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Toki and Ashitaka quickly helped San into the house of an offering Tatara woman nearby.

San had one hand on her belly and one reaching out behind her as she was helped to the ground, as there was no bed within the house. She grabbed out for Ashitaka's hand.

"We need a doctor or something," Ashitaka panicked.

"Nonsense," Toki replied. "I've delivered loads of babies, and they're all just fine. Don't you worry about a thing."

This made Ashitaka feel a little more secure. He bent down to San's level. "This is it, we're finally going to be parents."

San smiled up at her husband, soon to be father of her child.


Half an hour later, Ashitaka was quickly becoming more and more anxious. "Is he here yet?" he repeatedly asked Toki.

She shook her head. "Not yet."

"Why is it taking so long?" he asked.

"The baby isn't quite ready to say 'hi' yet. San's just in labour. It could still be hours before she actually gives birth." Toki smiled widely.

"Oh," said Ashitaka, making himself more comfortable on the floor.


Several hours later a shrill cry from such a tiny child was let out.

"It's a boy!" Toki exclaimed, wrapping the child in some cloth. She placed the baby into San's arms, so that she and Ashitaka could see their newborn son.

San looked up at Ashitaka and smiled at him, and he put his arm around her and kissed her forehead softly.

"So I guess the baby's name will be Taro?" Toki assumed, raising an eyebrow in question.

"That's right," Ashitaka answered.

San's smile faded. "What do you mean 'that's right'? We are going to call him Hohnihohkaiyohos."

"Hohnihohkai- what?" asked Toki and Ashitaka together.

"-Yohos," San finished for them. I was talking with my wolf siblings the other morning and they insisted that if the baby was a boy that I would name him Hohnihohkaiyohos." She smiled at the two people who were still confused over the pronunciation of the name. "What's the matter?"

"You said that you would let me choose the name if the baby was a boy, remember?" asked Ashitaka. "You said I could because you were so sure that he would be a girl and you were going to name him Tala."

"Don't be ridiculous," San laughed. "Tala for a boy sounds silly! I said it was Hohnihohkai-"

"I know, I know," Ashitaka interrupted, " I heard you the first three times, but that's not the point. You said that-"

"You could name the baby, I know, but I've changed my mind," said San, as if that excuse was all she needed to make Ashitaka understand that she had chosen the name for their son.

Ashitaka sat there on the floor with his mouth hanging open. "You can't change your mind!"

"Sure I can... and I did."

Toki looked back and forth between the feuding couple. "Now, now you two. I'm sure that there is an easier way to solve this problem than arguing about it."

"You know what, Toki? You're right," agreed San. "It would be silly of me to name the baby Hohnihohkaiyohos..."

Ashitaka sighed with relief. Now he could have his say in at least one thing and name the baby-

"Neeheeoeewootis!" San exclaimed.

Toki scrunched up her face.

Ashitaka stood up. "All right, that's where I draw the line. We are NOT naming our son Knee-owie-what's-it!"

"Well then, as far as I'm concerned you don't have a son." San looked to the child. "Isn't that right Neeheeoeewootis? I'm gonna raise you all by myself and you will play with the wolves, and sleep under the stars, and..."

Ashitaka's jaw hit the ground. "What?"

"You heard me," said San.

"No, San, I didn't mean- It's just that- I only wanted- FINE! We'll call the baby whatever you want!" Ashitaka gave in. "But please! Let him sleep indoors on a bed, and away from the olves and forest animals."

San smiled successfully. "Thank you... but Hohnihohkaiyohos is still going to learn how to hunt like a real wolf, isn't that right Hohni?"

Ashitaka's slouched his shoulders in defeat. "Hohni it is... at least the other children at school might not make fun of him for that name..." There was silence for a moment. "Oh, who am I kidding?" Ashitaka burst out dramatically. "They're gonna tease him to no end!"

"Don't worry, Ashitaka," San comforted. "He won't be teased by the other children because he isn't going to go to school."

Ashitaka cut the dramatics at once. "What do you mean? Of course he's going to go to school. He certainly won't learn anything about being a human from you. He needs to be with his own kind."

"Exactly, the wolves!"

"No, San, not the wolves, the humans!"

"Wolves!" San retorted.


Toki shook her head. There really wasn't any point in trying to help them. She strolled out of the house with the Tatara woman that had lent it to them, and the voices of Ashitaka and San became nothing more than background noise behind them.




And so began the same argument that had occurred before, and would probably occur in the future so long as San and Ashitaka were together. But that is what happens when a wolf and a human decide to have children.


The End.

A/N: Hohnihohkaiyohos and Neeheeoeewootis both mean "high backed wolf". It was the most outrageous name that I could find meaning wolf. Thanks for reading!