Title: Knowledge is Power

Summary: At Domino high Yami, Bakura and Marik are the local Sex Gods, then this new virgin girl comes along and they're all ready to screw her, there's just one problem...

Rating: R

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Pairings: YamixAnzu, BakuraxAnzu, MarikxAnzu, RyouxAnzu

Notes: Well, it's the start to an idea. -)


Hello and welcome to Domino High, it's a pretty good school as far as an education goes but if you want to be a really good student you have to work for it. But then there are those lucky few for which brains comes naturally, of course it's not really fair that their good looking too. However they each have their quirks and they are really over-confident but despite that the students flock to them like iron filings to a magnet.

Needless to say their sex gods as well, they play this degrading game as well, 'Notch in the bedpost'. They cut notches into their bedposts for every girl they conquer. They've had every girl in the school between them and through it all the girls still come to them. It's rumoured they've even had it off with a couple of the students from the local University. Domino high is also a boarding school, it wasn't but since it gained new land and property it built dorms and now students board. That's the reason they have beds in school.

There's Yami Mouto, he's got blood red eyes and three different colours in his hair which he insists is his natural colour. He's not as tall as the other two but he's really charming and has a fetish for leather and buckles. He's the nicest of the three but apparently not the best, he likes foreplay and puzzle solving. His younger brother Yuugi Mouto is really sweet.

Next is Bakura Atari with red tinted, chocolate brown eyes and white hair, just don't say he looks like an old man or you'll have your arm broken. He has a very bad temper and is extremely violent, he likes to be dominant, he also likes blood for some strange reason. Everyone thought he was a vampire to begin with but even though his canines look like fangs he is nothing of the sort. He does, however, like being referred to as demonic. His younger cousin is an angel, personality wise, Ryou Bakura.

Finally there's Marik Ishtar, platinum hair and violet eyes, apparently the largest and roughest in bed. Everyone knows he's a sadist, more than Bakura but some people think he might be a sadomasochist as well which is disturbing. He's the most touchy feely out of the three and he likes to were gold jewellery. He has a twin brother, Malik and older sister, Isis and adoptive brother, Rishid. No one knows much about Malik except that he looks almost like Marik, because Malik goes to school in another town, he got expelled from Domino.

Well, it's safe to say that everything was fine, people got on with each other and Yami, Bakura and Marik could have any and every girl in Domino. Even some of the boys if they were that way inclined which, to anyone's knowledge, they weren't. However that all changed when a new girl walked into the Domino High School mix.

Her name was Anzu Mazaki, with sparkling cerulean eyes and soft chestnut hair. She was very good at dancing, very graceful, very kind and very loyal, easy to talk to and really pretty by anyone's standards. She was also a virgin. Now usually when a new girl comes to Domino it's free dibs for all the guys, however, if a new virgin girl comes to Domino that's another story. It's another of The Three's little games, who, out of the three of them, can bed the virgin first. Then, once they toss her off she's free dibs.

However, there was just one problem…


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