he would find San. He walked to the back gate of the new Tatara and sure enough, there she was, talking to her wolf siblings. "San," he called out to her.

She turned jumped up from where she had been kneeling, and rushed over to Ashitaka. She pulled him into an embrace.

For her five months pregnant, San hardly showed it at all.

"You wolves weren't talking about me while I was gone were you?" Ashitaka asked, looking to the wolves with suspicion.

San laughed. "No, we were just talking about some names for the baby."

"Oh," said Ashitaka, hoping that the wolves weren't influencing San too much. "And what do they suggest?"

San began to run off a list of named unfamiliar to Ashitaka. "And what do they all mean?" he asked.

San stopped rambling off names and smiled. "They're all different named from the forest that mean, 'young wolf'."

Ashitaka's expression became stern and he took San by her shoulders. "San," he began, "I need to talk to you about something."

San looked confused. "What is it?"

Ashitaka looked to the wolves, who were snarling at him with dislike. "Alone, if you don't mind."

San looked to her siblings and nodded her head.

The wolves turned to leave, and Ashitaka let go of San.

"You know, Toki predicts that our child will be a girl."

Ashitaka rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I bet she does."

"So what do you need to talk to me about?" asked San, looking up at her husband curiously.

"It's about the baby," said Ashitaka.

"What about her?" asked San, not realizing that she had given the baby a gender.

"I think it would be best to raise the baby as a human."

San turned away from Ashitaka, who was holding his breath in anticipation of what she would do next.

She turned back to him. "Well of course she's going to be a human. You are a human aren't you? There isn't anything that you've forgotten to tell me about yourself is there, Ashitaka?"

Ashitaka was stunned for a moment by San's response. "No, I don't mean what species the baby will be. I mean the things that we teach it. We will teach it to be human, right?"

San paused in thought again before smiling. "Human? No! We are going to teach her how to be a wolf like her mother," San said proudly.

"What?" asked Ashitaka in disbelief.

"How else do you expect her to become independent and live in the wild?" asked San.

"Our child won't be living in the wild, San. We don't live in the wild, so why would we make our child?" Ashitaka asked logically.

"To become independent," replied San. "To make her first kill; to appreciate nature."

Ashitaka shook his head. "Are you crazy?" he asked. "The forest is far to dangerous to let our child roam about in it."

"No it's not," San retorted. "The Kodama will look after her, as would my wolf-siblings."

"I don't want our child to be around those wolves, he'll probably catch flees."

"You mean she," San corrected Ashitaka's slip, "my siblings do not have flees, and our baby will most definitely be in their company while she is growing up. They are my family and your in-laws."

Ashitaka snorted. "He will not!"

San clenched her hands into fists. "She will too!"

"Hey San, Ashitaka. Want to join us for dinner?" asked Lady Eboshi walking by.

"No!" shouted Ashitaka.

"Yes, thank you," said San politely to spite her husband. She glared at him one last time before dashing into the forest.

Ashitaka made a grab for her wrist, but she was far too nimble for him to catch even when she was with child.


To be continued.